Thursday, March 22, 2012


I sometimes wonder what cats seem to be observing that is completely invisible to us. I took these over several days.
What or who does she see up on the ceiling...
...down on the floor...
...on the ceiling again...
...out on the porch... the hallway...
...and on the floor again? What are they watching so intently? I have always seen cats do this. I like to think she sees angels or spirit guides. ;)
Anyways, I did get out the good easel.
Because the base is clear Plexiglas you can use this for tracing, too. I love the way it hangs over the edge of the table so you can get really up close and personal.
I did tape up the picture of the church, tried to straighten my sketch up with my carbon fountain pen, and then erased the pencil lines.
This is as far as I got...because I got sidetracked yesterday...
...making cards.
Put together 17 "scrap cards".
I've always called these "scrap cards" because every time I make covers for my bookcards from 12" X 12" scrapbooking paper I can get two covers from each sheet of paper and then end up with a couple of good sized extra pieces or scraps. They're not large enough to cover the front of a card, but all the top parts of these cards are scraps from bookcard covers. Then I go through my regular scrap bin to find pieces for the bottom that would coordinate with the bookcard cover scraps.
I had already gotten that far with a whole stack of them. So...yesterday...I decided I needed some fast cards. The simplest and fastest way to put them together is just to grab some ribbon and a flower or big brad or something for an embellishment and that's that. Not fancy, by any stretch--but I love making them because they are basically a recycling of scraps project. And recycling always makes me happy. :)
It was also Caroline day yesterday--tada! I asked her to help me bring in the tall fans from the garage. How ridiculous to be doing that already in March, eh? And to already be asking Caroline to wipe out the window sills and clean off the porch door glass like it's spring. I wonder if it really is?
I set this little rug on one of the chairs by the table (new spot) and, of course, Karma slept on it while I finished the scrap cards...on into the evening.
As the sun was setting last night I saw this gorgeous bank of clouds angled across the sky...
...and grabbed the camera. :):)
I was watching (on Netflix streaming) The Human Experience. I am more than half way through it. Decided to take a break, dry my eyes, and blog. What remarkable young men and what a journey! And now I shall go back and finish watching as my heart unfurls.
Spread the love!! :):)
"Treasure the love you have received above all. It will survive long after your gold and good health have vanished."
Og Mandino


  1. Your cards are really cute!!

    Do you stream your netflix onto your laptop or your regular TV?

  2. Dear Rita
    I hate to have to tell you is cobwebs they look at. My cat does it too. With global warming we have all got more and bigger spiders than ever before.:)

    Love your have been busy and I am being lazy.

  3. your cards are very pretty. and i was going to agree with you - i think pets, like kids, can sense souls and spirits a lot better than us jaded, practical, closed-minded adults! :)

  4. Ms Karma is commuting with the great beyond when she is looking in all of the different directions. I love the pictures of her.

  5. The sky is just gorgeous.

    I've often wondered what all animals see... they are so much more in tune to everything than we are. We could learn from them, couldn't we.

    The sky is beautiful!

    It has been insanely warm here too. Hubby even mentioned turning on the AC one day last week. Geeze!

    I sure do like the color combinations of your scrap cards. Good job!


  6. I sometimes think that cats see very tiny motes of dust that we maybe don't notice. They do have very sharp eyes compared with humans.

    Lovely cards! and a beautiful sunset. I love to recycle scraps too.

  7. Maybe she doesn't see anything; maybe she's meditating?

    I love making things with scraps; the bear I made Emma-Jane for her birthday was made from fabric scraps. My Dad was always one to not throw anything away if it's useful - still is - and I picked up the habit a bit. I say "a bit" because I'm not quite as bad as him, but I definitely evaluate the possible uses of something before throwing it (or not throwing it, as the case may be).

  8. My cats have always done things like that too, Rita. I do wonder what Karma is tracking. We may not be able to see it, but it's just because we aren't cats! :-)

  9. Cute pictures of Karma! Makes you wonder what they are checking out! It must definitely be a cat thing because Koda doesn't track like that unless he is checking out something in the back yard that he can visibly see like a bird. Seems like you had a productive day with making your cards and working a bit on your church picture :)


  10. Wow those cards are terrific! Your cat is adorable.

  11. You made 17 cards in one day??? WOW!!! I was working on a stack myself, but only 8 and I didn't get them finished!!! (Did I mention lately that I hate mass producing them? And did I mention that I volunteered for a swap where I do it once a month??? I'm crazy!)

    Nice to see that spring is springing all over the place! I love spring!!!

    I've seen cats do that too - as well as small children. I think they see things we don't, and I'm not sure how I feel about that, lol!

    Have a fabby day!

  12. I've always believed that animals see a lot more on a supernatural level than what we are able to. Going back a couple of months, out of the blue, Cody sat up on my bed and fixated on a space beside the bed. It was like he was staring at someone..he wouldn't take his eyes off that space. Then, he jumped off the bed, turned around and sat on the floor staring at the exact same space for a few more minutes before I made a point of distracting him. I truly felt like I may have had a spiritual visitor that night.

    I love your drawing! Your 'scrap' cards look how they're coordinated.

    I must see about getting The Human Experience to watch. It sounds great.

    Love and hugs to you, my friend,
    Serena xoxo

  13. your sketch is excellent ~ easel bottom could also be used for a palette ~ Great easel ~ Cards are beautiful and as for this weather ~ I put table and chairs on the deck (probably premature) but it felt good ~ Karma is a delight and so loveable ~ am sure he is delighting in whatever cats see that we don't ~ Have a wonderful weekend ~ namaste, Carol ^_^

  14. cats can see spirits - I think I will take this one away with me today. What a lovely thought! I think my dogs can too because they sure do bark at things I can't see! xo

  15. Dear Rita, . . . your "scrap cards" are quite lovely. A way to recycle that gives joy to others. And Karma? Well, cats do seem to be aware of the poltergeists in our homes! Peace.

  16. Such cute kitty photos. Cats are so amusing to watch.

  17. Cats are sometimes dreaming with their eyes open..:)
    They can get fixated on the weirdest things! Your cards are very pretty..I loved your cloud photos too:)

  18. Your comment did make me smile. Thank you!
    A coffin factory next door....what a thought:)

    I have bought some fans for this year as I expect a hotter than average summer.
    Keep cool; if you can:)

  19. My dog does that too- he looks around and clearly sees something but I have no idea what it is. Wonderful art- the church and the scrap cards!

  20. those cats!! they definitely see & hear things we don't. they're in another dimension sometimes!!

    love those cards!
    COOL easel! and beautiful skies!!

    happy weekend rita and karma! :)

  21. Love your art pic....I am sure the church is not an easy undertaking...but looks good to me!!

    Your cards Rita are adorable!!

    Blessings to you~

  22. I skimmed thru this blog post the other day, but I didn't have time to comment, so I will do that now.

    I enjoyed looking at your pictures of Karma. My cats were the same way...seemed to be watching or looking at something I couldn't see. Might have been spirits. I guess we will never know, will we? lol

    I like your church drawing. I'm sure you'll be able to make it into something really beautiful once you work on it some more.

    17 cards? Holy moly. That's a lot of cards. :) All very nice, too.

    I was looking at a bank of clouds similar to this the other night, the night it was so warm here, but I didn't take any pictures. I think about the only difference would be that I had mountains below mine. ;)

    I hope you enjoyed the rest of "The Human Experience".

  23. I think those scrap cards are neat! One of them looks most familar!

    I think Karma is just messing with you - she's laying there thinking, "How can I tease this silly human... oooh, let's play the 'I'm looking at something you can't see' game!!!


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