Saturday, March 31, 2012


I had a wonderful, wonderful birthday! But was so wrapped up in company and good times that I completely forgot about my camera the whole time--LOL! It was dark and rainy most of the time Ruby was here. Even had a short thunderstorm on Thursday morning. So here some older pictures of Karma when it was warm enough to have the porch door open--LOL!
There was a bit of sun and Karma was listening to the geese...who are still treating us to their daily cacophony.
I had the three bags of shredded paper ready to go with Leah for recycling.
Ruby arrived Wednesday afternoon bearing gifts. She actually had a couple pair of the wild socks that she can't wear. These are the taller, regular ones and they are tighter around the top than the ankle length. Here's the one pair in purples and blues and the other is fall colors.
Ruby knows that being house-bound I have many nightgown, she brought me three new nightgowns! Two summer and one winter! :) And she had stopped over at CashWise and brought a pot of tulips!
They're already starting to open! Talk about bringing a little spring with her!
And she brought me several cans of my favorite treat coffee...french vanilla international cafe! I haven't had any for months! Whoohoo! And some cans of the new Fancy Feast with gravy for Karma. ;)
Dagan arrived first with dinner from Applebee's. Leah had to work a little later, but she had the oriental chicken salad waiting for her when she got here. Was really good! And eating anything from a restaurant (or even fast food, for that matter) is a big treat for me!
Leah's been doing this new way of eating where she eats mostly vegetables, eggs, fish, salads...and little or no carbs. She had told me a while ago about how she has a cast iron skillet that she makes a couple eggs in the morning, scrubs out, dries, and leaves it on the stove for the next day. My small non-stick skillet is getting worn...again. I knew I was going to have to replace it sometime this year and thought a small cast iron skillet would be perfect. Leah said they come pre-seasoned now, too.
So, Leah got me a 10-inch cast iron skillet! I already used it Friday and it is now in its new spot on the stove. Leah said they didn't sell covers in town, so she is ordering me a cover...AND the silicone handles that they make for the pan and cover! (I picked red to go with my tea pot.)
She got me the scrub brush for my new pan and one of the tuna can strainers. I have seen these around for years but had never tried one. Leah got one and said it is really slick!
I don't think I mentioned that I have been trying to avoid sweets and eat less bread and pasta. I've still been eating rice, though. And a couple months ago I added tuna and salmon back into my diet. So I guess I'm a vegetarian who eats fish now...a pescatarian. (And, I confess, once or twice a year I've eaten chicken.) Ruby brought four carrot cupcakes and candles for my birthday and we all devoured our cupcakes. ;) We just hung out and had such a nice visit. They left together at 10pm. (Ruby stays at a hotel down the road.)
Thursday I was up early. Ruby and I had the whole day!! Ruby wanted to order Chinese...we had enough for lunch and dinner--whoohoo! (No cooking and treat meals for two whole days!!) We gabbed and watched episodes of Big Bang Theory--LOL! I got Ruby hooked on it this last year and she has been watching all the repeats she can find. I had a whole bunch of them recorded so we could go through and pick out ones she hadn't seen yet. So we'd watch Big Bang and laugh and laugh...then chat and visit...and then watch Big Bang. I think we had watched 11 episodes (including the new one that was on Thursday night) by the time she left at 10pm. May sound weird to other people, but we had planned on a Big Bang marathon when she came. I've been recording repeats for several months--LOL! We had an absolute blast!
Ruby had twisted her knee while raking before she left home and then getting in and out of the new loveseat didn't help (she's shorter than I am). We gabbed again for a while on the phone Friday morning before she left Fargo and went on to her next visit in Saint Cloud. I hope her knee isn't bothering her as much. I've twisted my arthritic knees, too, and it is a royal pain. We had a marvelous time! It went waaaay too fast. It is so good to laugh a lot...and we just plain enjoy each other's company. :):)
Oh, and I almost forgot! Next Friday Dagan plans to pick me up after his half-day of work and take me over to PetSmart to buy plants and fish for the aquarium, too, as another part of my birthday present! What a great birthday this year! And actually ON my birthday, too. :):)
Yesterday I took an R&R day. Today I am going to catch up reading blogs...or start, I should say. I may not comment, but I will read them all. And will catch up on emails, too. When I am away from the computer for days it takes a while to get back up to speed...but I will. ;)
Tomorrow is no eating, etc...have my dentist checkup on Monday. Senior bus. I'll bring a book with me.
Tonight from 8:30-9:30pm wherever you live is Earth Hour. I have my candles and oil lamp ready.

Click Earth Hour to learn more.
Thank you--thank you--thank you to everyone who remembered me on my birthday! I was surprised and delighted by all the recognition and good wishes! If you can turn off your lights for an hour tonight, I'd love it if you could join me in the dark! ;)
"We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools."
Martin Luther King, Jr.


TexWisGirl said...

really glad you had a fun visit with your friend. sounds like a great time filled with food and laughter. :)

Beth said...

I am so happy that you had such a wonderful birthday. You got so many gifts it sounds a bit like Christmas.
I love the Big Bang Theory too, it is one of my favorite shows.

Jenny Woolf said...

I'm glad you had such a wonderful birthday Rita! I'm
Sorry I couldn't comment before but I am away from my computer and my phone won't let me scroll down to see who has been posting and even getting the comment box up is quite a business. So I am glad your lovely birthday post happened to be showing when I checked my dashboard . Hope the coming year is wonderful for you too!

Desiree said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I am so thrilled to see you had such a joyous time and got awesome goodies! :D

Dee said...

Dear Rita, . . . thanks so much for sharing your "extended" birthday celebration with us! And happy belated birthday. You are a blessing to and from the Universe. Peace.

I'll see you next on May 1 as I its necessary for me to take the month of April off from blogging.

Megan Adamson said...

I am so pleased that you had a great Birthday you sound like you had a lot of fun...and Big Bang Theory to blast!
Yes, I already have my candles ready, but strangely enough, one of my light bulbs has already blown!

AliceKay said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday with Ruby, Dagan, and Leah. Great gifts, too. Those are beautiful tulips.

I watched the Earth Hour video. Will do my best to turn the lights off between 8:30 and 9:30 PM tonight. :)

DJan said...

A good excuse for me to go to bed early, with only my iPad making any illumination. Happy Birthday and Happy Earth Day (soon) to you, Rita! Sounds like it was a perfect day...

betty said...

Happy belated birthday, Rita! Sounds like you had a great birthday filled with lots of wonderful surprises and gifts and company!


Queenie Jeannie said...

Happy Birthday, Rita!!!!

A day late, but we were on the road before the sun came up! I'm so happy to hear it was a really fabulous one!!! Big hugs!

(Your card is in the mail!)

carol l mckenna said...

Wow! You are loved! What a birthday! ~ so happy for you ~ great photos ~ great gifts ~ glad you had such a good time ~ always good to hear from you ~ Happy Birthday ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

Happy belated BIRTHDAY rita!!
sure sounds like you had a great day!! yay!!
i LOVE those crazy socks!!
new nightgowns...and YUMMY chinese! i've been craving chinese for a while now...and you've just made it worse!! ha!! i think i'll have to drag sam out to dinner.,..soon!

i'm finally trying to get caught up today with my blog reading...yikes! it doesn't take long to fall so far behind!

have fun at the pet store!! it's always a fun time to go there and pick out aquarium stuff!

happy sunday rita & karma!! :)

Hold my hand: a social worker's blog said...

Sounds like you had a marvelous birthday and a lovely time with your friend. Happy belated birthday!

I laughed out loud at your "pescatarian" word! :-)

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Rita. Hope you have a relaxing Sunday.


1artsychick said...

My dear you must have been having a blast if YOU forgot your camera!!!

I'm so thrilled you had such a happy birthday celebration! What a delight!

I'm sorry, I read this late, so missed joining you for the hour in the dark...hope to join you next time.

what a delight you read how much fun you had! hehehehe. you made me just giggle.
I miss having a friend I have such a good time with...oh wait, I often do that with my husband, he counts right?
but still, I do miss a good girlfriend to just laugh with.
love to you
and I hope all your birthday wishes come true throughout the year!!

Karen Smithey said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I'm sorry I missed it, but so glad you had such a fun visit with your friend!

I'm with you--nothing is better than a meal I don't have to cook!

Toriz said...

Sounds like a fantastic birthday! :)

I've been sleeping fantastically, so I slept through Earth Hour (regardless if you want to go by my time or yours). Only trouble is, because I've been sleeping so well I got behind on things, so I ended up spending the weekend off the blogs to catch up. The result was that now I'm behind on blogs (and still didn't catch up with absolutely everything; most things though). Ah well, I don't think it's possible to fully be caught up on everything anyway. ;)

I think the main thing is that you're happy with your food choices. If that means eating fish and sometimes meat, then there's nothing wrong in it. :)

Good luck at the dentist!

Intense Guy said...

What an awesome birthday!!

Got love those sexy socks!!!

Serena Lewis said...

Hi Rita,

I'm so glad to hear you had a wonderful birthday! You were spoiled with all those lovely and useful gifts. The tulips are gorgeous!

As you know, I'm Pescetarian too ~ :)

Love and hugs,
Serena xo

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

Happy belated birthday, Rita!!! Sounds like you had a wonderful day. That's so nice that Dagan brought in Applebees for dinner. What a treat! You got so many nice gifts for your birthday. The flowers are beautiful.