Friday, January 11, 2013


Been a very quiet week up here in Fargo.  A sleep-thrown-off, noodly, owie-owie, fibro-flare week, but Karma is good company. 
Just to be annoying, Blogger is not functioning normally this morning, either.  Cut and paste isn't even working for me.  Pictures showed up willy-nilly out of order and I had to spend time rearranging them.  I can't highlight anything so far, so I may not be able to add color or change the font--we'll see.  This is probably going to be quick anyways.
I made it over to my Federal Housing appointment on Monday.  My worker, Deb, is retiring this year.  Bummer for me.  She will be greatly missed--nicest worker I have ever had.  But I am happy for her, though.  
Fargo Federal Housing is in a corner building--can look out the window of the waiting room and see the old Fargo Theater.
I do love the older buildings and the trees downtown. 

Love the little touches like the wrought iron fence and the street light. 
Being out and about all afternoon--well, it usually takes me a day or so to recover in the first place and then I didn't sleep well that night...and that's all it takes to set off a fibro flare--LOL!  But, even when my body isn't having good days I usually am, regardless.  ;)  Karma gets more belly rubs and I watch more TV and movies, but it's all good.
This month I made an Amazon order (getting to be a monthly thing shopping at the online WallyWorld)--which has started to trickle in.  Yes!!  I DID order another desk calendar.  That other one would have driven me crazy all year.  Got one just like last year's, only with a turquoise cover.
I was so excited to see the familiar pages and feel the quality of the better paper under my fingers.
You know I wasn't feeling the best if it took me two days to even get started on organizing the calendar--LOL! 
I make my own budget pages in the back.  the top half is for the monthly bills and the bottom half is for my monthly NEED-to-order-this (highlighted, of course) and wish-to-order list.  ;)  
Got the old red leather holder back out, squeezed the calendar into it (cannot close it, but it doesn't matter), and placed it back on its wooden book stand on my desk.  Ahhh!  All is right with the world again.  :):)
I got a late Christmas card from Jeannie, too.  (Sorry, I can't make a link, either--what is with Blogger today?)  Jeannie didn't mail the kindle until they got home to Germany because she forgot my address and the cord--ROFL!!   She makes such pretty cards!  Since I wasn't moving much this week I have already found me some free books from Amazon--whoohoo!  Can hardly wait!  Thanks, Jeannie!!
Besides Amazon, I made an order to Luminarte/Dreaming in Color for more Silks!!  Had a great holiday coupon that saved me $25.00!!  They included free gifts of a couple of pens and a set of tweezers, too, there in the front.  
The owner, Leslie, is such a wonderful lady.  I had accidentally hit one color twice and didn't notice it until I got my email invoice right afterwards.  I emailed her and asked if she could replace it with another color I picked and she answered right away and took care of it.  And they send their orders out so quickly--just amazing service.
The second box from Amazon came--with more kitty litter (love this stuff and lack of dust)...
 ....another Prism container with 18 compartments for my new Silks.
Yes, they had these two rattling around in the same box!  I was actually shocked that the Prism container arrived in one piece--LOL!  I wasn't up to organizing the colors yet, but I did get them into the container and up on the wall shelves.  :)
Basically won't be up to much till I am back to my functioning normal.  Sorry to leave you all hanging on the new year's eve info--don't worry, it's not earth-shattering news--but that's how my life goes these days.  There are fibro ups and downs, but Karma and I just hang out.  She's usually pretty good company--except when she gets into diva-mode on occasion--LOL!
 We have been having a terribly windy, freezing rain storm.  They're predicting 100% chance of snow now today--up to three inches--on top of all that ice.  So, those of you dealing with this storm up here, please be careful walking and driving out there!!  Sometimes it is not a bad thing to be feeling cruddy and be housebound--ROFL!!  I'm sure glad I took my trash out yesterday.  ;)
No, I can't change the font size or color because I cannot highlight anything today.  And it's not my computer because everything works elsewhere.  Let's hope Blogger is better by Monday, too.  ;)
"I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars."
Og Mandino


TexWisGirl said...

glad you had your housing appt. when you did and not when the weather got bad. like that old fargo theater!

stay in. be warm. get to feeling better.

Dana said...

I hope you're feeling better soon, friend. Quiet weeks are nice from time to time. I'm having a quiet day today—not feeling up to doing much—and I'm trying not to worry about my long to-do list.

Karma does look like good company. :)

GrandmaG said...

Agree! Amazon is the online Wally World. They're my go-to store for almost everything.

Queenie Jeannie said...

Won't be long now!! Fill up your Amazon cloud with all your favorites!! Take it easy and feel better soon.

Beth said...

I hope you feel better soon.

Are you able to use Windows' Live Writer? I have used that for my blogs for a long time and it is so easy.

Hugs for you and Karma!

Felicia said...

Isnt that litter awesome! No smell ( well once they cover it up lol) and no dust! LOVE no dust! Lasts a long time to another perk.

This has been a crap week for me mentally so basically I am behind on correspondence and well everything else. Hope to catch up this weekend. Get my brain all twisted up on something and don't accomplish much till it unravels lol.

OH a new calendar! I heart calendars!! Just something so "organizational" about them which I LOVE! lol

Hope you have a super weekend! 50 and sunshine yesterday today SNOW SNOW SNOW omgosh SNOW and cold. Eh it is January LOL I guess we should expect it right!?


Anonymous said...

You are the most organized person I've ever (virtually) met!!

DJan said...

I am glad you are inside, warm and safe, even if you're not feeling totally well. Snow on top of ice: yikes!

betty said...

Sorry about your fibro flare, Rita. But it seems like you have made the best of it with reading the books with the Kindle once it arrived. We love technology until it works against us and then we aren't happy with it; I hope Blogger gets its act together so you can do what you want to do with links, font changing, etc.

Stay warm; sounds like you might have sent the storm our way. Minus snow, we've had wind and cooler temps these past couple days.


Janie Junebug said...

Oh, how I love good customer service. And fishducky is right about you, but she hasn't seen my spice drawer. I swear one of these days I'll get around to taking photos of my house for an online tour so everyone can see my little organizational touches that make me ever so happy. I hope that nasty old fibro goes to sleep and leaves you alone.


SandeeNC said...

Everywhere I go, everyone is complaining about Blogger, me too actually as I cannot uplod my pictures the old normal way. I'm not sure that's going to change or not though, it has something to do with Goggle Chrome. Hope you feeling better, Karma does look rather regal after all...aren't all divas? waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Far Side of Fifty said...

I am staying in is really icy...Chance tries to stop and keeps sliding..he didn't like that at all.
You know how slippery the snow is going to make the ice? I woulda rather had all snow.
Looks like you got some great stuff..and it is nice to hear about a good customer service experience. I hope your flare passes soon:)

Dave said...

Sorry your fibro's not so good Rita but glad that you can still get on with things. Opening mail order packages must be just like Christmas all over again huh?- :-) Dave

Francene Stanley said...

This post reminds me of how much I hate winter. I'm aching all over and shuffling instead of walking. Never mind, sommer will arrive soon. Time flies faster and faster.

laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

so sorry about the not so good...fibro...week...

i LOVE the fargo town shots!! looks so quaint!!

luckily, blogger hasn't been a pain in the...uh, butt...for me. of course i haven't been on here for a WEEK!!

love all your new ARTSY stuff!!

HI to's hoping you feel better by the time you read this!! HUGS to you 2!!

Victoria said...

Hope you feel all shiny and sparkly real soon! awww..such a cute kitty as always! Lovely photos..yes me iron gates and fences! All your paints and colors looks awesome! yay..

carol l mckenna said...

Sending you lots of healing energy ~ Tis the time of year that 'weather' in cold climates effects us all ~ Glad you got your calendar and that you and Karma are warm and busy being creative ~

(A Creative Harbor ~ Carol L McKenna)

Zue said...

Fargo does look lovely, very quaint in parts.
We also may have snow some time this coming week. I think I might enjoy it.
Keep warm and hope you feel better soon!

Terrie said...

thanks for your good wishes and i send them right back to you - hope you're up to full speed soon. i enjoy your art!

Carol said...

For someone in a "flare" you certainly are getting lot done. I was feeling well last week end and tackled my art room....then I got sick with that nasty flu and of course the fibro has rared it's ugly head. So the room is setting a true mess now with piles stacked everywhere waiting to go to their proper just pitch it all and start over... but I know I won't .

AliceKay said...

I'm glad your housing meeting went well, too. I loved seeing your pictures of Fargo.

Sorry to hear your fibro has flared up. Sounds like a rough deal. I'm glad you have Karma to keep you company. I'm sure she's a big help getting you through the tough times.

Love that quote. :)

Anonymous said...

Fargo looks like it has some nice architecture. Hope you're feeling better and pain-free soon.

Lots of bloggers have been complaining about Blogger, so it's not your computer, it's Blogger that is having issues.

Catharina Engberg said...

Isn´t Karma gaining weight? Or is it just the photo?

Darla said...

Enjoyed the Fargo pictures, I always like to see other places. Hope you are feeling better today.


Intense Guy said...

I always enjoy seeing the old Fargo Theater!

Reminds me of an old one in Terre Haute, Indiana... where they played such classics as "Rocky Horror Picture Show" that I frequented as a collage student many years ago (now). It had beautiful gas/glass chandeliers the the interior was just so over the top ornate!

I do hope you are feeling better - those nasty flares... ugh... I wish I could kick their butts!

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

Enjoyed the pictures of Fargo. Have never been there. Someday...though...I'd like to make it to North Dakota and not just through on the train.

Karma looks so content and peaceful. Such a beautiful cat!