Monday, January 14, 2013


Good Morning!  
This is going to be a better week than last week.  I was feeling quite a bit better this weekend and even worked on the Zendala Dare early again while I did laundry yesterday.  (Aha!  I can highlight today so I can make links!)
My own doodling again and no ruler.  (I'm proud of that because my OCD side was sorely tempted.)

We had the ice storm and then had a little snow on top of that--not the three inches they predicted.  But it was so windy that most of it blew across the ice and accumulated against walls and cars and in the dead air spots. 
Notice the mystery building.  I don't think it's a mystery anymore.  More apartments.  If they build right in the field behind our garages I will really lose my main view of the horizon.  :(  This new building has chopped off a hunk of the sky already.  Progress, eh?
You can see why they say glare ice.
The sun can be blinding as it bounces off of that slick surface. 
Not much snow build up... 
...but enough over by the front door that the heavily bundled up maintenance man was out on the snow blower. 
I was surprised to see the calvary arrive after such a small amount of snow--but, then again, we haven't had much snow at all the last couple years and they need to work.
Meanwhile, the Amazon order was arriving--a odd collection this time.  Don't ask me why I've wanted the blank playing cards or what I plan to do with them.  They're just cool.  (Good thing they had the big warning on the label so I didn't let Karma put the tiny piece of plastic over her nose.)  Two bottles of diamond Stickles!  
A bag of 2 oz. cheap plastic daubers and some ball bearings.  I plan to mix up my own paint daubers and the ball bearings--throw a few of them in the bottle and it helps mix the liquid when you shake it.  I have some misters here already that needed some ball bearings.
Fiberglass mesh tape for sheet rocking, a screen repair kit, and 3M hand applicator squeegee.  These are for mixed media projects. 
A heating pad... 
...and I was so excited about the dry erase boards that I forgot to take a picture before I got them up.  One larger one (well, larger than the other two--about the size of a piece of paper) went up by the door. I am constantly putting post-it notes on my door as reminders for Dagan and Leah when they come over--questions, things I want them to move for me, or various tasks, etc.  They fall off and I have to tape them back up.  Now I have a small dry erase board just for Dagan and Leah.  :)
And then I got a set of small ones for the frig that are magnetic and have lines on them.  I already have this purple one going with a grocery list since I took the picture. 
I stuck the other one on the front.  Not sure if you can find either of them with all my magnets--LOL!  Haven't decided what to use this one for or if it will stay there, but I love my dry erase grocery list! 
The last thing to arrive was a dozen 2 oz. plastic spray bottles for making my own misters.  These will need those ball bearings, too.  ;)
Okay--the heating pad.  
I thought that Karma would love warming her old bones.  I put it in her blue bed up on the love seat and she got too hot or something and left with ears back.  So I tried it on the floor--thinking it might not get as hot laying out flat...and she laid her front half on it for a while (heck it was something new on the floor, right?)...but she left shortly once again...
...and chose the self-warming pad... her brown bed. 
Apparently it gets too hot for her.  So, I tried it on my lower back on low...and it does get quite warm.  Not too hot for me, but I'd hate to try it on high!  I knew that if she didn't like it that I would use it--and I have been.  Ahhh!  Very, very nice on my old bones!!  
What was I up to this weekend besides dry erase boards and reorganizing the wall shelves to make room for the new daubers and spray bottles?  I did laundry and made up TV dinners.  I do this most weekends and people have asked me what I'm talking about.  These are Ziplock containers with one large and two small sections.  Three different kinds of meals so I don't have to eat the same thing day after day--tada!  It's so nice to just be able to nuke lunch and dinner in the micro.  
I also made a cabbage, onion, and carrot soup--so I'm good for over a week this time.  Hey, if I am feeling better I take advantage of it, right?  ;)  Plus, I did do this over three days, so I didn't over do, either.
What was Miss Karma up to this weekend?  Well, it had snowed and the wind had blown a lot of it onto the porch, so goofball wanted out in the freezing cold--several times! 
She doesn't last long at all... 
...and wants right back in (the window frosts up so quickly that I can hide right in front of her if I don't move--LOL!)... she can... 
 ...quickly... her snow footprints before they melt into the carpet. 
You'd think she'd appreciate that heating pad--LOL!  
I was willing to share.  
Oh well.  Her loss.
I decided that I am going to make a separate extra post about the New Year's Eve thing.  I will need to settle in and take breaks for this one.  More personal and contemplative, you know--no pictures.  I'll start today and post it when I am finished--either later today or tomorrow. 
The sun is actually shining this morning and I can see blue sky!  But it's 0 degrees with as low as -24 degrees wind chill (obviously still blowing out there).  Dagan and Leah are still waiting for their check on the totaled car, but they have been car shopping and been looking at maybe getting a Prius.  Nice!  And Ariel is moving in with them this week.  Supposed to warm up into the 20s tomorrow and Wednesday.  Still cold for moving, but you've got to grab the "warmer" days while you can.  
Karma's been out once this morning and that did her in.  She's in her blue bed next to me here--softly snoring.  I can hear them pounding on the building over there and I feel so badly for them being out in this weather!!  Ofta!!!
Stay safe and warm--or safe and cool, as the case may be.  
You'll hear from me again soon this week.
"Your success and happiness lie in you...Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties."
Helen Keller


TexWisGirl said...

love the colors of your zendala. and karma's such a cutie. my dogs and have been in/out in/out so many times in the colder weather. wears me out.

Furry Bottoms said...

What kind of meals do you like to freeze? I usually just freeze my chicken potpies and enchiladas... and I am looking for variety!! I get tired of making the same things over and over. I still love eating them, but I want variety, heehee

Karma blows me away as usual. She knows exactly what she likes and what she doesn't, LOL

Im hoping to start blogging again this week. I got the flu and bronchitis and was out of it for awhile there. Now I'm back at work, so there shouldn't be an excuse not to blog!

Dana said...

I don't think I've ever seen magnets arranged so neatly! They're certainly a mess on my refrigerator. :)

I had to laugh at your picture of the calvary. It does seem odd for them to be there, given the small amount of snow.

Karma makes me smile! I love how she eats her snowprints. :)

Have a wonderful week! I'm happy you're seeing blue sky.

Shelly said...

"Supposed to warm up into the 20s..." yegads!

Karma makes my day. If ever I were around snow, I'd probably want to eat it from my footprints, too.

Glad you are feeling better! I need you to come organize me...

Beth said...

Your zendala is so pretty! Love the colors.

Karma is a smart cookie, she knows when she is too warm. good for your back though.

Janie Junebug said...

It's a good thing Dakotans know how to drive on ice. It really looks slick. How wise of you to buy a gift for Karma that you can use if she doesn't like it. You and Karma work well together.


Carolyn Dube said...

You've been busy! Love the zentangle!!

DJan said...

I'm with Karma: I've never been able to use an electric blanket or heating pad. She looks just fine using her self warmer. I also love your zendala, it's very pretty. I look forward to your contemplative post. :-)

SandeeNC said...

Had to laugh at karma eating her snow prints, silly girl! I actually bought some mesh tape today too for my mixed media art. Lovely zentangle, great job. Stay warm, give Karma a snuggle from me ♥ waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Anonymous said...

I don't like to cook, but I DO like home cooked meals, so every couple of months I'll go on a cooking jag. I'll make 2 pot roasts, a roasting pan of turkey chili, some soup & a couple of dozen chicken thighs. They go into margarine containers (in individual servings) & into the freezer. Pop them in the microwave & we have an instant home cooked meal!

AliceKay said...

Brrr...sounds very cold to me. All of our snow has melted. Temps were in the low 50s here today, but the cold returns tomorrow with some light snow coming tomorrow night and Wednesday. (gotta drive to Sayre for an appt Wednesday afternoon so I hope it doesn't snow too much)

I looked at a closeup of your zendala and was amazed at the number of strokes in that thing. Looks like very tedious work to me. Looks cool, tho. :)

Lots of goodies in your Amazon delivery. Dry erase boards are so slick. I have one on the front of my refrigerator, too. Comes in very handy.

I'm glad you've been feeling better. Your freezer looks well stocked now.

Love those pictures of Karma. She still cracks me up. :)

I'll look forward to your upcoming post about New Year's Eve.

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

The level of detail in your zendala is amazing! Love the patterns and colors you used.

Sounds like you have some bone-chilling weather there.

How nice to have all the meals prepared and ready to go...and so nicely organized in your freezer!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Now this is better!!! I like to hear you feeling better and getting lots of things done! Your weather sounds a lot like ours, without quite the same wind. It's been COLD!!! I hate waiting outside for Bella's bus, but at least it's not for long and we don't have to walk like we did in Italy.

Karma, she looks all snuggled up in that huge bed!!!

Hoping you get the Kindle all set up and running smoothly! Hugs!

Anne's tangle blog said...

Well, this is quite a post Rita! Your zendala is very beautiful.
I love the way cats do what they want and (almost) never what we expect.

Serena Lewis said...

Just checking in...I haven't been feeling well with the horrible heat we've been having here.

Strking Zendala!

Lots of fun goodies!

Good to see the heating pad is getting some use even if it's not Karma's cup of tea. :)

The TV dinners look good. As Aaron is the only meat-eater in the house, I will usually make up his meal in bulk and freeze it in smaller containers. It makes things so much easier as it gives me a break from cooking two separate meals each night.

Love and hugs,
Serena xo

Anonymous said...

Haha! Karma is so cute!

Funny in My Mind said...

Hey, can I borrow a chip clip or 2 off the fridge? Ha!
Everytime I open the drawer there are no clips but they aren't on the many bags of chips/crackers in the pantry. Where do you think they went??
Your Zendala art is always so creative and pretty, you should frame them.
It has been in the 30's for highs and 20's for lows. Too cold for me but not as cold as you.
I have that same heating pad, sleep on it nightly. It gets really hot on medium, then shuts itself down after a while. I wish I could find one that was warm all night evenly.
I hope your kids get their car money soon. My friend just got a Prius (too small for me) and she loves it.
Have a productive and feeling-good week.
Good idea with the dinner! What do you make?

Far Side of Fifty said...

I need some of those magnetic clips!! Your fridge looks so neat..and highly organized! We cook some things in bulk too an freeze for easy suppers, it is so nice to just grab something out of the freezer and warm it up.
Good that someone likes the heating pad..:)