Monday, January 21, 2013


Good Morning!
11 degrees below zero this morning.  Even the cars in the parking lot have that crispy look. 
We've had from 18-22 below for lows yesterday and today.  They predict we will be lucky to get above zero for a few days.  The balmy 20s and 30s left us this weekend.
Karma is not concerned.  She just quits asking to go out on the porch--LOL!  She's been enjoying the heating pad.  It does get quite hot for a while after you first plug it in and then it cools off to the low setting.  Not exactly consistent heat, but it wasn't expensive.  Most of the time Karma sits up and hangs her legs out of the bed while it's too hot...and waits.  
I caught her licking her lips... 
...waiting until it is... 
...just right. 
Okay.  The Kindle is working.
Confession (you are allowed to laugh loudly--guffaw--and tearful laughter is even quite acceptable)...I had the right password, but I was using the wrong email address!!  DUH!!
I have an old yahoo address that I don't use much anymore (been using gmail for several years now), but--it was many years ago I opened my Amazon account.  Really!  I know this.  Talk about a senior moment.  A brain fart.  Fibro fog.  ROFL!  I have been chuckling about this for days.  I just knew it was some simple thing I was overlooking...for days--LOL!  And it was.  Part of my problems with figuring out techie stuff is that sometimes I think the issue at hand is way more complicated than it actually is.  ;)  
Silly, silly me.
The Kindle is working perfectly and all my Amazon Cloud books were there instantly.  Awesome!  I already have picked out a holder for it on Amazon that flips back like a steno notebook so that you can prop it up for reading and it would protect it in my bag.  Even found another one that reminds me of a simple folding plate holder that will probably become a permanent fixture over by the craft table.  Both those should work for me with my bum arm and I plan to order them in February--whoohoo!  :)  
Happy, happy me.
Thanks to you guys I have links for free and cheap ebooks.
Free is awesome--LOL!
I spent the weekend catching up just on comments and emails.  I do get some blog posts via email, of course, but most of mine show up on the blogger reader.  Sadly, I am over a week behind on reading posts and I honestly don't see me catching up with reading every one of them (over 400 now!).  So--I apologize, but I am going to have to slap back my OCD side that wants to read them all--in order of posting--and just kind of go from here...and hope I haven't missed anything of major importance.  If there's something you really want me to read from the last 7-8 days or so, please email me, okay?
  There are times where my health just sets me back or life just plain gets too busy--and I get so much farther behind than I normally am so quickly.  How do you guys keep up?  I seems like I just really can't anymore.  Even when I am feeling okay I am always so far behind.  Something has got to give...and I think it's going to have to be that OCD side of me.  Not easy for me to let go of...especially when I so enjoy hearing what everybody is up to, you know?  Love my blog family and appreciate every single comment I receive.  :):)
But really--what do you do?  I would love to have more time to play with art and, now this year, to make videos.  So I have to make some changes, I guess.  How do you manage your online time?  Do you not respond to comments?  Do you limit your computer time?  Do you not read blogs that often?  Do you just read the blogs of the people who leave comments?  I am so curious.     
Anyways, I am off to change loads of clothes.  Karma's crying for the crinkly-candy-wrapper-on-the-string toy.  I have letters to respond to (snail mail!).  And the day is already flying by with ease.  The sun is shining on this frigid day and I am grateful to be inside with warm fresh clothes to hang and fold.
It's going to be a good week!!  
Keep smiling!!  :)
"Kindness does wonderful things to a face."
Dixie Doyle


TexWisGirl said...

stay warm in that crispy weather!

Janie Junebug said...

Brrrr! I can manage my time because I seldom have anything I MUST do. And when such an occasion arises, I find a way to put it off.


Shelly said...

Whew- that's cold! Miss Karma looks quite happy and content, which is a good thing. Aren't Kindles wonderful???

DJan said...

Sometimes I'm gone all day long and I get behind on my blog reading. Or a couple of days. Then I just go to my Reader and hit the "Mark All As Read" button. It can't be helped sometimes... we do have lives to live. Tell yourself that we won't be going away just because there's no message from you this week! Seriously. Cut yourself some slack, girl! :-)

Serena Lewis said...

YAY on working out the problem you were having with the glad it was a simple fix. Now you can sit back and enjoy it!

Karma is so funny and cute! :)

I don't think there's a win-win when trying to balance time online. I don't get time to read all the blogs I follow as there's just way too many to keep up with on a regular basis. I do regularly read the blogs of those who comment on my blog as I think it only right to return the courtesy and they are blogs I enjoy. Basically, the blogs I have listed in my sidebar are my priority reads and the rest, which I access in my Blogger reader, I get to when I am able. Even then, I find it hard to keep a balance because I spend so much time reading blogs that my art/sketching is often sacrificed. This year, I'm hoping to set myself a schedule and stick to it regardless.

Have a wonderful week, my friend. xx

Dana said...

That's cold!!

Let me know if you discover how to handle your online time. It's been a struggle for me for years.

Have a great week. :)

Beth said...

Stay warm!1 Whatever you do don't send me any more of that weather as it is bitterly cold here already.

I am so glad you got your Kindle figured out.

betty said...

Brrr!!!! Those are cold temps Rita!! Even if you are used to them, they are still cold temps! Biting right through a person; I remember the days well from our years in Montana.

I love how Karma likes the heating pad; heck I'd like a heating pad when it was cold!

It is sometimes a struggle to keep on with everything online, when I get overwhelmed, I just take a blog break and slow things down for a bit :)


Anonymous said...

Keep warm and enjoy your Kindle. Karma looks so lovely and cosy.

Dave said...

I think with blogging one needs to decide which blogs one is going to follow and limit them. And do whatever you feel comfortable doing Rita. Commenting on other people's blogs is a two way street. If others don't reciprocate move on to those who do - Dave

Teresa Evangeline said...

-22. Brrrr. Hope you're staying warm and cozy over there. Karma certainly is. :)

Dee said...

Dear Rita, I've been away six weeks from blogging and so I've missed your life story being told through your blog postings. But today I went and read all from the past week--from the posting of your two-part writing story to the Kindle and to Karma and the heating pad and to your GA's wisdom that being published is simply the frosting on the cake; writing is the cake--the sustenance. I've learned that also.

I'm intrigued by Teresa's talking her post and your considering doing a talking video. I do so hope that happens as it would mean we'd hear from you both through written words and voice.

As to how to manage blogging: I so wish I knew. The past six weeks were a busy time and I simply had to let go something that has made a real difference in my life--blogging. I've missed all the friends I've made.

Beginning tomorrow--after my doctor's visit today--I'm going to start a new routine that will allow me to read blogs one and a half hours a day. I'm going to stick with my schedule of posting on Blog #1 on Wednesday and Blog #2 on Sunday. But I may give up the Sunday/writing blog as I'm not sure I have much to say. Your writing career as detailed in your two-part story is much more extensive than mine. I truly think that within three months I'll have said all I have to say.

I hope all is well within your mind and heart and body as you begin this new year with resolution and passion. Peace.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Lol..a senior moment..glad you figured out the Kindle. There is a facebook site where you can get free books too..if you want the link let me know. I get most of my books there. It was -31 here this morning..yuck.
I read what blogs I can..sometimes I read without making comments..especially on those blogs who always reply by email to comments..I feel sorry for them. I do not reply to comments. I hope that leaving a comment is enough so that the author knows I am an okay person..but replying to comments would take away from blog reading time! Stay warm..the birds are at the feeders almost constantly..I may have to get a job to buy more bird food:)

Anonymous said...

One of the VERY FEW advantages of being old is that I now have very few responsibilities. I am at my computer most of the day. I LOVE getting comments & try to respond to all of them.

After reading your post today, I think I could use Karma's heating pad. Do you think she'd let me borrow it?

carol l mckenna said...

Great post ~ Karma is the star ~ heard heating pads can dry out animal's skin ~ just my thought ~ glad you got kindle going ~ Tis the season to cozy up with a good book ~ Wondering what you like to read?
Hugs to you and Karma ^_^

(A Creative Harbor) ^_^

AliceKay said...

I loved seeing the pictures of Karma enjoying her heating pad and bed. She looks so comfortable in that last picture. :)

I'm glad you figured out what was going on with the Kindle. I'm also happy to hear it was something simple. Simple is good.

I've seen on the news where it's been very cold out your way. Very cold in lots of places, actually. It was 0 here this morning and didn't warm up much from that. The wind has been blowing so the wind chill has been brutal. Terri has to work out in that cold every day. I sure couldn't do it. It's 6 above out there right now. Not supposed to "warm" up above freezing here until Monday either. Snow is heading our way Friday afternoon and night. Yay! (not really...i hate snow) LOL

There's a quote I love and have used often, and it goes like this..."Do what you can, for whom you can, with what you have, from where you are." I think that could also pertain to blogging.


Deanna said...

I never thought about using a heating pad for small animals. For a moment I thought about using one for Whiskey, but then I'm scared he would try to chew threw the cord. It is 15 here today. Now that I know your temperatures, I won't complain!

Glad you got the Kindle working. It does seem it is often something simple but hard to figure out when things don't go right! I get most of my books by downloading them from the library. Sometimes I have to wait for awhile until it becomes available, but it is better than spending money on them! You might want to check into that. Free is good!

Stay warm and give Karma a rub for me.


Felicia said...

I have no idea how to keep up. I finally just bailed on it and do the best I can. People either understand or fad away. I dont let it bother me in the sense that if I cant keep up with them I totally understand them not keeping up with me lol. Life is not that exciting around here most days but they are full days and well I do what I can. If you ever find out the secret let me know cuz i could use it too!

Looking forward to your videos! *hint hint* lol

*hugs* to you and Karma! Have a good one! Stay warm! ( was 50 something here today).


Queenie Jeannie said...

I go through periods when I'm really on top of things, and periods when I feel like I'll never catch up - I think it happens to all of us!!! If I get hopelessly behind, I just clear my emails of comments, and just start fresh. It's hard to ignore those lovely comments, but sometimes you just reply to everyone. Makes me feel guilty though!

Enjoy that Kindle!! :D