Friday, January 18, 2013


Good Morning!
I was up early enough to catch a hint of the sunrise, but I can't remember which day that was--LOL!  Basically all I have done since Monday is chat with you.  I have been pretty useless for anything else this week...but I did manage to figure out the Karma and the heating pad puzzle.  ;)
I know she loves the heat so it made no sense that the heating pad was freaking her out.  It occurred to me that maybe it was the entire bed suddenly and magically heating up that freaked her out.  Kind of like the ground going out from under her feet type of thing.  No logical sense to it, right?
You know how she loves to lean against things and put her head on stuff...well, I put it only on the back edge of her favorite blue bed so she could avoid it if she wanted to.  You know cats--make the magical heat her choice.
And...She likes it!  Hey, Mikey!   
Do you remember that Life commercial?
Well, Karma has changed her mind...
...about the heating pad.
And she even seems to know that when I click the plastic button on the cord that it is going to get hot again (2 hour automatic shut-off).  So now we share the heating pad.  ;)
Monday, while I was still functional, I took the giant can of Hoisin Sauce (that we never knew existed until the clerk got it out of the back room for me at Tochi's and I couldn't resist at only $8.95)... 
...and my bottles of Tamari Sauce and made up jars of my favorite stir fry sauce recipe.  All those small jars I have saved from how I usually buy Hoisin Sauce from CashWise.
It's really simple.  
2 tablespoons each of Hoisin Sauce, Tamari Sauce, and water--plus one teaspoon of sugar.  Or as I usually make it: 1/4 cup each and 2 teaspoons of sugar.  But this time I was using cups and 8 teaspoons--in batches!  I filled all of these and still had another big jar of plain Hoisin and over a bottle of Tamari Sauce left.  My frig door is full--LOL!  
But the highlights of the week for me was mail!  I got a few wonderful letters...and this gorgeous hand painted card from lovely Laura (looks like part of it is blown with air).

I am amazed at the control Laura has with that technique that I haven't been able to master yet--and love the random red dots!!  Thanks, Laura!!
And last, but certainly not least--drum roll, please... 
...the Kindle (and even a spare holder and light) arrived from the most generous Jeannie!!!

Okay--now don't laugh (even though you probably will, just as Dagan and Leah do when it comes to me and this new digital world)--but I haven't been able to figure out how to register it yet.  I have been watching instructional videos online (Amazon has a lot of them) and the Kindle has been wiped by Jeannie and put back to the factory set up (and I think by me, too) but it just says I am "not registered" when I put in my Amazon information? 
On the videos I saw them download books from a computer into the Kindle using a USB cord (since I thought maybe the wireless aspect is not working with my modem and I'd try direct) but I looked all over and didn't have a micro USB cable--all of mine were too fat.
So the next day I went snooping online to buy one at Amazon--and discovered that the charger cable comes apart and is also a micro USB cable!  But I was too wiped yesterday to do anything else with it--LOL!    
I have no doubts that there is probably some very simple explanation that I am missing.  People sell or give away their Kindles all the time and other normal people manage to figure this out--LOL!  I will take another stab at it today.  I still have more videos to watch on Amazon.  There are two Customer Service numbers I can call but I'd rather wait and see if Dagan and Leah can maybe try to help me first if I can't figure it out on my own because--well--the marginally computer literate folks like myself don't always understand what those kind people are trying to explain over the phone.  
Just ask Dagan.  ;)
Anyways, it will all work out.  I am patient.  :)
And Jeannie sent such a cute hand-made card with the Kindle!  

Look at that owl!   
Thanks so very, very much, Jeannie!!  This whole situation has given me some giggles this week and I know it won't be long and I will be reading away.  I can already tell I am going to love it!  :):) 
I shall rest up this weekend and hopefully be back on track by next week.  I hope to at least do some catching up online.  I want to get around to see what you all have been up to!  
Take care!  
See you Monday!  :):)
"I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship."
Louisa May Alcott


TexWisGirl said...

you got some great cards! laura is a true wonder. what a dear. :)

Shelly said...

I hope you get the Kindle registered soon because they are seriously wonderful. Once again, Karma has charmed me with just the look on her face, enjoying her warmth. They do like things much better if it seems to be their choice, and not ours, don't they?

Beth said...

Clever thinking on your part about the heating pad and Karma's bed.
You will enjoy the Kindle once you get it up and running. Good luck.

Janie Junebug said...

All will be revealed. Have faith, grasshoppa.


Felicia said...

OOO Congrats on the kindle. I love mine! We have two of them. One like you have and I just recently got a Fire HD. Super fun, easy to use. TONS of free books out there too! is awesome for finding just about any type of book you might be interested. I like cuz you can pick what you are looking for and poof it just finds that type. I like FREE! hahaha

Holler if you need help registering it. Its super easy once you find the menu *wink*. Yours is a little older than mind I think but should work the same software wise. =0)

I KNEW Karma would come around to that heating pad lol. Bennie and Sophie love the one they have too. Spoiled much? I THINK SO! LOL

You have a super rest of your day and weekend!

Darla said...

I will be waiting to hear how you like reading on a Kindle. I think I'm one of the last holdouts. I don't want to give up a book in hand but I see lots of advantages to the Kindle too - bookshelf space being only one of them.


SandeeNC said...

And you wonder why Karma is a I haven't a clue about the Kindle, although I see the library helping people out occassionally, so maybe if you can get to a library for help? Stay warm! ♥ waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ☺

Dana said...

I'm curious about your Kindle. Let me know how you like it.

That owl card makes me think of my grandma, who collected them. Brought back some nice memories...

Enjoy your weekend!

AliceKay said...

I love that picture of Karma laying on the heating pad in her bed. She's Queen Karma. :)

The Kindle is a nice gift. I hope you figure out how to register it soon. I know you'll love it once you do. My son got me a Samsung Galaxy Tab2 for Christmas, and I'm still learning how to use it. I've downloaded several free books from the Kindle Store on thru, but with the problems I'm having with my eyesight at the moment, I haven't tried to read any of them.

Cute card. :)

Have a great weekend!

laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

yay. i'm back in cyberpace and doing a little reading this morning!!

did you figure out the kindle?? do you have wireless internet?? because if so, you should be able to hook right up through your kindle...right to amazon. i have a NOOK and it hooks up wirelessly (where ever u have w wi-fi spot) and i can get books from barnes & noble. anyway, if u need me...maybe i can help u out!! (also, u can charge it either by plugging into wall or your comp.)

stay war...feel good...scratch scratch to karma...OH and glad you 2 are sharing the heat!! haha

DJan said...

That's a funny story about Karma "warming up" to the heating pad. And I do hope to read soon that you have figured out how to register that Kindle. You will love it, I'm sure! :-)

Zue said...

Hi Rita, I have suddenly developed a head ache, so I must come back and have a full read...looks so interesting. Karma I see came to her sense....will be back later.

Introverted Art said...

OMG Karma is a huge cat!!!!! She is adorable enjoying her heating pad.

Zue said...

I am back now. Must have had my glasses on too long. When I first quickly read your post I thought that the lovely card was made on the
Kindle, so I imagined you had a new super version of a Kindle.

When I read it without a head ache, I see what you actually said.
Hope you soon get to load it up with your favourite books.

Introverted Art said...

Hi Rita, I use Marie's watercolors. They are a brand of luscious, highly pigmented Chinese watercolors. :)

Anonymous said...

You'll have to register your Kindle through your Amazon account on your computer first. Enjoy - I love mine!

Serena Lewis said...


I did a bit of research and found this for you...hope it helps.

To register a kindle -

First open a Kindle account with Amazon. You will need a credit card so you can buy books.

Then on your Kindle, click on the Home button. Go to Menu. Go to Settings. Select Register. The Kindle should guide you through it.

If you have any trouble call the Kindle help line at:


Serena Lewis said...

Karma is in her element! xx

I think that's the same brand of Hoisin Sauce that I get....good stuff!

Beautiful card from Laura!

It's so sweet of Jeannie to send you the kindle and the cute card...I commented before this one with some info that might help you get registered. Good luck.

I'm finally getting back into blogging mode...hope it sticks.

Have a lovely week ~ xo

Dave said...

I hope you figure out that Kindle OK Rita. Wish I had one to try, but not a priority for us right now - Dave

Anonymous said...

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