Monday, March 18, 2013


This morning we have 15 degrees, light snow, up to 45 mph wind gusts, and can barely see past the garages.  
Blizzard conditions.
Blizzards have nothing to do with how much snow we're getting--but how much wind.  Lots of cancellations and postponements again today due to the weather.  Must have been a bear for people getting to work today. 
Meanwhile...Karma and I are inside and warm.  She's feeling better as the days go by and she's not on antibiotics.  I found a feather toy in the middle of the floor Saturday morning!  :)  She's not sleeping almost 24/7.  More alert. 
Still bothered by the door chime across the hall...
...and intrigued by the sound of people scraping their car windows. 
Dagan and Leah made it over Saturday--between snowstorms.  (We had one Friday and this one started Sunday.)  Karma even hissed at Dagan and Leah again when they walked by her.  She didn't run in the bedroom or anything--just letting everybody know she was there and making up for several visits where she couldn't keep her eyes open, never left her bed, and felt too crummy to even hiss--LOL!  Never thought I'd be happy to see her being Miss Crabby Pants again.  ;)
The goal Saturday afternoon was to get the information for the inside of the two different invitations printed out.  Always a challenge getting my printer to communicate properly and my internet to feel generous toward newcomers (Leah has a new laptop/tablet conversion thingie--waaay cool!).  But we managed to get all the electronics cooperating, adjusted the info to the right sizes (to fit circles and ovals), and printed them off...
...before Leah had to go spend the evening volunteering to man the phones at the local PBS for pledge week.  Leah does this every year and I usually watch the night she's there so I can get my glimpses of her at the phone bank, but I couldn't listen very long this year--they ended up with this gospel jazz night this year (Leah never knows ahead of time).  Jazz is just is definitely not my thing...hard on my ears.  ;)  Leah's the one in the blue top.  
Since I have started feeling a little bit functional for the past several days (tada!), I've been using up all my productive time sessions working on the baby shower cards for Leah's sister's two showers.  I am glad to be able to finally help Leah out!  You know how much she and Dagan do for me.  :)  Little by little, I embossed "shower" in white on the brown baby buggies yesterday.  This is what it looks like this morning.  
Today...I'm not sure.
I may have to take a day off.  (Shoulders, neck, and back--well, my body is the ringmaster in my personal circus, as you know--lol!)  But the next step is to crank away and cut out the ovals and circles for the inside info.  With the weather being so bad--(well, unless it clears up this afternoon, which I doubt)--Leah won't make it tonight to work on cards.  Weather like this you just want to make it home safe, you know.  They have plans on Tuesday--so I'll probably see her Wednesday night.  Gives me a few days to putter when I'm able.  :) :) 
Dagan will make a quick stop after work on Tuesday to use my land line for his pacemaker check...and drop off the urine beads (pee balls--lol!).  Then I will see him briefly on Wednesday night when he stops by to pick up whatever sample I have hopefully gotten to bring over to the vet clinic.
Tuesday afternoon I also have a home visit from an intern from the county folks who provide Caroline to me for cleaning every other week.  Looks like I'll have to clear off a spot at the craft table for the young lady to sit and do her paperwork.  ;)
Those are my plans for this week so far.  I'm just so happy to be able to be making something with my hands again--and to be helping Leah, you know?  Everyone needs to feel useful.  Makes me happy.  And when we are done, then I can do whatever I want...or whatever the ringmaster allows.  ;)  Coming slowly out of the worst and longest fibro flare I've had in several years makes me truly appreciate anything I can do more than ever!  Nothing makes you appreciate your limited life than an extreme reduction of those very limitations.  
Life is good!!
I still have not been able to spend much time at all online, but that should slowly change.  (You know I'm an optimist, but I am done guessing--lol!)  In the meantime, I can at least try to pop in and blog to say hi.  I have read and appreciate every single comment and personal email--just haven't been able to respond individually.  But they do mean the world to me!!  Thanks so much--from me and Miss Karma.  
Have a fabulous day!!
"Relationships are the oxygen of the psyche."
Jane Fonda


TexWisGirl said...

so glad miss crabby-pants is back! :) i know you are too!

Akannie said...

Glad you are spiraling UP...glad Miss Karma is too.

We had some snow yesterday (and thunder and lightning!!) and then buckets of rain to wash all the snow away.

I'm so ready for spring...and I know what youmean about feeling useful...

kisses and hugs from Honeysuckle Hill...

Queenie Jeannie said...

Karma definitely sounds better!!

And you sound like you're making positive progress too! Does the weather affect you? Or just stress? I hope for you lots of refreshing sleep, warmer temps, a healthy Crabbypants cat, and pain-free days. Crafting is wonderful and I've missed your pretty doodle art!!

Zue said...

Hi Rita
Glad you are coming back to speed:)
Those chimes would drive me mad, couldn't you ask them to stop using them ,or make a complaint?
Take care

Janie Junebug said...

Welcome back Miss Crabby Pants. Leah is very pretty. So, 15 degrees and snow. I have the windows open and the ceiling fan is running. It is not 15 degrees in Florida. Envy me now, if you like, but no one will envy me when summer's heat, humidity, and mosquitoes arrive.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Miss Crabby pants is better if she is hissing!! Good luck with the pee balls..LOL. It is stormy here too..but in the woods we don't notice it..but I hear it is bad out there..we are staying put:)

DJan said...

Good news, VERY good news to hear that Karma is acting up again. Probably wants to let them know in no uncertain terms that she isn't going anywhere! That sounds really cold and uninviting outdoors. Glad you are snug and warm while the weather swirls around you. :-)

AliceKay said...

I'm glad Karma is feeling better. Those door chimes would drive me nuts.

Both Dagan and Leah sound like wonderful, giving people. The world needs a few more like them.

I'm glad you're feeling a bit better but know you have to be careful in what you do and how long you do it. Will be thinking of you.

We have a snowstorm blowing around outside here tonight. The snow started just before I left work today. It's supposed to switch to sleet and freezing rain later tonight and then to all rain in the early morning hours.

Stay warm out there and enjoy your week.

Anonymous said...

WELCOME BACK TO YOU & MISS CRABBY PANTS!! Leah is lovely & apparently, so is her heart!

Beth said...

I am so glad you and Karma are feeling better!!

Shelly said...

So glad our sweet little Hissy Pants is starting to do better, as well as you! (Hope you didn't think you were the one I was calling Hissy Pants!)

Continue to take care of yourself~

Anonymous said...

Oh ~ I am so glad I found you and Karma again ~ haven't heard from you and wondered what was going on ~ Sending you both lots of healing hugs ~ Carol and artmusedog ^_^