Thursday, March 21, 2013


Lots of pictures today! 
Including the zendala for this week! 
Proof that I am starting to feel better.
I couldn't sit for long at a time...
...and wasn't up to looking up different zentangles to use... I just did my own thing.
Was such fun--and always so relaxing--to be doodling again.  :)  Thought I'd add some color this time, too.
We had another snowstorm Sunday/Monday.  I don't think they've moved this car for about three or four snowstorms--lol!
There was ice under the snow and this car got stuck right there in the middle trying to get out of her parking spot.
Someone she knew in an SUV came and pushed the car back in.  Don't see anybody doing that very often around here.  Pushing is usually done manually.  People don't normally want to take a chance of damaging their vehicle.  I found it fascinating.  They pushed it back in and then gave her a ride to wherever she needed to be.
Karma was out enjoying the snow...
...for very short periods of time because it was so cold--around zero.  (It's -8 degrees right now.)
I think she mainly wanted out so she could make her tasty footprints.
She's obviously feeling more her relaxed self.  Beginning to sprawl a bit again--not always in a tucked ball.
Speaking of balls...those pee balls....!!!
Such a teeny, tiny amount!  And these are $5 a crack!
They're itty-bitty plastic tube shapes...
...that couldn't scatter even one thin layer on the bottom of her empty, cleaned cat box.
Well, I can tell you--Miss Karma was not happy.  She cried and complained--trying to tell her stupid human that she had forgotten to replace her kitty litter.  I ignored her--tried to tell her it was okay--but Karma managed to hold all pee and poop for almost 16 hours--then made a much louder protest...

...and peed on the carpet right next to the cat box.
That's what Karma thought of those urine beads.  
So, I quick grabbed the syringe they sent and sucked as much pee as I could out of the carpeting so I could get a sample into the little cup.  I hope it will suffice--fibers and all.  Dagan is dropping the sample off this morning at the vet clinic, so I expect to hear something later today.  If it doesn't work--well, that is as far as I go with this test.  I'm not bringing Karma in to be put under and such.  I will just wait and watch her for signs of it returning, I guess.  
Nothing is easy with Miss Karma, eh?  LOL!
Right now, she's been off the pills for a week, is acting much more like her old self, and eating much better.  No leaking and the diarrhea is gone. Ahhh!  So I think it worked.  I pray it worked.  And I hope we get definitive positive results today.
Dagan and Leah were over on Monday and last night.  Dagan ran the SpotBot on the carpet (you know where) for me last night.  They brought dinner and after that had a conference sibling video chat with Leah's brother in the Navy for his birthday.  Leah got almost done with the invitations!  She's coming back tonight.  Leah will finish putting them together and I'll address the envelopes.  This is what the craft table looks like this morning.  
I think the invitations are cute and classy.  This is what the fronts look like.  The buggy is lifted up off the page a bit with dimensional foam squares.
These are the insides.  One shower has the ovals and other one has the circles.
I covered up all the private info, but I loved this idea of asking people to maybe bring a children's book and put a message inside the cover instead of a card.  
Nothing better than books for kids!  I started reading to Dagan when he was just brand new to this world.  Even at just days old his eyes would become huge mesmerized saucers when I did my dramatic vocal effects reading of The Three Bears and The Three Little Pigs.  ;)  He loved it!
Speaking of reading...I may not be reading blogs yet, but I finally got to answering some emails yesterday.  (I am weeks behind!)  I expect things to get back to normal here by April.
Do you believe it!
2013 is already three months gone!  What a beginning to this year, eh?  I knew it would be a year of shifts and changes...but you never know what that might entail.  ;)  But it's all okay--it's all good.  Life is filled with surprises--and shocks--rich with variety--flows from dark to light.  The tears arise--from sorrow to awe to that joyous, squealing laughter.  
"Life is short, but it's wide." 
Kind of like me--ROFL!
(This is one of my magnets on my frig.) 
It's all what it is meant to be.
Happy Thursday, you wonderful people! 
"I am grateful to be a rainbow in somebody's cloud."
Maya Angelou


Dana said...

I'm so glad you and Karma are feeling better. I think of you both often. :)

Love the zendala, and the invitations are really cute! Have a great Thursday. ☺

TexWisGirl said...

glad you BOTH are feeling better again! like your zendala!

Funny in My Mind said...

I didn't think Karma would pee pee on those silly things, with all her quirks! Hope you got enough gathered for the sample.
Pee on the carpet is the norm around here, sadly.
I am so glad she is venturing outside and acting more like herself. Maybe the illness has run its course.
Your new artwork is so pretty, you are so creative!
I really like the raised idea of those baby carriages, so cute and much prettier than store-bought cards.

Janie Junebug said...

Can't say I blame Karma for peeing on the carpet. I wouldn't pee on those little things. I'm glad the two of you seem to be feeling better.


Beth said...

So happy that you and Karma are doing better.

Debbie Jones said...

So glad that you are feeling better. I love the quote about life. Also such a cute idea about bringing a children's book to the baby shower instead of a card! Love that one! You are right about how very important it is to read to children - even babies. Those invitations are really cute. You and Karma have a good day.

DJan said...

What a dumb thing those little beads were! I hope everything is all over with now and you can both get back to your very own normal! :-)

AliceKay said...

I hope you were able to suck up enough to get a good sample. Poor Karma. I'm glad she's feeling better, tho.

I'm glad you're feeling better, too. That's a nice zendala.

Very cute shower invitation and what a great idea for the books. Nice work all the way around.

Loved the quote!

Akannie said...

You tell 'em, Karma !!! lol

SO glad things are looking up over there and you are both feeling better. xoxoxoxoxox

Anne's tangle blog said...

Glad you managed to do a zendala again!!!
It's beautiful and delicate.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Really that was a measly amount of pee balls..I can understand why she was upset..poor Karma:)