Saturday, July 12, 2014


I hope everyone is planning a nice weekend.  :)  The reason I was only over very briefly to visit at Dagan and Leah's on Monday was because of my air conditioner.  We had 90s on Saturday and it was 81 in my apartment.  Let's just say my AC wasn't exactly keeping up.  I thought it may possibly have frozen up, so I turned it off Sunday night (because it was cooler outside anyways and just as sticky).  I had turned it back on Monday morning and was waiting to see if it was going to actually cool my apartment off or not.  Nope.  Sticky and 76 degrees was the best it could do.  
But, much to Karma and my good fortune, we had two glorious days up here in the 70s while I waited for them to come and fix my AC.  I'm telling you--Tuesday and Wednesday were absolutely perfect!  The humidity dropped and it was cool at night for sleeping...ahhh! 
Karma spent time watching CatTV... 
...or zonked out on the porch chair when I wasn't using it for reading. 
I had cleared off the cabinet beneath the AC on Monday so it would be easier for the maintenance man to remove that heavy air conditioner.  Every time I turned my back Karma was up on the cabinet, of course. 
Perspective is everything.  
Makes those old surroundings look fresh and new. 
 I've been in this mood to finish up the various projects I have lying about.  I made four more bookcards (for letters) using the last of the glued together baby wipes and paper towels experiment for the covers.  The top two are made from paper towels and the bottom two are from baby wipes--used ones from art, of course.  I just add more color with some sprays. 
Thursday he finally came and took the AC away to work on it and clean it up. 
Naturally Miss Karma was up on the cabinet feigning mild interest in the empty mysterious metal box--LOL! 
She was so focused... 
...that when I got up to get some coffee 
and she was about to make her move... 
...she almost didn't catch the fact that I had stopped with the camera. 
But her cat ears registered my lack of movement and she quickly turned with one of those "Who me?  I'm not doing anything.  I'm not even thinking of doing anything.  I'm just gazing out the window.  You can go get your coffee...really." 
But where was Miss Innocent when I came back with my coffee? 
Anyways, I got my AC back and it is working!!!  Perfect timing because it was over 80 degrees by the time he brought the unit back on Thursday.  Happy, happy me!  (Heat and I are not BFFs.)
Meanwhile...when cleaning in the bedroom a while back I found a box in my closet filled with used paper towels.  Yes, I remember I had used most of a roll of paper towels to lay wet coffee filters on to dry that I had painted with watercolors...for some project I was doing back when I lived in Moorhead.  Yes, these are over 10 years old--LOL!  They weren't messy or used enough to actually throw away so I had smashed them all into a box to save for further art mess use...and forgot all about them.  Well, I was sure excited to see them now because of the new gluing together of paper towels idea!  There was a reason I saved these.  :) 
I took a few of them and glued them together.  Sprayed a little more color on both sides.  A little extra green... 
...and some yellow. 
Already ordered a gallon of Elmer's glue so I can play to my heart's content.  I can cut these down to whatever size I need.  Such fun for bookcard or journal covers--whoohoo!!
Oh, and I removed the other table leaf.  (I don't think Leah is going to be over for crafts any time soon.)  Caroline helped move the table over when she was here this week.  The table looks so small now, but there's quite a bit more room.  Nice!
Well, that's what's been going on up here.  Right now it's 73 degrees (23 C), clouded over, but not that humid (60%).  I even shut off the newly repaired AC today.  :)  I've been waiting for packages for several days.  (FedEx SmartPost is a pain in the patoot--plus I had another package "out for delivery" again--in Detroit, Michigan--what is with these people lately?)  Hopefully they will both arrive today.  I would kind of like to make a quick trip over to see Ian pretty soon here.  ;) 
May you have decent weather wherever you are, your appliances all work well, your mail arrive without incident, your cats not lie to you too much, and you have a good book to read.  :):)  Have a fabulous weekend!
"You cannot give your life more days, but you can give your days more life."


Deb said...

So glad your AC is working well again. We are about 110 every day here in Arizona so it is pretty unbearable when the AC goes out - and that does happen. So far, this year, we have been OK (knock on wood). That is sure interesting what you are doing with the used paper towels. Have a good week and as always, regards to Karma!

DJan said...

You did a great job of capturing Karma in her different moods. And yeah, she's not so innocent. Takes one to know one. :-)

Jenny Woolf said...

What a hoot the way Karma likes to keep tabs in all the changes. She has it under control for you LOL. Glad you got the air fixed, it's miserable being hot and sticky all the time.

TexWisGirl said...

glad you had some cool downs!

Anonymous said...

We have yet to hit 90. Yay.

Mersad said...

Karma knows how to spend the day :D She's adorable. We had a cool down as well here.

Mersad Donko Photography

AliceKay said...

Loved the pics of Karma. She has so many expressions in that little face. :)

I'm glad you have your air conditioner working well again. It's been hot and humid here, and we've had some pretty rough weather. There were 3 confirmed tornadoes in our three-county area Tuesday evening. The one in our county hit a mile or two from where my daughter lives, but they were lucky and they didn't get any damage. Their power was out for oveer 24 hours, but other than that, they escaped unharmed. Some people weren't so lucky.

The forecast for today is a chance of severe thunderstorms with the possibilty of damaging winds and hail. I hope it's nothing like what went thru Tuesday.

Victoria Zigler said...

Sounds like you've been having fun with that paper towel glueing idea!

Glad you got the AC fixed. We don't even have AC, but this year we haven't really needed it to be honest; it's been cool with low humidity on the best days, and kind of chilly and very damp the rest of the time.

Hope your packages show up soon.

Great quote!

Eliza said...

Hi Rita,

Love your post very amusing indeed with Karma and the antics, mysterious ways the cats have and they are inquisitive souls. Gosh having your air conditioner Kark (Aussie slang for die)it when it was needed most, that would of been a bit of a bother, you don't realize how much you depend on them until they malfunction. You did get a speedy repair, that one surprised me. I do hope you get to see Ian and the rest of the family soon, the baby will be growing fast, don't forget to get updated photos too. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week.

Hugs Eliza

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

I hope your a/c is working now and didn't cost a small fortune to be repaired we often don't realise how much we need them till they are not working

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm late getting here, but I really like that you are now getting cooler weather, as well as AC. Like you, heat is not my friend. Of course, if my AC went out, I wouldn't have anyone else to fix it, so you are SUPER lucky.

I've seen that same innocent look Karma gave you on Bleubeard, too. Isn't it funny how they seem to know when you have caught them doing something they shouldn't? Love how you caught her, too. Way to go.

Hilary said...

Good thing you have the much needed AC back in working order. Not fun on the ground floor.. worse when you're a few stories up.

Love the CatTV concept. So true that they have monitors wherever they go. Karma is such a funny little feline.

Intense Guy said...

Karma kracks me up! "Who me??!??!"


Glad you are "unstickified"!!

Feral Turtle said...

I can't take the heat either. We are in the midst of building a deck and I just seem to sweat all day. We are supposed to get to 32 C today.....Yikes that's 89.6 F. Too hot for me. Glad Karma enjoyed her new cubby, even though it was only for a short time and I am really glad you have your air conditioner back.

andi filante said...

I jumped in the truck this morning and actually turned the heat on for a bit, it was that chilly and damp here this morning! It's NEVER like this in July in central IL! It's been one strange summer. Karma looks so cute in the A/C box! I knew she'd find her way in there...!


Harvest Moon by Hand said...

Uggg! High humidity and temperature is not a good combination for me either, Rita. Air conditioning makes a world of difference in getting through the days comfortably. Happy to hear yours got fixed. I bet Karma is happy too!!