Tuesday, July 08, 2014


Once again, it's been a whole week since I've posted so I apologize to the gang over at Elizabeth's T Stands For Tuesday because this is a long post.  Lots of pictures...but, no--none of Ian.  Sorry.  Let's just say that I had quite overdone it and pushed myself a bit far.  Zombie-woman has been home for ten days...well, except for yesterday when I popped over briefly to drop something off and lay my eyes on the new family (Dagan came home for lunch) but forgot my camera.  I was finally more functional, at least, by this last Saturday and got a couple projects finished.
The clouds were magnificent last night... 
...as the slowly setting sun lit them up. 
This morning it was the newly risen sun lighting from above. 
[Aside: Couldn't believe these people parking that big UHaul and unloading right in the middle of the parking lot yesterday.  How rude.]
Earlier in the week it was nice enough to have the windows open day and night--ahhh!  Karma loves her spy spot with the window cracked (can't have it open much farther if I am working at the table or everything gets blown away).
But it does make it difficult for a girl to get her beauty sleep when all that sound is not muffled by the glass and one is exceptionally snoopy by nature--LOL! 
I finally could handle doing something extra Saturday--beyond what I absolutely had to do, you know? 
Karma interrupted me for some neck scratches... 
...but I finally worked on the last three onesies that were left over from Leah's shower. 
One of them had a long black crooked line on the front...which I incorporated into a crooked smiley face...and added a scribbly rainbow over that.
A simple #1 Son. 
And then my favorite!  I searched to find the Coke font, fought with my printer for 45 minutes (now that doesn't want to work, either) to print this in black so I could see it through the fabric, and used a red Sharpie fine pen (hope that won't bleed or fade when washed).
Front: Milk (trademark symbol) Mama 
Back: It's the Real Thing 
Dagan loves Coke so I thought he'd get a kick out of it.  He did.
Then...the fauxdoris.
I have been patiently pressing and leeching the coconut oil from the leather covers about 4-5 times a week using computer paper, newspaper, cloth, and paper towels.  Tried baking out the oil in the oven, too--but that only smelled up my apartment for days.  The oil stains have never ended!  Never!  Who would have thought coconut oil had such staying power!  I knew I had been doing this for over two months, right?  Well, I just went to actually check on my blog this morning--I started messing with these covers the end of February!!  OMG!  Just shows you how I can adapt things into my life--LOL!
Anyways, yes--I am very patient, but I had finally reached the end of my rope.  Oh!  Oh!  And I had also tried waxing the inside of the smaller cover to see if that might protect the booklets from oil stains.  Nope.  Leeched oil same as usual.
What else could I do?  I was trying to think of a way to line the inside...and I remembered this plastic pouch I saved.  Was packaging for something or other years ago.  I thought the plastic snaps were cool.  I was so excited when I found it and it was the right size...I forgot to take a picture before I started cutting it up.  But here you can see that one side of the pouch was clear plastic and the other was textured.  I'd already cut the sides off and cut down the textured side.
TaDa!!  Here's the small fauxdori with the liner. 
I used the real store-bought "extra" midori traveler's notebook bands. 
Had cut notches top and bottom of the leather to keep the bands in place. 
Since there were four bands in a package--two dark brown and two light brown--I could fit four booklets in each fauxdori. 
Do you remember when I made up all the booklets? 

The liner will at least keep the oil from staining the paper booklet covers, I hope. 
The 140 lb watercolor paper booklets do not want to lie flat, that's for sure.  Especially in the smaller one for some reason.  I even tried clamping them overnight at the spine.
And here's the larger one... 
...with the clear plastic liner. 

This one lies flatter. 
I was so thrilled to finally have these put together--finished--even if I don't like the covers!
I have extra booklets for inside... 
...and I can remove the watercolor ones if they drive me crazy--LOL! 
They each have a variety of writing and drawing paper booklets...
 ...and then the watercolor booklets.  But they don't have to have four booklets in them.  I just wanted to see how they'd be maxed full.
I will probably end up replacing the leather covers.  The oil is never going away and, of course, I also have to worry about where I set these down, too.  But at least I did get them together.  Finally.  And I know it would be worth investing in more leather.  ;)
So that is what I've been up to.  Basically nothing but R&R for a whole week and then quite a bit of fun puttering for three days--LOL!  Feeling more like my old self again.  Hopefully won't be a week before I post again...and I'll remember to take pictures next time I visit at D&L's.  ;) 
Happy, happy Tuesday!!
"You do not need to know precisely what is happening, or exactly where it is all going. What you need is to recognize the possibilities and challenges offered by the present moment, and to embrace them with courage, faith, and hope."
Thomas Merton 


  1. envious of your cooler temps. :) no windows open here! love the milk onesie!

  2. Your posts always make me smile. I've worked with projects for long periods of time, too, but those leather binders took the cake. I feel for you, especially after putting all that time, money, and effort into that leather, and finally finding a POSSIBLE solution to the problem. I hope it works.

    Wish it were cool enough for open windows here. Bleubeard and I are under the AC all day and all night.

    Thanks for sharing your week with us for T this Tuesday. It's always fun to see what you and Karma have been up to.

  3. What a trial those covers have been! But the books are sure lovely! Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos of the clouds and Karma, too, of course! Happy T Day!

  4. Love the milk onesie!

  5. Anonymous12:07 PM

    The flowery paper is pretty.


  6. Your onsies are adorable! The book looks great but I understand the oil thing :)
    I love the quote at the end of your post :)
    Happy Tea day, glad you're getting rested up :)

  7. Hi Rita, LOVE all the pictures you post, the sky, Karma and what your working on. That coconut oil is unbelievable! But it nice to see that you found a fix, and now you journals are looking fantastic.
    Hope this week is better for you.
    Happy T-day

  8. The milk onesie is adorable. I always love pictures of Karma!

  9. Gosh is goes to show persistence sometimes pays off, I do hope the journals don't give you much more bother, it does seem to be a nuisance, but the journals look good from here. Love the onesies especially the coke one. oh an beautiful clouds too. Maybe the van had no choice than to park there when you have to swing the doors open they do take up a lot of room and they probably would of been happy to move for anyone if needed, it's difficult with trucks and finding parking facilities.

    Happy Tuesday and I hope you are feeling better soon, give Karma a tickle.

    Hugs Eliza

  10. What sort of leather do you need? is there a 'best' sort for bookbinding?

    I love the shirts!! when do you think Ian will need "two-sies"?

  11. Love the quote! Glad to find you're feeling a bit more energetic :)

  12. Your energy (and patience) is impressive! Love all the pics and enjoyed spending some time with you - in art and in life. The onesies-adorable-as is Karma of course, and your journal is beautiful-persistence paying off:)
    Happy T day!

  13. What a delight to be visiting from TSFT. The onesies are adorable and I'm very impressed with your fauxdoris.

  14. Open windows, fresh air, fluffy clouds, pretty cat. :) Sounds perfect!

  15. Having that fresh air blowing thru is so wonderful....
    So glad you've found...fingers crossed...a solution to the coconut oil issue.
    Love the onesies...I got to hold the neighbor baby today...so fun. Love babies!!!

  16. always enjoy your sky and cloud photos! enjoyed the cute onesies you made...and even the continuing saga of the journal covers! wow, quite an investment, hope it works out. happy T day!

  17. What a great solution to your problem and a great book idea!
    Happy T day

  18. I always love looking at your photos of clouds! The onesis are adorable! My kids would have them turned from white to yellow and a few other colors, in no time! lol.
    Very crafty idea with the midori. I have been looking into learning how to make my own handmade journals (from like old hardback cover books) and with some good journaling paper. not sure how to get started

  19. It must be so hard for the uhaul driver to park anywehwre, I'd hate to be driving that thing around
    Bridget #1

  20. You have been busy, Gramma Rita. Having fun, too, it seems. Glad you have recovered from your flurry of activity and are now settling back into your "normal" life. :-)

  21. Happy T-Day!
    Wonderful clouds pictures! Love the milk onsies ... so sweet!
    Oh I remember your post about the leather. Those pattern pages for the booklets are beautiful! :) I am a sucker for patterns.

  22. Hello and Happy T Day a little late. I always love seeing your cloud pictures, mine were awesome this week too.
    LOVE the onsies, especially the MILK one, too funny.
    Lots of work on those journals, love the mix of papers in them.
    Hope your feeling better this week and Karma is cute.

  23. I'm glad you're feeling more like your old self and were able to do some puttering about with crafts.

  24. I do like those booklets and have to say you enjoy the warmth as I freeze here went and pegged clothes on the line and came in frozen.....ok not really but I was cold and we don't own a heater Tim doesn't think we need one

  25. LOL Those onesies are adorable. I had to pin the coke onesie as my niece is having a wee one soon. I might make a few of these for her! Ahhhh Karma..... the life! Your fauxdori's turned out beautiful. That coconut oil is amazing. I have cooked, made soap and lotions with it, but never realized the staying power it had. Glad you figured out a solution to keep your pages protected! Have a great weekend.

  26. Looks like you accomplished a lot to me. That "milk" onesie is too cute. Your books really turned out so nice.


  27. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Wonderful sky shots.

    Hope all is well!

  28. Those Onsies are great especially the Milk one. I have heard that if you soak something in cold salt water that it fixes the dye...I tried it once with an expensive shirts that one of the girls had it was royal blue and white...it worked:)
    You had a tough week so you deserve a rest...sometimes it is exhausting being a Granny:)

  29. I'm glad you're feeling more like yourself now. Love the MILK onesie. Very cute idea. :)

    I'm looking forward to more pictures of Ian when you get the chance. I bet he's growing. :)

  30. Wonderful projects you are working on and your artistic creations are so beautiful! Sweet Karma is so cute spying out the window...awww..so adorable!!

  31. The photographs of the clouds are amazing! Such a beautiful sky to look at and enjoy.


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