Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Tuesday-1:15pm-late Christmas

Karma watching the jackrabbits.  
You can see her one ear up and one ear down.
Dagan, Leah, Ian, and Leah's brother, Aaron, came on Sunday for our McFamily Christmas.  We ordered in Chinese, they went out with an ice chopper to get my garage door open again, and before they left Dagan got the screen door open more than the 4 inches I could manage and shoveled off the patio for me.  (That's the grouse waiting up on the snow pile to get a turn after the rabbits were done.) 
 I did get a long video of Ian opening up Gramma's presents.  Between Dagan and Leah, they filmed till the battery died--LOL! 
Monday morning at 7:30 Karma was crying and howling and frantic again.  Yes!  She had re-injured the ear!  Good Lord!  It was just starting to go down, too, and she had been doing fine.
I calmed her down quite a bit and texted Dagan and Leah to let them know that I might need a ride to the vets.  By 9:30 she was sleeping, silently in her deep cat bed in the studio.  She snuck off under my bed in the afternoon and never came out all day and night.  But she was quiet and not shaking her head under there, so I let her be.
This morning she climbed up her cat steps into the bed around 8:30 (yes, Karma has steps but I don't yet--LOL!).  She had eaten, drank water, and been in her litter box so she was functioning.  I brought her into the bedroom before Caroline came this morning and shut the door--less stress for her while Caroline cleans.  Karma's now about the same as she was last time.
I disturbed her while she was sleeping.  
Hard to show you the ear--how fat it is--because she gets really upset if I touch it, of course.  And we want her to rest and sleep...and heal!! 
Now, if she will just leave it alone and quit shaking her head!  But can she stop being a head shaker after going on twelve years?!  :(
If it happens again--we may have to go to the vet.  I think I'm almost having a harder time handling this than Karma!  I am trying to avoid surgery because, as we know, Karma can beat her ears till they are bloody with a cone on.  I can't imagine she would EVER leave stitches, drainage, or bandages alone.  At least if it heals on its own she won't get an infection.  But will she ever leave it alone enough TO heal?  That is the big question.
Leah and I switched craft night to tonight.
Tomorrow is my eye appointment and the big verdict.  Leah will come in with me for the results this time so there will a second set of ears and one less foggy brain.  (If I even make it there--all this stress wreaks havoc with the IBS.) 
In the 20s today and then supposed to be in the 30s for days!  Going to feel like spring out there and we will have a lot of melting.  Now that we had our Christmas and the garage door opens again, it is time to take the little tree down and haul out the few decorations.  My twinkly colored lights are staying permanently, though.  :)
I'll be back to let you know the verdict on my eyes as soon as I am able.  :)  
No matter what is going on in your life or the world...all the little Ians...these new souls...lift your spirits and blanket you in hope.  Later...
"Holiness comes wrapped in the ordinary.  There are burning bushes all around you.  Every tree is full of angels.  Hidden beauty is waiting in every crumb."
Macrina Wiederkehr


Anonymous said...

Ian is getting cuter by the day!!

Neesie said...

Ian is such a gorgeous little wee toot.
Poor Karma... I hope she recovers soon and you can de-stress. You're having quite a time of it aren't you?
Good luck with your eye appointment xoxo

DJan said...

Oh gosh, I was so hoping that Karma would NOT have to go to the vet. That's not for sure just yet, is it? And yes, Ian is simply adorable! :-)

Vicky said...

Ian is so cute :)

Poor Karma, one of my dogs had this problem and luckily it went away on its own and hasn't returned.

Serena Lewis said...

I loved the video of Ian — he is adorable! He loved his gifts.

Poor Karma! Hopefully, the vet will be able to help without her needing surgery. Does the calming spray help at all? I feel so bad for her and I know how concerned you are for her. Please keep us updated. I pray it will settle soon as she looks so sad. Makes me want to cry.

Good luck with your eye appointment.

Love and hugs xo

My name is Erika. said...

POOR Karma. I hope her ear recovers soon! Looks like you had a good McFamily Christmas. I think its great to celebrate now when the winter is in full swing and lots of other activities have rather settled back into the routine. Hugs-Erika

GrandmaG said...

Poor Karma. I laugh when people say pets relieve our stress. I've had enough pets, and now a 16+-year-old cat who needs a lot of help, and can say pets also cause stress! Hope you make it to the doc appointment and the news isn't too bad.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Will you never learn Karma, inflicting such pain on yourself time and again

Intense Guy said...

Ian is such a joy!!!!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I feel so sorry for Karma. She looks like she's in pain. I hope the ear heals on its own, because that could be a real problem for both of you.

I can't wait to get my new computer back so I can see Ian. Sounds like he put on a real show.

Hope your eye appointment goes well. I have my fingers crossed.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Poor Karma, fat swollen ears must hurt! I hope you can just treat her at home with rest. I hope your appointment went well:)

Stephanie Faris said...

Aww Ian's SO cute!!! He's not quite at that age yet where he understands exactly why all these presents are being set in front of him, but he's not going to argue about it! I had a terrier dog once that injured his ear. He had allergies so bad that he'd scratch it until a chunk was gone from it. It's so frustrating because you can't really do anything.

Feral Turtle said...

Awe that is the cutest video ever. He sure talks well and LOVES his Grandma! What a sweet little guy he is. Hopefully Karma heals quickly. She hasn't had a very good New Year. I would definitely stay away from surgery if possible. I am hoping your eye appointment goes well Rita. You are in my thoughts!

andi filante said...

Hi Rita! I've been catching up, and that poor little jackrabbit with the broken leg just about broke my heart, too! I'm glad to see Chester. That must be so much fun seeing all the wildlife! I was at our company's off-site park last week and a coyote ran right in front of my car. Not quite as exciting as seeing animals right through your back door, but he was pretty cute, as far as coyotes go. :) I'm sorry to hear about Karma's ear, and I hope your eye appointment went well!

Oh! And Ian is just as adorable as ever!!


Harvest Moon by Hand said...

I hope Karma's ear heals soon. How frustrating to have it doing well only to reinjure it. Hope the warm weather is melting some of the snow and the sun's rays are heating up an area for Karma to relax in as she watches the jack rabbits!