Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Here's the end results of the Dr. Martin watercolor experiment. :)
Can't say these don't look hand-painted--hehe!

I worked on the metallic paints yesterday.
Did smooth and also more textured versions.
Messy, but fun!
Here they are dried and shimmery.
Dagan and Leah stopped by after their meeting. Dagan is still waiting for the replacement mother board to arrive. They're planning on spending the next couple weeks after the 4th cleaning and organizing home and garages. However long it takes--a top to bottom job. They've been there two years today, actually.
Leah's been taking some pictures of the cards for etsy. We're still waiting to get our new rubber stamps and the jewelry forms. There were hold-ups on the ordering. Leah's planning on getting some pictures up over the 4th so that I can start working on descriptions. So, we should finally get up some new product in July here. We're both slow--hehe!
After a cuddle session, Kama settled in under the art table late last night. This is what it really looks like without the flash...a nice dark corner to hide in.
With the flash.
Later--sound asleep.
It is so windy today that the door to the hallway is rattling and the dryer vent cover is banging against the outside of the building like someone with a hammer trying to tear down the wall. I had the livingroom windows open for a while, but it was sooo windy it was blowing away papers over by me in my chair and on the desk so I had to close them. Just have the bedroom window and porch door open. The hanging philodendron is spinning on the porch. But the sky is blue and it is a beautiful day. Supposed to get hot, so I'll probably have the place closed up and the AC on in a few hours. For now--just appreciating the fresh North Dakota air blasting and rumbling thru the apartment and shaking the building--ROFL!
Well, I have to admit that they had an unexpected and interesting ending to the evil bull monster on True Blood. Satisfying. And a cliff hanger ending to season two! So I'll be watching when season three comes out on Netflix. ;)
Today--have to do the end of the month more boring stuff. Balancing the checkbook, budget, bills, and such. Might be a good day to catch up on my magazine reading. I have had Writer's Digest, Poets & Writers, and a new-to-me magazine called (and) Memoir sitting here for a month. Too windy to read on the porch today, tho. Probably rip the pages right out of my hands! Have a wonderful day!! :):)
No silence in Fargo today!
"The trees, the flowers, the plants grow in silence. The stars, the sun, the moon move in silence. Silence gives us a new perspective."
Mother Teresa


  1. No silence here either. I think someone is working on a motorcycle parked at the curb outside.

    Thank you for sending the cool air to the east coast! I'm feeling a Karma Nap coming on...


  2. No silence here either.

    It doesn't matter if it was messy, as long as you had fun. :)

  3. Anonymous2:52 PM

    Nothing is more frustrating than unnecessary noise especially if your trying to sleep!!

    I loved the bookmarks they are just gorgeous the colors are so pretty.

    I haven't watched True Blood yet but I do have that season, uggghh I hate they always have to leave ya hanging lol

    Hope you are having a good week :o)

  4. Very breezy here today but the cooler air is much, much better. I can breathe today. :)

    I really liked those green and blue and gold and copper bookmarks. The metallic painted ones are nice, too.

    I hope you're enjoying your reading today. My reading today consists of blog posts, a grocery store flyer, and the Kmart flyer. Karen and I are going shopping tomorrow afternoon instead of Friday afternoon this week.

    I just received an email from my sister who lives in South Carolina and she and her husband will be up our way this weekend. My brother-in-law is a history buff, and they go to a lot of civil war battlefields and participate in quite a few civil war reenactments. They were even in the movie "Gettysburg" years ago as extras. (she even met Sam Elliott in person. i was envious.)

    Loved the quote. I admired Mother Teresa.

  5. Iggy--It is very annoying when you have revving engines outside your window! That and loud parties or arguments. I'm glad I am only dealing with the wild wind up here. And I am glad the cooler air has made it over to you. ;)

    Toriz--I suppose when your construction people come back you will ave constant noise for weeks and weeks! :( Yes--was fun!

    Lynn--Yes! Especially when you are trying to sleep!!
    They do leave some humdinger cliffhangers on some shows--True Blood is one of those, that's for sure. (So's Supernatural!)

    AliceKay--Glad it has gotten cooler there. :) I did a lot of computer reading today.
    Nice that you'll have company this weekend. I'd be very envious of anyone who met Sam Elliott in person! He is such a hunk!! :):)

  6. It is cooler here today too. I loved it!

    Messy is always fun. Plus it looks pretty!

  7. Deanna--Been a long time since I have had paints out, so it has been really nice! Hope it stays a bit cooler for all of us for a while. :)

  8. I love the textured metallic bookmarks...very effective!

    Re. True Blood - I'm still catching up to you. I hate cliff-hangers when I don't have the next season to follow straight on with. I can't wait to finish season two tho so I can find out what happens to the bull monster...nasty piece of work.

    I hope you enjoyed your day of reading. I haven't actually read much at all of late.

  9. Serena--The textured ones were my favorites, too--more interesting.

    I agree--nasty piece of work! Nasty-nasty, evil piece of work--but great acting--hehe! Can hardly wait till you see what happens--hehe!

    I didn't end up getting much reading done yesterday. Don't know--just one of those days that flew by! Maybe today. :):)


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