Sunday, January 23, 2011


I had no clue that there was a chirping bird contraption inside the lining of that crinkle bag. Leah thought it would be too annoying and never pulled the tab to activate it--forgot about it, so she never told me. Startled me, I tell you! I went to pick up the bag and move it and it started chirping--ROFL! Apparently Miss Karma decided to activate it herself. She's been intently focused on the crinkle bag since she discovered the bird on Saturday--hehe!

Dagan and Leah stopped by quickly yesterday afternoon. Dagan got the TV computer back online--tada!! I am up and running again. Thanks you guys!! Especially for coming out in that horrid icy wind yesterday. :):)
I am working my way around the clock. Slept from evening till 3:30am--getting closer to "normal" hours. Hey--at least it was dark out. ;)
Today I am washing clothes and plan to watch a couple of Netflix movies I never got around to this weekend. All caught up on the class for today. I never did get out my dip pen yesterday. Maybe today I will do that and just work on some letters--tada! I have been sooo involved with the class and class-related stuff for the last week that, well--for the rest of today I just plan to relax and enjoy the heat wave! We might hit the 20s today!! Whoohoo! True--the wind chill is still like ten below--but that's warmer than it has been.
Happy Monday!
Hope it is a great week for everybody! :):)
"A bird does not sing because he has an answer. He sings because he has a song."
Joan Walsh Anglund


Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Miss Karma is a hoot!!!! I so enjoyed the video. Heeehehehe!!!

God bless ya and have a most incredible week sweetie!!!

Rebag said...

I love that little Karma she is such a joy to watch!

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...


I love the birdie chirping thingie ~ I need to get one for Jackson - he'd lose his mind trying to figure it out.

AliceKay said...

Karma cracks me up. LOL I've never seen anything like that crinkle bag before. Neat idea having a chirping bird hidden inside. Go Karma! LOL

I'm glad Dagan and Leah got your TV computer back online. They're good kids. :)

I think you sent your bitter cold weather our way. :\

What a beautiful quote.

Toriz said...

I'm glad Dagan and Leah were able to get your computer/TV setup working again.
Karma is too funny!

I hope you get some relaxing in between all the craft projects, coursework and housework.

Rita said...

Nezzy--LOL! Been a great start so far. :)

Reba--Karma is entertaining--hehe! :)

Donna--Jackson should get one!! I think Leah got at at Petco or PetSmart. ;)

AliceKay--Karma also has never seen anything like it--ROFL! I am so glad to have my TV back. Dagan and Leah are my techie saviors!

Tori--No clue why it lost the Internet connection, but it is working now.
Karma has been digging and biting at that crinkle bag--cracking me up!
Don't worry. I am taking some time for good old TV & DVDs, letter writing, and just relaxing with the crazy Karma. :):)

Intense Guy said...

No no no noooooooooo...

A bird does not sing because he has a song.... He sings when Karma activates him.


Cheap cheap!

Rita said...

Iggy--LOLOL! Yup! Who knew you could activate a bird with cat teeth! :):)

Serena Lewis said...

How funny about the chirpy Karma is soooooo cute!

Rita said...

Serena--yup! Crinkles and chirps at the same time--hehe! ;)