Saturday, January 15, 2011


Been pretty quiet up here.
Miss Karma appreciates human listlessness--ROFL! ;)
Well, you can't blame a girl for trying. I just had to see if I pushed myself far enough would the knife pain would show up. Of course. It did. ROFL! So, I had some trouble sleeping for a couple of days and that inverted my hours--for now.
I also almost thought I was coming down with the flu for a couple of days. Hard to tell when you have fibro--hehe! I am feeling a bit better today. :)
Before the knife pain arrived, I did play with the new copic markers.
They are so bright and clean!
I didn't know anything about blending techniques or anything--just dove in. Already love these markers! You can blend and not worry about ruining a marker with a darker color. For some reason they don't absorb another color? Awesome!! I was a bit sloppy with these sunflowers, but had a great time with the newest toys.
And since I was kind of laid up for a while, I did go online and watch a few videos on youtube about how to use the copic markers. Have been learning a lot. I still want to watch a lot more of them, but I have picked up some useful hints and techniques already. :)
What I have been mostly concentrating on is the upcoming online class. I read my homework--and guess what? She wants you to limit computer, TV time, and such. I don't text or have an XBox or anything like that, but I do play computer solitaire sometimes--so I guess that's out--hehe! She wants you to remove yourself from as much of the worldly activities as you possibly can, so that you can really focus on this process for the three weeks. ??
Soooo.....well, I am not sure yet how much I will cut back. I can't even imagine not blogging or answering email for three weeks! That's out of the question--LOL! But I might give myself a computer time limit each day. And TV!! Home 24/7 and a TV-baby...hummm? I also think that is out of the question--LOL! But--again--I might give myself a time limit on anything that is not of a spiritual, creative, or health nature. Deep cleansing breath!
My goodness. I know it is only three weeks, so I shouldn't be feeling so panicky, right? I have a ton of uplifting books I can read, endless creative things to do, lots of calming music to play.....
Well, the class starts on Monday. If you don't hear from me as often, you'll know what I am up to, anyways. Trying to cleanse my consciousness. ;) It really appears to be about all levels--spiritual, emotional, physical. The first week is about dealing with your past. I'll have to, at least, pop in and let you know how I am progressing, right? Wish me luck!
Hey! Maybe if I am talking about the lessons, assignments, and such that won't count against me on computer time? ;)
Well, have a great weekend!! I'm going to go watch me some TV. :):)
The quote for today is especially for me--LOL!
"God is not attained by a process of addition to anything in the soul, but by a process of subtraction."
Meister Eckhart


Deanna said...

Those copic markers look really interesting. Your flower looks like a pro did it to me.

As you were talking about the need to distance yourself from all of the outside influences like computer, tv, etc., I was thinking that your blog should not count because that is just documenting your mind and feelings. Good luck with the class. I find it always helps to switch gears and try something new.

I hope your fibro pain eases very soon!

Anonymous said...

First of all I sure hope you are feeling better. Those markers really sound awesome and I loved the little sunflower picture that you practiced on. Good luck with your upcoming class and I hope your weekend is going well :o)

AliceKay said...

I loved that drawing. You are very talented. It looks like those Copic markers are winners, too. They help bring out the artist's talent. :)

I hope the fibro pain subsides soon and you can get back to doing the things you'd like to do. It will be interesting to hear about your classes. I think blogging about them would be acceptable practice. :)

Have a great weekend.

Intense Guy said...

Your little "messy" sunflower is quite nice. You know, of course, that all the great painters did these messy little sketches and some of them are worth as much as the painting.

:) Perhaps someday you will draw and then paint Karma Lisa and everyone will wonder what the inscrutable grin is all about.

Queenie Jeannie said...

Perfect quote!! Good luck on your class!

So great to see you using your Copics! The more you play with them, the more you'll appreciate what they can do for your crafting!!! It's hard to be crafty when you're tired - I know!

I hope you feel better soon and give Karma a kiss from me!

Rita said...

Deanna--Just coloring rubber stamps--hehe! ;) I think I agree. Especially if I blog about the book/class, too. :)

Lynn--Thanks! Hope your weekend is going well, too. :)

AliceKay--It's a rubber stamp--that I love. They can make them so delicate with such thin lines these days. I agree. I don't think I could stay away from my blog and blog family for three weeks--hehe! :)

Iggy--Well, I went outside the lines. I am not used to the markers yet. ;) I wish I could draw. What little freehand drawing I have ever done, I am just terrible when it comes to people and animals. Sadly, little resemblance when I get through with them--hehe! I'd have to trace a photo to even come close. :)

Jeannie--I found some blending techniques and learned that the "blender" wasn't for blending, but for removing color!! ROFL! Karma got a kiss. ;)

Barbara said...

Those sunflowers are great!
I work online, blog, play a few games, spend a LOT of time online. I had computer problems last week and was offline for less than a day and I kind of felt a 'reset.' I had to catch up on actual work, but the mindless clicking on games and searching lost its deathgrip. It really is addictive, it releases endorphins or something. I am trying to be more mindful online, work, blog etc, and then TURN IT OFF.
If you go on an offline sabbatical, don't stay away too long.

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Oh sweetie, I long for summer days...your sunflowers are just amazin'!!! What a wonderful job ya do.

I know what ya mean. It takes time to blog. I just spent a week in TX with my fam for my Dad's memorial service and there is no way I'm gonna catch up with everyone. Try as I might!!! :o)

God bless ya and please take care of yourself and feel better sweetie!!!!

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

Your drawing is gorgeous Rita! Such talent!!!

Karma is precious - poor thing looks like she has it rough!

Toriz said...

I'm glad you're enjoying your new "toys" and learning some new techniques for using them. Probably wasn't the best idea to push yourself to see what your limits are though... Hope the pain has at least eased up, if not gone.

A couple of weeks of very little TV and computer time will be OK. It could be benificial in helping you learn from the course. It will mean you have loads to catch up on afterwards, but it will be worth it to get the full benifit of the course, don't you think?

B @ Sweet Limes said...

like what you did with the markers, they sound interesting...might have to check them out.

tattytiara said...

Oh man - someone offered me a set of those markers once and I didn't know what the heck they were talking about, so I turned them down figuring I had too much stuff already. Now I wish I'd taken them up on it.

Have fun at class!

Rita said...

Barb--I cut way back online several months ago now. Dropped facebook, twitter, flickr, and a few others--including My Farm--hehe! Has been much better--don't waste time I regret. Only spend time on the things that matter to me, now. :) But--NO Internet time at all--no way! ;)

Nezzy--Welcome! I went to your blog and you have a new follower! Sorry to hear about your dad, tho. Take care of yourself, too! :)

Donna--The sunflowers are a rubber stamp. Draw them? I wish! Just coloring like grade school--ROFL!!
Miss Karma THINKS her life is rough. I beg to differ with her. ;)

Tori--I know. I was in pain for a few days. Then got a touch of the flu or something that has been slowly going away since. Feeling a lot better now, tho.
I am shocked--have only had the TV on a few hours a day--whoohoo! For me that is amazing--hehe! ;)

SweetLimes--The copic markers have been all the rage in crafting circles for the past couple of years. I do like that they are refillable and don't absorb other colors they touch and that you can color metal brads with them. That alone makes them unique. :)

Tatty--OMG! Should have grabbed them up. ;) Even tho I kept hearing about them, I didn't really know what was different about them until a few months ago. I saw the prices and went--no way! But I didn't know they were refillable, either. You can check out tons of info online and on youtube. :)

Serena Lewis said...

Nice work on the flowers, Rita. I'd never heard of copic markers until the past year or so. I'm still not sure what they a felt pen? Artist's quality? I wonder if they are available here in Australia.

I can't imagine not seeing you around for three weeks, Rita. Your blog is kinda like your online journal so it probably wouldn't count as much...especially if you write about your thoughts re. the class.

Rita said...

Serena--Yes, they have felt tips. Supposed to be artist quality permanent alcohol based markers. Spendy! But they are refillable. I still know little or nothing. Go on youtube and search for copic markers. There are tons of videos! :)

I'm still blogging here and there. I figure that if I spend the majority of my day on the class and journaling and such--I can still try to keep up with blogs and do some emails every day. I've almost been too overwhelmed by the digging into the past/core issues this first week in the class to talk about it much yet. Still digesting and digging. ;)