Thursday, January 27, 2011


A glorious golden sunrise this morning!
But--long before the sun came up I was working some more on Day 7--and then worked on Day 8 of the course/book. Silly Karma would not leave me alone--rubbing and crying--until I pulled up a chair for her next to me. (With flash--always looks so much brighter--like daytime.)
(Without.) And Karma didn't even sit facing me after all that begging...
...just hung over the arm of the chair, half awake. Maybe she was listening to the audio call and meditation? ;)
She shifted about on the chair, but never left...
...even when she finally conked out--ROFL!
I thought it was interesting that all the people who commented (on the call from Wednesday) mentioned they had trouble with Day 7 where we were supposed to write down all these positives about ourselves. (Honestly--stopped me dead for the two day break.) It's sad how easily we can think of the negatives, but how hard it is to say positive things about ourselves. Well, for some of us, I should say.
Anyways, this one lady said she decided to make herself a little daily acknowledgement journal so that she could get into the habit of thinking good things about herself. To write down something at the end of each day--some thing positive about herself--what she did or said or accomplished or avoided. Something. I wondered about that idea. Challenging. A way to force yourself to actively think about yourself in a new light, you know?
Well, darn it! I did try to make this picture stay upright three times, but it would flip back sideways even when I clicked "save". Anyways, I had this empty small Moleskine notebook...
...and I decided to make it into my own little "good girl" journal.
I thought printing off a picture of little me for the inside cover might help me be more compassionate toward myself. (This picture has kept popping into my head ever since I started meditation on New Year's Eve anyways--hehe!) So, I will keep my "good girl" journal by my bed and start tonight.
It's about lunchtime for me, so I am off to nuke me some soup.
Life is good! :):)
"The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong."
Mahatma Gandhi


Deanna said...

You good girl journal is such a wonderful idea! I hope it works for you in your course.

That Karma was being obstinate. LOL he is such a spoiled, fat cat - with an attitude even!

Love the sunrise! Beautiful!

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

Karma is a hoot!!!

Jackson is the same way - has to be right next to me but he just jumps up into my chair and lays across my lap.

I love the idea of a good girl journal. You are absolutely right - it's really easy to find fault with ourselves but finding good is almost impossible. I would love to do the same.....I'll be looking for a moleskin notebook.

Hope you're staying warm!

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous idea! You know it really is easy to find negative but positive is much harder, just in life in general. I once tried to make a list of 100 things I loved about myself and I really struggled. Keep us posted on how you do with the journal. It will be interestig to see how it all turns out!

Leah said...

I really like the idea of writing down a positive thing you've done each day. That's something I've been trying to work on, to stop being so hard on myself and instead trying to find even a small positive thing about myself to be proud of. Using the practice of daily affirmations seems like a good way to help me with this endeavor. Thanks for the inspiration!

Toriz said...

That's something I need to work on too... Seeing the positive things about me that others say are there, but I just can't seem to see.

I hope that journal idea helps you!

AliceKay said...

Beautiful sunrise shot. :) I took one this morning but it's still on my camera.

The "good girl" journal is a great idea. I hope it helps you with your course, too.

Karma is quite the cat. She reminds me so much of my Boots.

I hope you were able to get some sleep.

Queenie Jeannie said...

Yes! An awesome idea!!

And wow, cute an adorable little girl you were too!!! Happy, happy smile!

You cat just has so much personality!! Cats rock!

Rita said...

Deanna--Oh Karma can be pushy, that's for sure--and she definitely has "attitude"--ROFL! I love sunrise and sunset pictures. :)

Donna--There's no room in my lap for her when I am sitting at the table--we're both too fat! ROFL! Oh you should! Why are we so hard on ourselves? You stay warm, too, down there. I hear it's cold everywhere. ;)

I know!! 100 things--arrggg!! That would take me days! Sooo uncomfortable to think or say good things about ourselves. Just taught that way, I guess. :)

Leah--Even if you didn't write it down, if you just stop and acknowledge something positive you did that day before you go to bed. It doesn't matter that I think you are the most wonderful person (and I do)--what matters the most is what you think about yourself. LY

Tori--Yup! I can easily see them. All the way from Fargo! :)

Rita said...

AliceKay--I think we both love the sky! :)
I really did just want to be a good girl--but I had such a hard time of it. Seemed like I was never good enough. I guess it is never too late to encourage and comfort that child in us. :)

Jeannie--Happiness is hard to squelch in children. Approval and praise goes a long, long way. :)
I totally agree with you--cats rock!! ;)

Intense Guy said...

I think that charming "good girl" picture would bring a smile to just about anyone - a nice way to start or end the day would be to flip the journal open to see that.

Our brains get "trained" to think along certain paths - and those paths become well-worn and much easier to go down than any other "untrodden" direction. Unfortunately, that oft-used path is often one of negative thoughts - and it is so very hard to get away from the rut. I'm still trying after 30 years and the best I can do most times - is just not go down any path at all. A non-negative day is about as positive as it gets -

Karma is just being a cat! A good ol' contrary hairy feline...

Rita said...

Iggy--Yes! I am trying to retrain my brain to go down a different path after going on 60 years. No easy task. ;) We are working on trying to shut off the negative inner talk for the next two weeks. :):)

Serena Lewis said...

The 'good girl' journal is a great idea, Rita! Almost like a gratitude journal except you are showing gratitude to the positive aspects of oneself. Neat!

Karma is like Cody in lots of ways ~ :)

Cowgirl Red said...

Karma kitty I just want to reach out and hug you, you contrary feline. I forget to appreciate myself. You reminded me today. Off to write it down in my jounal. Thanks. Terah

Anonymous said...

I so agree with you about how people can come up with the negatives but not so much on the positives. I have to admit I dont think I could come up with much myself as far as positive goes. That journal is a good idea and good luck with your work :o)

Rita said...

Serena--I know. I've kept gratitude journals before, but this feels so different. Instead of outside it is inside, if that makes any sense. :)

Terah--Aha! Another journaler! :) Yup! Don't forget to appreciate yourself. Too easy to forget that. ;)

Lynn--It's amazing how hard it is to sit down and write down positive things about yourself. It did say that if you were having trouble, to ask friends and family--but I was too embarrassed to do that--ROFL!! :)