Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Quick hello on my day off from class--hehe!
Karma has still been bosom buddies with the birdie.
I was excited to hear a crow in the parking lot yesterday.
Love crows!
Made a what-do-I-have-in-the-pantry soup yesterday that turned out extra yummy! Vegetable broth, chickpeas, black beans, peas, barley, dried veggie soup flavoring mix, and some fine noodles. Very filling! Hearty meal in a bowl soup. :)
And I've been thinking a lot about this little girl.
Trying to learn how to forgive her...
...and to love and comfort her.
I've been judging her very harshly for nearly 60 years.
Have a kind, forgiving day!! :):)
"As one can see when the eyes are open, so one can understand when the heart is open."
Hazrat Inayat Khan


Toriz said...

I love that quote.

We had a crow visitor once. When Kero was a puppy I came downstairs with him in my arms to take him out for a pee, and was met by a crow flying around our living room. We assume it got in down the chimney.

Hope you're having a good day.

AliceKay said...

I love that quote, too.

Nice Karma pic as always. She looks content.

The picture of the crow makes it look a little warmer there. :)

The soup looks good, but I would probably die if I ate it. LOL (some of those ingredients don't agree with me)

And I'm sure you can forgive that sweet little girl in those pictures. Don't judge too harshly. *hugs*

Rita said...

Tori--Talk about a true and unexpected visitor! I bet Kero went nuts! :)

AliceKay--I know what you mean. I have certain foods that don't agree with me, either.
Thanks. I'm trying not to. :):)

Anonymous said...

That soup sounds so yummy you had good stuff in the cupboards lol Stay warm and I hope you are doing well, hugs!

Toriz said...

Yes, he went nuts. It didn't help him much that he needed to pee, and I was so busy trying to get Kelly to come and get the bird out that I didn't think to take him outside and put him down so he could pee. Poor little thing was in my arms, desperate for a pee and upset about the intruding bird.

Rita said...

Lynn--It's especially good when it is cold and snowy outside. ;) Hope you stay warm, too.

Tori--You're lucky Kero is such a good dog and that he didn't pee right down your body from all that crow flapping excitement. ;)

Intense Guy said...

That little girl grew up into a wonderful person... what is there to forgive? You made the choices you made, hopefully with the best of intentions, and arrived where you are today... and many people you met along the way, like the ones you comforted after the tornado, might still from time to time - wonder what has become of that "little girl".

Rita said...

Iggy--That's exactly why I use this picture to help me. Easier to forgive the toddler me. What's to forgive? It's more like negative programming from birth, I think. ;)

Serena Lewis said...

Very true, Iggy...there IS nothing to forgive because the past is the past and all we ever have is this very moment in time. I understand though about the negative programming, low self-esteem knows that all too well. Mental programming is a hard habit to kick. For what it's worth, I see you as a wonderful, loving, caring and compassionate lady who I feel honoured to have as my friend. Remember too that the choices made in your past have been the very basis for the wonderful being you are today.

Serena Lewis said...

Btw, that's it....I'm making soup tonight! Your soup looks delicious!

Rita said...

Serena--Yup! Hard habit to kick. You can know something in your head, but it is a different thing altogether to know it in your heart and soul--down to the core, you know? Thank you so much for the kind words, Lady. The feel is mutual. :)

I hope your soup was good!! :):)

Donn said...

Hey, gal, I'll take a bowl of that soup! Looks delicious. Have some leftover chicken noodle soup in our refrig waiting to be warmed up.

Rita said...

Donn--Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! It really was good and I am sad it is all gone now--hehe! ;) Stay warm down there!