Tuesday, January 18, 2011


At this rate the blue suede cat bed just might overtake Karma's chair as her all time favorite place to sleep.
Since Karma "discovered" it she spends 90% of her snoozing time in there. She never even spent 90% of her snooze time in "her" chair--hehe! Ahhh! The little joys of life. :)
This is what it has looked like up here most days lately.
Have had a few hold-on-to-your-hat days when you walk outside, as this gentleman is doing.
Supposed to be between 15-20 below the next few nights and most times not make it above zero during the day. And snow off and on, of course. Quiet, stay inside where it is warm days up here. ;)
JoAnn's had a fantastic online sale. I ordered a few small things--all of them were about 40-50% off--and they arrived today. Naturally, I took pictures. ;)
I was surprised that the polka dot embossing folder is larger than the candy strip one--which is the same size as all the others? Hummm? I haven't tried it yet, but it's for the Cuttlebug so it should fit, right?
The Spellbinders small tags and ribbon holders!! I have been looking at these for like a year--and they were finally on sale when I had a little cash! Whoohoo!
Got a tube of 72 White Prima Flowers--awesome! We're always looking for white paper flowers so we can color and/or distress them ourselves. :)
Speaking of distressing...Got six cat's eye ColorBox chalk inkpads for super cheap. You could use them for rubber stamping, too, of course.
And then some superfine embossing powder in clear, black, silver, and gold.
Funny how much less was in the black jar. It's sealed and everything, tho. Maybe the black is heavier?
I've been doing all the prescribed activities for my class and enjoying the process so far. I've only had the TV on for just a few hours a day--me! The TV baby! LOL! Just have had so much to do: reading--journaling--meditating...and I promised myself that I would only watch an hour while I ate lunch and then not watch until I finished everything for the class and have also run thru my emails and blogs--and blogged if I am going to blog that day. I rotate around until I get it all done. Seems to be working okay for me.
Speaking of the TV--Netflix announced a price increase in February, so I am going down from 3 DVDs at a time to 2 at a time. I figured this was the perfect time to cut back on that, too. :)
I also discovered (could have been there for a very long time--am known to miss these things) that I could request on a youtube subscription that I be sent an email when they upload a new video. So, I did go thru and make that request of all the youtube sites I follow. I have been fairly out of the youtube loop for the better part of 2010--whenever it was that they stopped sending me the email with the current video updates on all my subscriptions. Long time. When I quit all the other things online, I had promised myself I'd stick with blogs and youtube. Now I finally will be kept up to date much more easily with youtube, too. :)
Dagan and Leah switched our Sacred Circle to tomorrow night because they had a meeting to go to tonight. I always look forward to seeing my favorite people in the whole wide world. ;)
My days and nights are still flipped, so this is about midday for me--hehe! And I am still rotating around. Time to get back to the class journal. Lots of heavy-duty thinking and evaluating going on up here, I tell you! :):)
"I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship."
Louisa May Alcott


Intense Guy said...

Its weather like that that made one of my uncles move from the artic zone of Nebraska back to San Diego California were he had been stationed during WWII.

Bbrrrrrrrrrr! I think I would be hanging on to more than just my hat!

Move over Karma!

AliceKay said...

Karma sure looks comfy. :)

Very, very cold weather up there. I don't think I could live in that kind of cold during the winter year after year. *shivers*

Looks like you're gonna be keeping busy soon with some of those supplies you bought from JoAnn's. I'm wondering if the black powder is "ground" a little finer so it's heavier and takes less space? That would make me wonder, too.

Sounds like you're doing well with watching less TV and working on your class activities. That's great.

What's also great is that quote you chose for today. :)

Toriz said...

Maybe if we curl up on that bed we can get as much lovely sleep as Karma?

Rita said...

Iggy--LOL! Good luck! Karma is a bed hog! ROFL! ;)

AliceKay--You've had it pretty cold your way too. Been extra cold most places--even Florida!
Made Dagan and Leah wonder, to, why the black powder was so noticeably less in the jar? Who knows?
Been spending a LOT of time on this class every day. Hard work healing that old, old stuff. :)

Tori--If I were that small, I would--LOL! I think she has fallen in love with it because it has been so cold that the floors are cooler and she can snuggle down into the lambs-wooly stuff. ;)
Sleep well, my friend! :)

Anonymous said...

Love all the craft stuff and what a wonderful idea about the white flowers and painting them how you want them, I will have to remember that one :o)

Rita said...

Lynn--Oh white paper flowers are the best! You can use a glimmer mists, watercolors, acrylics, metallics, ink pads, wax--almost anything you can think of. Such fun! :):)