Monday, April 04, 2011


First time I have tried this kind of video where you hold things up to the camera. Sorry I couldn't get the camera to focus very well. I'll post still pictures tomorrow, but here's the video that took me two tries and half the evening to upload. All that for such mediocre quality. Oh well. :)
"Not only is another world possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing."
Arundhati Roy


Celticspirit said...

Looks like you have lots of neat stuff...even though I have no idea what you do with it. I'm sure you'll have fun with it all.
Your table is super shiny! How do you get it like that? I have to dust mine every day and it still does not look that shiny.
Karma looks like she just wants to be left alone. Like she is saying....get that camera out of my face. hehe.

Anonymous said...

Oh my I think your video turned out great lots of goodies you got there and I just laughed at the end with Karma and her cattude LOL I know that kind of tude all too well with my cat. I sure hope you are having a good week :o)

Rita said...

Barb--I write a lot of letters. You can also use inks just like watercolors in art and, of course, for calligraphy or handwriting on cards and other crafts. Plus, when you just love something, sometimes you just collect, right? hehe! I do have inks and pens that are decades old.
This table is used for all kinds of arts and crafts, so what you are seeing is a thick sheet of a plastic/vinyl type layer that we bought at JoAnn's for a cover for the table. It protects it from inks, paints, scratches, wood table is not that shiny, I assure you. :)

Lynn--Karma has a whole lot of cattitude!! Sounds like you can relate. ROFL!! I am having a much better week this week than I did last week, that's for sure. Thanks! :)

Intense Guy said...

My video camera does that too - it seems like you have to focus it before you start the video and then you can't zoom in or out - or move so that the item is further or closer away while taking the video. My camera wasn't that cheap but its not a super-duper fancy one either.

Oh my, Cattitude... now that brings on some memories... I just to know a guy that had a Grand Banks Trawler Yacht - I don't remember what length it was - but it was named the Cattitude and both the owners and their live on guest (you got it, 3 fancy-dancy spoiled as heck cats) all had an attitude! They were really nice people (and cats) - just ... opinionated!

AliceKay said...

You sure got a lot of goodies in your birthday package. Can't wait to see what you create with them. :)

(some of my videos wouldn't focus either but i still kept them in my YouTube account)

Rita said...

Iggy--Next time I plan on showing close ups I'll focus on something close first then and see if that works better. Thanks! This isn't a cheap camera, either, but it's not super fancy, either. If I had super fancy I wouldn't know how to use it anyways--LOL! ;)
I'm going to go check the link to Cattitude!! I'm glad you didn't hold the cats' superiority against them--ROFL!! :):)

AliceKay--I do write a lot of letters and only the people I write to see them. And I do use these goodies just for all the regular pen things like addressing envelopes and taking notes or making lists. I don't save them for good, shall we say. But I do want to experiment with some of these on watercolor paper. Could be some interesting effects--depends on the ink. Anything art or crafty I will post pictures, you can be sure. ;)
I'm keeping this fuzzy video. Was my first what they call a "haul" video. What the heck, right? :)