Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I didn't want to post this video until Leah had seen the surprises. Dagan and Leah came over last night and Leah was as excited over the metal "chops" as I was. :):) In fact, we were talking about meeting next Tuesday for a Craft Night--which we haven't done all winter--and Dagan said he'd might even come because he has miniatures he could paint. Whoohoo! Nice!
Anyways, here was the package opening.

I can see why people like to make these kind of videos. I know I like to watch other people's, but they're kind of fun to make, too. ;)
Leah and I decided to wait to cut my hair. We were just busy with other things and I wasn't feeling tip top. Dagan worked at hooking up the new printer and getting the McLap and printer to talk to each other. Here's the new black printer sitting in old G55's spot.
Thank you, Blaine and Kathy!!!
You can see G55 is now delegated to sitting on top of the new printer's empty box until I can get her written up on freecycle. *sniff-sniff*
When Caroline came in the afternoon she had exciting news! She and her boyfriend have been together now for five years and it was recently their anniversary. He surprised her--with an engagement ring!! So happy for her! For them. :):)
Since I have been on Dagan and Leah's Sprint family plan for so long I have qualified for a free fancy-schmancy phone--like a year ago, Leah said. But I didn't want to try to learn another new gadget and I love my old flip phone (you know how attached I can get to things). Well, last night Leah was showing me the fancy new phone that Dagan and Leah both got a while ago. My free one wouldn't be as elaborate as theirs, but it would be able to go on the internet and such. Finger tapping and flipping screens...can even play solitaire and check email...OMG! I am going to get one. I almost said probably (just nerves), but we are planning on going to look on May 3rd.
May 3rd is our usual Tuesday to meet (every two weeks) for Sacred Circle (but we often end up doing other things that come up--like hook up printers--LOL!). Well, because I was printing off all these vegetarian recipes during G55's last hurrah, I was making up a list of odd ingredients that I want to look for at Tochi's. So--Leah and I plan to go to Tochi's on the 3rd (I'll have money then) and hopefully also make it finally over to Lowe's to buy the wood, etc, for the shelves we've been planning to add to the bookcases since I got the new one...when?...last fall? We eventually do get around to things--honest! ROFL! So, now we added the Sprint store to the list, too. I just hope it is a good day for me so I can make it to all those places. :):)
I've been on a shift where I am going to bed between 3-5am. I am still doing my usual routine of listening to audios, reading, and journaling when I get up. But I really do need to get to some crafting. I am almost out of cards, bookcards, and even recycled cards--and you know how I handwrite letters and notes all the time. Can't have that! Just putting a letter in an envelope without a card of some kind seems like a naked letter to me any more--hehe! And then my messy files and desk are still waiting for me...
So I'd better go get something additional done today. ;)
Hope everybody is having a good week.
"Love cures people--both the ones who give it and the ones who receive it."
Dr. Karl Menninger


AliceKay said...

Nice package for Leah. Looks like some extra special things enclosed.

I'm glad you have the new printer hooked up. I need to get a new one for Terri's computer since his other one crapped out before the computer finally died. (i have 2 used/dead printers sitting on top of the huge TV box that still sits in my hallway) :\

It sounds like a full day is planned for May 3rd. Will be hoping for a nice day for you. :)

Time for me to get ready for work. Hope you have a good day today. We had temps around 70 yesterday, but we're back to the 40s and low 50s today.

Intense Guy said...

Congrats to Caroline!! (Maybe she'd like G55 for a wedding present?)

HP OfficeJet Pro 8500A is a mouthful. I think you will need to name the "new kid on the block".

Toriz said...

Glad you got the printer all set up. Hopefully you'll find a nice new home for the old one.

Cool about the free phone upgrade. I hate changing phones too, but in the end you need to... At least you're excited about the idea! :)

Sounds like you're going to have a nice shopping trip on the 3rd.

Toriz said...

P.S. Congrats to Caroline and her future hubby!

Anonymous said...

Wow girl I would be taking my new phone too LOL congrats on that. That is one nice looking printer there and I love that it is black. Craft night sounds so much fun I wish I had friends to do that with :o) Hope you are having a good week, hugs!

Barbara said...

fun video!

Rita said...

AliceKay--Ha! So you have old printers sitting about on boxes, too. G55 still works as a copier, but her printing abilities are up for grabs--hehe! ;) We have cold rain that still turns to sleet/snow at night sometimes. Hopefully Mother Nature will have gotten this out of her system by May? ;)

Iggy--ROFL@G55 for wedding present!!
I think I may end up calling the new printer "Pro"? ;)

Tori--I'm always nervous about learning new techie gadgets. A phone is not just a phone anymore. But they got me with being able to play solitaire on it--because they keep telling me they think that is how I get bugs on my computers--by playing solitaire games from online?? And the fact that I would have a keyboard to text! My flip phone is like using an old rotary dial for the letters--a slow process. By the time I respond, Leah can forget what she texted me--ROFL! This will be interesting! ;)

Lynn--It's taken me a year to agree to the new phone--hehe! Dagan and Leah just shake their heads. ;) Leah and I have done craft nights off and on for a few years. This winter we focused on the spiritual side more and during the winters we go down to every two weeks or sometimes three because of the weather. But we have often met once a week for crafts in good weather! It is really fun when we make cards together or handmade paper or whatever we are working on. And for Dagan to come with, too, to hand paint--awesome! :)

Rita said...

Barb--Thanks! I'd love to see some of Miss Nina! ;)

Sandra said...

Every mention of crafting brought up this surge of guilt for all the scrapbooking I have to do before I go back to school in September.
As I read your post, I shake my head at what a busy, full life you have!

Cowgirl Red said...

A new phone! Can't wait to read about your adventures with it.! Also, handwritten cards and letters are such a treasure to receive. Xoxo Terah

Rita said...

Sandra--Scrapbooker, eh? I never did get into that. Too many other hobbies already, but scrapping is the most popular for the past several years, I think. Maybe it's time to play a little? ;)
For being home almost 24/7 I am never bored. ;) Good to see you!

Terah--Ha! It will be like coming from the dial age into the computer age with this new one, I think. An alien contraption, to be sure. LOL!
I don't think I will ever give up the handwritten letters until I am physically unable to write. :):)

Toriz said...

Hey, at least you can manage to reply. I know some people who can't even figure out how to read their texts, let alone reply to them. :)

Rita said...

Tori--LOL! It took me so long that most of the time I'd just answer "K" for okay--ROFL!! They may be sorry they get me a phone I can actually text on--hehe! ;)

Toriz said...

LOL! Well, it's better than just ignoring texts! ;)

Deanna said...

I'm kind of behind on blogs. Congrats to Caroline. You have been one busy lady. The new printer looks great. I changed to an internet phone and then back to a plain jane phone. I found I didn't use the internet capability often enough to justify the increased cost.

Rita said...

Deanna--Glad to see you back! With my phone, Dagan and Leah pay the fees for the internet and my phone is free. I'm on their family plan, so I have internet whether I have a phone that can use it or not. Silly rules they have with these phone companies. I know they pay a lot for their phones, but mine is less than $20 a month on the family plan. I know what you mean. If I had to pay for my own cell phone...well, I wouldn't have one. ;)