Sunday, April 03, 2011


Soft sunrise this morning.
Not raining at the moment, but it was yesterday and is expected to today. So, as you can see, the melting has returned--for now. Soggyville. Waterworld. Puddle City. ROFL!
But we are supposed to have a little snow again tomorrow. The temps are on that edge between rain and snow, so it's anybody's guess for a while here.
Well, due to saving a little from last month in anticipation, my gift certificate from Iggy, a coupon, and some discounts...I bought myself a whole bunch of inks and cheap pens from Goulet Pens as a birthday present to myself. I am so excited for that box to arrive!!
Thanks to AliceKay sending me an email (with great photos!), I am trying out making some proper links here on the blog--tada!! I am hoping they will work correctly. Please let me know, okay?
Then--all my birthday money I have been saving toward buying a kalimba from this awesome shop run by a very nice young man named Mark. Donn, from the Chinese Brush Painting yahoo group, sent me a link to show me he'd purchased a kalimba. I had never heard of them. I decided to watch a video and then ended up watching and listening to every one of the videos that Mark has on his online shop and totally fell in love with their sound. I have no musical abilities, but I think that this particular kalimba would sound good no matter what you did with it. I hope so! After I finally get mine I promise I will make a video for you of my goofing around with it. :)
So exciting!! I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas! My April Ink Drop samples will arrive soon...and the big order of pens and inks...and eventually I'll be ordering the kalimba!! Whoohoo! This turning 60 has it's advantages. I decided to just go eccentric-old-lady-wild! LOL!
Meanwhile, I have been sleeping better the last two days and not just napping off and on round the clock. When the sleep wheel stopped spinning, my sleep patterns ended up landing on around 4pm till midnight. Not too bad. Closer to day hours. Can't complain. ;)
I made a decision today. I have been thinking for a long time about deleting my art blog. I have never been able to figure out how to go back and find my photos each month since I switched over to the McLap and that was the main reason I cared at all about the chaotic photo storage. I had very few followers and everything on that art blog was already on this one, anyways. Since I have been trying to maximize the value of my computer time since last fall--well, it is gone. Deleted. Adios. So, in case anybody even noticed, that's why it is gone.
After being hacked for some sex video a few days ago on facebook, I was sorely tempted to delete that, too--but I am sitting on it. Only because I never could find a way to actually delete the facebook account last time and I didn't feel up to spending endless time trying to figure out how to do it. If anybody actually knows how to completely delete one, let me know.
I'll leave you this fine Sunday with a contended cat video. ;)
Hope you are all having a great weekend!

"There is no way to peace. Peace is the way."
A.J. Muste


  1. That's a great shot of the sky at sunrise this morning. We have sunny skies and warmer temps today, but rain is coming tonight and tomorrow. Possible thunderstorms, too. I hope your rain and snow melt doesn't cause too much flooding out there. The Weather Channel mentions Fargo quite often.

    You're welcome on the links thing. They work! Woohoo! :)

    I'd never heard of a kalimba before, but it sure does make beautiful music. I could probably listen to that sound for a long time. Very soothing. I bet you could make beautiful music with it, too.

    I wouldn't delete your Facebook account just yet. There is a way, but it would be a permanent deletion with no chance of recovery. (go to Help and find out how) You should just login and make sure your account is set for a secure connection. Go to your Account Settings, then to Account Security, and click on "change". Check mark the box beside "Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) whenever possible". Then click on Save. It's a pain sometimes but probably worth the effort.

    Karma looks so content. :)

    Hope you're having a great day!

  2. Now if you could get Karma to stand next to your back and do the paw thing like she's doing in the video, you'd have a pretty darn good massage. :)

  3. AliceKay--We usually get two flood crests it seems like. I know there are people sandbagging around their property already. I think I told you they stockpiled one and a half million sandbags in February. I hope the warm and cold and warm and cold will slow it down a bit. :)

    So glad the links worked. I thought they would show up underlined or something, but they don't. So I went back and changed the color.

    I fell in love with the kalimba sound. I almost think you could just pluck a single note here and there and almost meditate to it.

    Iggy sent me a link to a place that is supposed to do a permanent deletion after 14 days. But you can't even accidentally click on anything related to facebook in the meantime--those "likes" or who knows what. I do want to delete it. I have never used it that much--and I can be contacted and do keep in contact with many people other ways in the first place. I think maybe I am needing a second online time purge lately--hehe! Stick with what is important to me. ;)

    Barb--Ha! The trouble is she does this to me on my neck when she's sitting on my chest--paws right on my windpipe! Almost chokes a person! LOL!! It would be great on your back, but I don't know how I could talk her into that. ROFL!!

  4. I rarely "come to" (wake up) for the sunrise, but I do love the softness of the light it can sometimes have - that and the fresh cool breeze that often comes with it.

    It brings with it the promise of a gentle day.

    The links worky!! :) Woo hooooooo! Go Rita! (and thank you Alice Kay!)

    I was smiling at Barb's comment about a Karma back massage and then I read about you being pinned and choked and thought "Oh no!"

    Besides, even if you did train her - she'd never go for putting her paws in the scented, warm massage oils...


  5. I love your sunrise photo! It sounds as if you've been getting all sorts of goodies. :) Sorry to hear you were hacked. :(

  6. Anonymous5:46 AM

    LOL Karma definitely looks comfy on the pillow for sure. I dont do facebook but that sure doesnt sound good about the sex thingy hope someone can help you figure out how to delete that if that is what you want. Looks like quite a bit of your snow has melted hopefully you wont get too much more anytime soon :o)

  7. Iggy--I was always more a night person till I got fibro and my sleep got so crazy. I have learned to appreciate sunrises--hehe!
    Yes, I am sooo glad the links worked!
    No, Miss Karma would never tolerate massage oils on her precious dry paws. ROFL!! ;)

    Kat--This is about the third time I've had troubles with facebook, so I am trying to delete my account. Three times and you're out, right? LOL!
    Yes, lots or goodies to play with!! :):)

    Lynn--Iggy is helping me to try to actually permanently delete my facebook account. Not an easy thing to do. They do not want to let go of you, that's for sure! ;)
    It is warming up in the north country! We might get close to 50 today (Tuesday)--tada!

  8. You're doing a great job figuring out things with the computer! :)

  9. Oh, and that's great news about getting some sleep! Hope it lasts!

  10. Tori--Once AliceKay showed me how, I thought--duh! Now why didn't I notice this and that...hehe! I'm just nervous about experimenting 'cause Dagan and Leah can't help me much with blogging and youtube stuff. And I have been known to make a mess of things--LOL!
    Yes, I got 7 hours during the actual night last night--tada! Thanks! :):)


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