Tuesday, April 05, 2011


Package guts!
The birthday booty!
I wonder what brands and colors our April mystery Ink Drop contains?
I made such a fuzzy video that I took some pictures so I can really show you everything--whether you care or not--LOL! Lots of new cheap--or should I say inexpensive--pens! The Preppy pens (with the colors) are $3.95. The Noodler's clear piston pen is $14.00. The top clear pen with the black top is the free Noodler's pen I got with the Chinese ink color.
Here's the Parallel pens and ink sampler.
The black rubber rings and silicone grease (worked like a charm!!).
The cartridge filling units that look like syringes.
I loved Noodler's inks before I learned that the owner, Nathan Tardiff, basically runs his business by himself--creates and mixes all these inks by hand. He is a man of passionate convictions. Each of his inks seem to have its own story. You can click on a couple of the ink colors below and hear him tell you himself. :)
Anyways, here are the ink bottles that came yesterday:
Noodler's Green Marine and Navajo Turquoise...
...Apache Sunset and Antietam.
One side of the Noodler's Bernanke Blue and North African Violet...
...and the other side of the labels.
...and the other side of these pretty labels.
Only one other brand--hehe! Diamine's...
...Red Dragon.

The last bottle--a large bottle of Noodler's Kung Te-cheng...
...showing you the variety of photos...
...all around the label. Including these two...
...Chinese gentlemen.
I did some emptying and filling and refilling yesterday. So I needed a new chart. Can't tell I love Noodler's, eh? ROFL! 14 pens filled (still have three empty ones) and only one isn't filled with Noodler's.
I didn't make a color sample for the Parallel pens because they are filled with their own special mixable ink and I have lots of colors to play with. Here's my box of pens when I was finished. :)
Goulet Pens also has a blog and a youtube site.
Do you think I am having fun with links now that I learned how to make good and proper ones? ROFL!
With Iggy's assistance, I have hopefully begun the process of permanently deleting my facebook account. Even when you tell them you want to delete it, they won't do it for 14 days. And there are apparently many ways you can accidentally click on something distantly related to facebook on other sites and then--bam!--you're back in. That must be what happened to me last time I tried to delete it. Facebook is kind of like that stalker you can't shake even when you call the police and have a restraining order. We'll see how I fare this time. I figure I'll wait three weeks to check just to be on the safe side. ;)
Well, I have to get moving...Caroline called and asked if she could come early...Dagan and Leah are coming over after work...and it is supposed to come close to 50 degrees today, so I plan to open some windows! Or at least crack some--LOL!
"Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see."
Mark Twain


Furry Bottoms said...

WOW!!! Thats some fantastic birthday booty you have there! :) I love that kind of stuff!

Parsley said...

Love that you got some birthday goodies!

So you have me a little freaked out...deleting FB? I just started on mine and wonder if there's something I should know.

Intense Guy said...

What a huge haul!! You will need a new cabinet to store evverything in now... *laffs*

Those labels must take the noodler guy quite a while to create, print, and stick on bottles.

I hope you enjoy the heatwave and thaw out some!

Toriz said...

That kept happening with my Facebook account too. I'm too scared to check for sure that it's gone now though... In case it makes it come back. LOL!

Sounds like you got a nice ink collection there... Hope you have fun playing with them in the future!

Well done with figuring out the links! :)

AliceKay said...

I liked the picture of Karma peeking at you over the top of the packaging guts. LOL

You sure do have a lot of nice pens and inks to work with. Just think of all of the great cards you'll be able to create using them. (i'm sure you'll take pics to show us when you do) :) You have beautiful handwriting, by the way.

I'm glad the links are working for you. ;)

If you're sure you want your Facebook account deleted, I hope it works.

It's 40 degrees here today and we've had rain showers mixed with snow for most of the day. The mountains got snow. I hope you're sending those warmer temps my way because I'm tired of snow.

Enjoy the rest of your day and your time with Dagan and Leah.

Rita said...

Nikki--Thanks! Another pen and ink lover? :)

Parsley--I've just had troubles with facebook a few times (like the sex video thing) and am tired of changing my password. I don't know if most people have as much trouble as I have had. I don't think so. It has a lot of good things about it, but you can spend a whole lot of time on there, too. I'll probably be left behind as if I am sitting here listening to 8-tracks. ;)

Iggy--I have a whole drawer dedicated to ink bottles!!
I know, Nathan makes those lables, prints them, puts them on. Creates the inks, mixes them, fills the bottles (and he fills them all the way right to the top so you have to be really careful opening them), and packs them up! He's quite the character if you watched any of the videos. I just chuckle when I think of the Bernanke Blue video, especially. (But I confess I tried it when I got mine. Slam! Pound!)
Glorious day and have the windows partway open!! Whoohoo! :):)

Tori--LOLOL! I know! Facebook wants you badly! ;) Thanks!

AliceKay--Yes, Karma thought she was hiding behind the package guts--hehe!
Actually feels like spring today up here! Dagan and Leah will be here in a few hours. :) :)

Sandra said...

Rita, those pens are fantastic, however, I suspect I'd be as good at using them as I am at changing the ink cartridge in my computer (I suck!)
As for Facebook, so funny what you said about it being the stalker you can't get rid of. In my case I'm the stalker. Somebody needs to put a restraining order out on me to get me away from that time-suck!
Thanks for dropping my blog Rita, you are such a delight and I'm truly honoured!

Anonymous said...

That is alot of ink and I love the bottles they are in. I sure hope you got to open you some windows I bet 50 sure does feel like summertime there LOL I am impressed with how you do your color list. I hope you are having a good day :o)

Rita said...

Sandra--Well, I spilled some of the green ink all over my fingers and still have some green edged fingernails. The badge of honor for inkoholics--ink stained hands--ROFL!
Facebook can totally suck time! ;)
You are so welcome! I always find myself giggling when I read your blog, lady! I am so pleased to see you visit mine. :):)

Lynn--I sure did get to crack some windows yesterday. It was sunny and just a gorgeous day. Today we've had rain.
Thanks! My list making is part of my OCD tendencies--hehe! ;)
Hope you're getting ready for a nice weekend!

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

What a haul!!!

You're right about Facebook - it just won't go away!! Even when you think it's gone - you unexpectedly click on something and bam!! it's back!

Rita said...

Donna--Yup! I am still delighted with all my new treasures.
I know! You think you're done with facebook and they find a way to hook you back in. I hope I can get away this time--LOL! ;)

Serena Lewis said...

OH MY...ink heaven!!! I love the Navajo Turquoise! I so appreciated all the info you sent me, Rita. I love the variety in the labels too.

I've deactivated my Facebook but I'm thinking of deleting it all together also. I know I'll never use it.

Rita said...

Serena--Yes! Ink heaven! I love turquoise inks. You're welcome, fellow ink lover. ;)

I haven't gone to see if it worked yet. I am waiting at least 3 weeks (it says 14 days). If it actually works I will post the link Iggy sent me for deleting a facebook account. :)