Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday-4:45pm-Kalimba arrived!

A dark day up here in Fargo.
The snow has already been melting away...
...and the lake in the parking lot has been growing--hehe!
Here's my attempt at the Gothic alphabet that I forgot to take a picture of. That's a really difficult one for me. Of course, I have never tried anything but the Italic. I must learn to stretch myself, right?
Anyways...on to the big news!
The Kalimba is here!!
I just made a couple of videos for you. :):)

Now I must get back to playing with my new toy!!
"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes."
Marcel Proust


  1. Hmmm.. once you get the Kalimba down pat - you and Karma can start a band... Let's see...

    Karma and the Comforts?
    The Comforting Soulful Karmas?
    Krazy Kat and her Human?

    :) You did pretty good with that alphabet... I wouldn't be able to even make recognizable letters...

  2. Your kalimba is so awesome! When you first put it on the box in the first video, I was smiling right along with you when you played your first few notes. (i actually said wow to It was awesome! The kalima makes beautiful music, and now, so can you! Enjoy! (i know you will)


  3. Awesome toy! Those weather shots could have been taken over the weekend here. I'm so ready for sunshine again. And I think you did a great job with the alphabet!

  4. dark cold and dreary here too! Love the gothic alphabet! You did a good job but i must say I loved the anticipation of the little box...WOW AWESOME.....I am sooo excited and cant wait to hear more on this! So angelic sounding!

  5. Iggy--You are so funny! But they do actually sell kalimbas made to go with amps for bands--no lie! Not that mine is--LOL!
    Thanks, but my letters on the gothic are all off, but maybe I'll have to practice it some more.

    AliceKay--It was sooo amazing when I got it on the box for a resonator! Wow! I was smiling like crazy! :)

    Tatty--You got snow, too. Doesn't surprise me with you being a Canadian neighbor. ;) We are supposed to have snow flurries again the first half of the week, too. Stay warm, lady!! :)

  6. What a cool little toy! What great sound!

  7. I came back tonight to take another listen to your kalimba. :)

  8. Some how I hit publish...

    Anyway!!! That is so cool!!! I've seen them before but had no idea what they were called. I love the sound they make - don't know if I could actually play one but they sound so pretty I don't know that you would actually have to place a "song" just listening to you hit random notes sounded good to me!!

    I know you'll have a blast with it - wonder what Karma thinks though ;-)

  9. Barb--Thanks! Having fun! :)

    AliceKay--That is so cool! You must love the sound, too. If you go to Kalimba Magic you can hear Mark play all kinds of kalimbas on videos. That is what got me hooked in the first place. :)

    Donna--I think kalimbas are originally from Africa. I got this one because you can just play random notes and it still sounds so pretty.
    Karma seems to really like it. I keep it right by my chair and when I pick it up to play a few notes she purrs and rubs her head on the box in my hands. ;)

  10. Reba--Yup! Cold and dreary--and supposed to stay like this for a few days.
    I've always loved the look of a gothic alphabet, but what a bear to print--hehe! I think I'll have to take another go at it.

    Angelic! That is what it sounds like to me, too. Reminds me of a harp, but not...hard to describe. I just goof around and play notes--love it! I don't think it can sound bad--except down on my table top with the plastic cover--hehe! ;)

  11. I had one of those when I was a kid, we called it a thumb piano. Oh I need to get one of those, I loved it!

  12. It is such a peaceful sound. Wonderful! I hope you post more Kalimba videos.

  13. B--Yes, I heard that they are also called thumb pianos! :) And the even make them with amp connections so they can be used in a band. Whoohoo! ;)

    Deanna--I'm not sure it would sound too much different than what I did in the second one, but maybe I will do that after I get more practice in. :) I just love the sound, too. Very peaceful and calming to me, too. I plunk away whenever the mood strikes me now--hehe! Glad you liked listening. :)

  14. Hope you continue having fun with your new toy! :)

  15. Tori--It's a small solid piece of wood with thin metal tines arranged in different lengths across it. Mine has upper (bent) and lower tines, but they usually just have them straight across. They also call them thumb pianos, if you ever happened to see one before you lost your sight.

    Did you like the sound of it? (Except when I tried to set it on the table, of course--hehe!) I was hoping you'd like it. :)


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