Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursday-10:30am: Flowers and Garbage-Part Two

In this vision, GA and I went for a walk.

Imagine every person has their own little house. Each house has a yard with a fence around it and is part of this huge neighborhood with endless streets. We were walking down streets near my house. Some of the neighboring houses were pristine, while some were badly neglected, falling down shacks. I could tell that almost all the houses had originally been identical, but they had been painted, decorated, and cared for differently by each resident. Then there were a few people who had built their fences up so high and solid that you couldn't even see their houses at all--warning signs to trespassers on a couple of high fences.

The yards--they all seemed to have varying amounts of flowers and/or garbage, but there were a few that had nothing but barren dirt. A few were packed to overflowing with a rainbow of flowers and there were a few that had garbage piled so high you couldn't even catch a glimpse of their roof! Some people were out in their yards. Many were empty. Either the people were inside, in the back yard, or out walking.

And there were quite a few people out walking the streets. As you walked by the people who were out in their yards, most of them ignored you. There were a few who offered me flowers over the fence, and some actually tried to hit me with their trash! Attacked me and I didn't even know them! (Pissed me off and I desperately wanted to give them a piece of my mind, but GA grabbed my arm and kept me moving.)

There were actually people wandering up and down the street pulling wagonloads of garbage and tossing it in people's yards! And yet there were also a few carrying armloads of flowers that they were randomly handing out. Most were just scurrying past, trying not to be noticed.

We came across a garbage fight! Neighbors pelting each other with trash! And another fight! Shoveling over the fences into each other's yard. Screaming at each other! Hurting each other!!

Chaos! Looked crazy, chaotic, and dangerous--made no sense! I just wanted to go home.

So, GA took me to my house.

Much shabbier than I expected--kind of run down. And my yard! A few scattered flowers...but a ton of garbage. I was devastated! I had tried so hard all my life to be a good person and my house and yard looked like that?!!

GA showed me my life--like a strange flowers and garbage movie.

I did see flowers sprout and grow in my yard. I had genuinely felt love for people, animals--and I felt that was related to flowers, but I wasn't sure how. People often hurt me or let me down--garbage dumping--and I didn't trust them anymore. Flowers grew. Flowers withered and died. But--the garbage never seemed to stop multiplying.

People came to me and handed me flowers...and I usually gave them flowers back. Sometimes, even if I planted the flower and tried to care for shriveled up and died, no matter what I did to save it? And yet other flowers sprouted all by themselves for no apparent reason. Some of the flowers I was given and went to plant...discovered that they had been plastic and not real at all!

Certain people stood by my fence and begged me for flowers...and I gave them flowers...real flowers...and they withered in their hands!? But they keep those hands outstretched until I had no more real flowers to give and reluctantly gave them plastic ones. They didn't seem to notice the difference, but I knew. I felt guilty, but those people drained me. I only had so many flowers to give.

More recently...I saw my second husband pelting me with trash. He scared the hell out of me and I hid in my house a lot. He came with wagonloads and dumped them over my fence while I stood there silently. Sometimes he snuck back and tried to retrieve some of it. I didn't dare throw any at him or raise my voice in my defense, but my garbage pile kept growing--even when he removed some of it?

He'd barely left the scene and then my first husband arrived...backed a dump truck of steamy, smelly trash right up to my yard! I stood there and screamed at him...threatened him...threw handfuls of garbage in his face...but he just kept on dumping...and drove away laughing. And that pile kept growing long after he drove away.

My yard was overflowing with garbage!!

I was ashamed.

I wanted a pretty yard with flowers.

A yard I could be proud of.

But I hadn't a clue how to get rid of all that garbage...and keep it out! Or how to get flowers to grow in my yard...and keep growing! I couldn't even tell a real flower from a plastic one! How do you keep people from dumping trash in your yard, even if you didn't get involved in garbage fights (the red rubber ball thing)--they still just did whatever they felt like!

Tears of abject sorrow and defeat...

(It was a roller coaster night--LOL!)

GA revealed the secret to flowers and garbage.

The only thing that matters is what you give away. Whatever you give to others, multiplies back in your own yard.

(I know to many of you this is a "duh!" moment, but I was, and still am, a slow learner.)

The garbage people give you doesn't matter at all. Not one tiny bit. Don't give one piece of it a second thought. It is what you give that matters.

There is nothing to gain in wandering the streets, neglecting your own yard, to check out other people's yards. Asking others for flowers, needing flowers to be given to you...will not help your the people who stand and beg at the fence. Only giving flowers, grows flowers in your yard. Same as the people who attack, use garbage as weapons, and try to destroy other people's yards--it will not make their yard look better. They could even scoop it up and haul it off to dump in various people's yards, but it only multiplies the trash back in their own yard.

If someone dumps a garbage pile in your yard and you send anger, fear, annoyance, frustration, or hatred in return...then that is what will grow in your own yard because that is what you are giving away. Even by your thoughts, your energy! You retain and create your own garbage in your own yard. Nobody else can.

If you react by giving flowers--even by thought alone--that pile of trash will just fade away and poof! It's gone. Like an illusionist's trick. No, it's not easy, he said, but try it and see for yourself. No matter how old the trash pile, if you forgive, love, send flowers... :)

And the more flowers you give the more flowers will root in your yard and they will multiply and there will be more and more for you to give away! The supply is absolutely endless! You will not feel drained by the outstretched hands. It doesn't matter if someone gives you plastic flowers...because that is what will grow in their own yard, not yours. Plastic flowers fade away just like the trash.

It doesn't matter if people dump garbage in your yard...because that is what will grown in their own yards, not yours. Don't give fake flowers. Don't give garbage. Because it is what you give. It is only what you give that effects your yard.

The barren dirt yards? People can hide inside and try not to participate--give nothing at all. Free will and all that. (Sounded tempting to me!) But their fear creates garbage you can't see from the street. (Dang mind-reader!)

All the houses are from the same blueprint. Some people try to hide away their trash by hauling it into the back yard, or to the cellar, or the attic--he giggled. Makes no difference. You may be able to hide some things from passers by on the street, fill your yard with plastic flowers, but in the end--you are the only one responsible for the state of your own house.

Remember, only real flowers can root and grow and multiply. Only real flowers can make garbage fade away and disappear. There is love and there is fear. There are sides. You do have a choice. You just felt the invincible strength and power of love. Why would you be afraid?

And he was gone.


I have been milling on this concept and practicing when I was able (not easy, but so worth it!) for almost 30 years. I am still afraid. But less and less so. I try not to hide my trash. Admittedly, I may have a little tucked away in the basement, but the vast majority is out front for the world to see. I have my own little flower garden that I give freely from! (But I really do need to work on my house.) The rare times I was feeling I was going to run out of flowers, I always recognized I had more garbage in my yard--and I knew how to go about fixing that. Some very old, very large trash piles are quite small now. I have long forgiven (well, maybe 98%) the two husbands, for example--LOL!

Flowers and Garbage is a simple idea for me to picture--like the red rubber ball thing. GA knows what will work best with me. Oh, I should tell you about the Colorform heads!! ROFL!! Does anyone remember Colorforms? Soon. Soon.

I hope everyone has been having a good week. :)
Flowers for everybody!!!


AliceKay said...

Yes, I remember Colorforms. :)

While reading this, I began to understand the way you perceive life a little bit better. Your GA knew how to guide you. I wish we all had someone like that looking out for us and guiding us. Maybe we do, but we just can't "see" them for what they are.

This story was profound, and it made me think. Thank you for being so open, and for giving your flowers so freely.

Have a great weekend. *hugs*

DJan said...

This blog will make it easy for you to give plenty of flowers. I have received several from you already, in the form of beautiful comments on my own blog. Thank you for this vision, and thanks to your GA for the guidance. :-)

Dee Ready said...

Dear Rita, Thank you for commenting on my blog posting yesterday. I truly appreciate your words. I plan on reading your last two postings--Part 1 and Part 2--this weekend as I sip my morning tea. Today is busy and I want to read your blog when I can really take in what you are saying. Peace, Dee

Rita said...

AliceKay--Yes, I guess you do get a better idea of how I think. ;) I do believe we all have guidance--just a matter of learning to listen. Which, I am ashamed to say, is still not the first thing I think of and I still have to get sick and tired of trying to figure it out myself first much of the time. Old habits die hard. ;)

Ha! Colorforms! I suppose I'll have to see if I can google them so I can provide a link when I tell the story (short one this time) so people know what I am talking about--LOL! ;)

Thanks much! Have a wonderful weekend! *hugs*

Djan--Awww! Thanks, Lady!! You are quite the flower giver, yourself! I admire you so much. So glad we connected. :):)

Rita said...

Dee--Thanks so much for stopping by. I read a few of your posts and had to subscribe! Love the way you think! The world needs more people like you. :):)

Toriz said...

What a fantastic message, and a wonderful way of bringing Karma - since that's really what it is, or seems to be to me - to a place where you can picture it. Flowers is good Karma... Good Karma, by definition is a good thing, and you want to give out (and get) as much as you can. Garbage is bad Karma... You don't want that, and you don't - or shouldn't - want it for others. Love it!

Rita said...

Tori--Yes, it's a very simple idea, but not always easy to apply--LOL!! ;) It does help having the picture in my head to fall back on. :)

Toriz said...

Yes, I imagine it is easier to graps than apply. Isn't that how it usually goes? "It's easier said than done!"

Intense Guy said...

This is an interesting way to see the world.

There does seem to be ... an finite supply of what one can give if it is concrete or material... one can give "love" endlessly though.

Somehow I feel like I give plastic flowers.

Rita said...

Iggy--If you're ever in doubt--giving plastic flowers is much better than hiding or throwing garbage--and if you keep giving them out...they become real. Quite quickly, actually...if you can keep your hands off the garbage--ROFL! ;)

Yours have felt real to me, sweetie! :)

Serena Lewis said...

YES...I finally managed to read your Flowers and Garbage posts! Very enlightening and it made me realise even more how much your life and my life have been similar. The Flowers and Garbage concept certainly makes sense...not always easy to live by but I do try. Thanks so much for sharing this story with us, Rita. xo

Rita said...

Serena--So glad you took the time to read it all!! I think I sensed right off that we are kind of soul sisters, you and I. So glad to have met you, lady!! :):)