Friday, August 05, 2011


Just a quick hello! :)
I haven't put "Karma's" TV tray table out on the porch for ages, so she spent lots of time spying on the swallows (I think they have a nest in the balcony below us)...
...and the people passing by in the parking lot.
This is for you, Iggy!!
A close-up of the orange sentries...
...guarding the newly opened connecting street. Or maybe where they are planning to put in a sidewalk or build more buildings or whatever they are doing that far back along the road-LOL! But--don't see any blockades and there was no parked equipment and/or trucks anymore. Clear as can be. No more dead end. :)
My eye mapping went well. Boy! The inside of your eye looks really weird! They can tell or have a good idea if you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, plaque floating about, diabetes, tears starting, floaters, the beginning of macular degeneration, cancer, etc. I have lots of floaters and have had for almost as long as I can remember. I just ignore them--look past them--and forget I have them most of the time. There's one that shows up every once in a while that looks like a string--and he showed it to me! It is a big long thin stringy looking floater--funny! I guess if I started to get a whole bunch more that wouldn't be good, tho.
Anyways, I have a slight darkening/cloudiness in the area where macular degeneration shows up--in both eyes. Nothing yet, but he said I needed to take lutein, for sure, and more Omega-3s. Help prevent it from turning into anything, I guess.
I have a small "freckle" on the back of one eye. They are usually harmless, but occasionally can turn into cancer. Kind of like moles on the skin, you know? But it was really small and probably nothing. What's nice is that, now that I have the baseline pictures taken, when I have them done again in a year or so there is something to compare to.
Everything looked basically healthy. All he stressed was taking multiple vitamins, lutein, and Omega-3s. All are good for eye health, I guess. So, I've been emailing Leah (who is also my Shaklee representative) about which pills to buy. I only recently went back on the multi-vitamins a couple months ago. Just felt like I should be taking vitamins now that I have gone vegetarian for over a year, you know? So, I'll add the lutein and Omega-3s, too. :):)
I watched one of my Netflix movies. Was a German movie (subtitles-1987) called Wings of Desire--very slow moving and the plot was not all that clear or easily followed--for me, anyways. Just didn't know where they were going with it, you know? Well, I kind of did from the description, but they never made it really clear enough for me as I watched it--even tho it was atmospheric and strangely compelling. One of the big problems I had was that there were things that kept reminding of of City of Angels--which I loved and have watched several times. (I seldom watch movies more than once unless I really loved them.)
Anyways, this old German movie had the angels watching over the humans--but they didn't seem to really do anything but observe. A couple of times it looked like they could lift the spirits of someone who was depressed, I guess--but one guy still jumped off a building? The angels basically just wandered about and watched. They did hang around in a huge library, could hear what people were thinking, sometimes were on top of tall buildings or statues, they wore long dark coats, and occasionally heard choir-like singing. The main angel wondered what it would be like to be human, talked things over with his sidekick angel buddy, and he did really like this circus performer girl (who wore angel wings in her trapeze act)...but I never felt like he had "fallen in love" with her and she was the main reason he wanted to become human. There were a lot of lovely poetic sections about being alive on earth and the little things we take for granted and don't notice.
Oh--and Peter Falk played himself--an actor visiting the country to work on a movie--BUT--he could sense the angels when they were nearby and eventually you find out that it was because he had been an angel and had chosen to become human 20 years ago! (Does all that sound familiar?!) The angel became human (in an undramatic way) and finds the girl, but they kind of left it all hanging as to what would happen with them since they had just met and all. I prefer to believe that she totally falls in love with him and they live happily ever after, of course, in this version.
Anyways, I think I was totally distracted by comparing this movie to City of Angels while I was watching. Whoever wrote City of Angels absolutely must have seen this movie, ripped off the entire premise, added to it, changed things, and--honestly--made it a much better story and film. Watching Wings of Desire just made me want to watch City of Angels again! LOL! ;) Makes me wonder if somewhere is says..."based on..." or "adapted from..."??
Well, I was shot after being out and about. Took it easy. R&R day. In bed early. And after my usual couple hours of "thawing out" this morning, I think I am feeling a little better today than yesterday. ;)
Going to be another quiet day for me and Miss Karma. Probably a quiet weekend. 70 degrees right now, but 88% humidity. Supposed to have possible rain or thunderstorms today, Sat, Mon, and Tues. Nothing new--LOL!
Have a smiley weekend! :)
"Find the love you seek, by first finding the love within yourself. Learn to rest in that place within you that is your true home."
Ravi Shankar
Sounds like that "safe place" I believe everyone has inside. :):)
I guess this wasn't so quick after all--LOL!


Furry Bottoms said...

Had to giggle at the orange sentries for Iggy! :)

I want to cuddle Karma. She looks so big and fluffy.

I hope you have a good weekend!

Deanna said...

Now you have me wanting to watch City of Angels again! I wonder if it is available streaming on NetFlix. The Lincoln Lawyer came in the mail today. We're looking forward to seeing it, considering there is nothing worth watching TV!

That OCHA looks right smart out there guarding things!

Anonymous said...

Oh me Lord I wish it was 70 degrees here LOL I bet Karma is funny watching those birds. My daughter has two cats in her house and she went out and got a little bird and now complains because one of the kittys wants to get to the bird Im like duh LOL I think she fixed it where they cant get near it now, silly child. Hope all is well :o)

Toriz said...

You know, whenever anyone says it will be a quuick post, it never is. LOL!

Glad your eye exam went reasonably well. :)

Carol C said...

Karma looks thrilled to be back on her perch on the porch! You seem to enjoy her so much!

Rita said...

Nikki--Karma is like cuddling with a small bear--LOL! Hope you have a good weekend, too. :)

Deanna--I checked and City of Angels is not on the Instant Netflix, but can be ordered--darn! I hope you enjoy The Lincoln Lawyer!! ;)

Lynn--I have had cats and birds at the same time many times. I had one that tried slapping the cage in the middle of the night to listen to them freak out and flap about. She found out her a$$ was grass if she messed with a family member--hehe!
I had a cockatiel when Karma was young. She liked to look at it once in a while, but found it generally screechy and annoying. The cockatiel, on the other hand, adored Karma. Gracie would fly off the cage now and again to follow Karma around. Karma found this highly stressful and would cry to have me come and get rid of her pesky admirer--LOL! Karma never tried to hurt Gracie, but the outside birds are not family members, so who knows? But I don't think she'd know what to do with one, honestly--LOL!
My critters have always known they have to love (or at least tolerate and not kill or harm) the other "family" members. I've had cats and dogs that slept together--cats that didn't attack my mice or rats or hamsters when they were out, etc. And BTW--parrots can actually scare the hell out of a cat or dog! LOL! ;)
But, some cats live to kill prey and that is just that. And I never have trusted my critters alone with natural prey. Who knows what they'd do if "Mom" wasn't watching over the family, right? But Karma just ran away from Gracie even if I never saw Gracie fly off the cage and was in another room. Karma would cry and cry for me to come and save her from that crazy little bird! Gracie did bite, tho...and was very nasty to me. :P So nasty that I finally gave her away. She did love Miss Karma , tho. ;)

Tori--Some of my answers to comments are never as quick as I think they will be, either--LOL! ;)

Rita said...

Carol--I do get a kick out of Karma. She is the weirdest--or shall I say most unique--cat I've ever had. Dagan agrees--LOL! She has a very strong personality and several strange quirky habits. Dagan says she's strange because I have never spent almost 24/7 with a cat--and he somehow blames my influence, I guess--LOL! Obviously, it is a given that he knows his mother is a little strange to begin with--ROFL! ;)

Kathleen said...

Rita, I'm glad your eye appt. was fairly good. Yes!!! Do increase your Omega3's...add fish to the diet, lots of greens too...and Lutein does help. My Mom has MD, and if she had done these things early on, it would have prevented so many of her problems. But, she said that no one ever told her these things, except the Lutein, and now it's beyond the point where it can be helped. Take care of YOU! (((HUGS)))

Toriz said...

LOL! Yeah, that happens with a lot of people sometimes too! ;)

Rita said...

Kathleen--Good! I'm glad somebody else has heard about these supplements. Too bad your mom didn't hear about them sooner. :(
I don't eat fish--any meat--but I guess I'd be willing to take fish oil in the caplets for the Omega-3s unless I find some other way to get them. ;)
Thanks! Hope you're having a great weekend. :)

Tori--LOL! ;)

Queenie Jeannie said...

City of Angels made me cry soooo hard!! But I'm a big sissy, lol!

I'm glad your eyesight is healthy!!

Intense Guy said...

That movie with the angels sounds really thought-provoking... Hmm.. be like living with ghosts all around but only the ghost whisperer actually seeing them.

Karma TV is back!! WHooooohaaaa!~


That cone is exhibiting it's 'nesting' instinct!! How cool is that!!! I don't think there are any eggs yet though...

LOL! You goofy goof!

I'm glad your eyes look good. Be nice if somehow we could make them see good too...

Rita said...

Jeannie--I loved that movie!! Makes me cry every time I see it! :)

Iggy--It was, but I liked City of Angels better. :)
Yes, it does look like it is nesting right there in the grass. I thought you'd like that! ;)
I don't think my eyes have ever been corrected to 20/20--not even when I was seven and got my first pair. It would be nice to see better, but I've always gotten by. ;)
Happy Sunday!!

AliceKay said...

Karma is fun to watch. LOL

The connecting road looks great. I wonder what they plan to do along the sides. I'm sure you'll keep us up to date. :)

Your eye mapping sounded interesting. Not sure if I've ever had anything like that done before. (pretty sure not) I have lots of floaters, and I've had them for a long time, too. They bother me quite often, especially when it's bright, and especially when I'm looking at a white or light colored object like I am right now looking at this screen. Driving in snow and fog is pretty stressful sometimes when the floaters won't stop floating. I need to make an appointment for an eye exam. Been having a lot of eye problems with my right eye, and I'm right eye dominate. I'm glad your eyes are healthy, and you have the baseline mapping out of the way. I bet that's a big relief for you.

I loved "City of Angels" too (have watched it many times and cried every time) and that movie you watched sure sounded a lot like it.

It poured down rain here a couple of times this afternoon, but the sun is out again at the moment. I think it gets more humid with each passing storm cloud.

Rita said...

AliceKay--My eyes are pretty healthy, just weak--LOL! I try my best to ignore the floaters but, like you, there are times you can't.
City of Angels is one of those movies that really gets to me, even when I have seen it and know what is coming. (I still get teary every time I watch It's A Wonderful Life, too!)
Humidity just doesn't seem to drop when we have so much rain. Let's hope we can have some dry days, eh? :)