Monday, August 29, 2011


These morning shots were taken in sequence over about five minutes.
Love the pink and blue pastel clouds.
But, as you can see, the day wasn't going to be a sunny one.
The dark blanket of clouds dominated the sky.
I'm glad that Hurricane Irene wasn't any worse than she was. I can't imagine the damage if she had been as bad as they first thought. I hope everyone is safe and dry and has electricity.
I can't believe that Karma is still watching the door a week later--LOL!
I got a wonderful card from Iggy while Ruby was here and forgot to take pictures.
Here you can see the shimmer on the outline of the flowers on the front. Yup! "Flowers" from Iggy!! Thanks so much, my friend. :)
I've been working on letters the past couple days. Karma was bugging me for attention (she is just like a toddler at times--LOL!). I knew all I had to do is move something out of place to redirect her attention, so I pulled the ottoman over near me and she was immediately ensconced thereon.
But she was still annoyed with me for sitting at the table when she was so obviously in the mood for a good cuddle on my chair. I went to turn the flash off (I often attempt to take one with and one without flash) and she immediately started pawing on the craft satchels...just because she knew I was watching her and I'd say, "What are you doing, you stinker? Leave those alone." Then she yawned and gave me one of those--"so there!" cat looks.
Lastly, I have a pic for Iggy. ;)
Why on earth would CableOne need orange cones to guard the front end of its truck in a regular parking spot? They are just so dang important, I guess. I'm glad I don't have to deal with them anymore. At least once a year when they hooked up someone else's cable in the building they would unhook mine by accident. I don't miss them--even tho they insist they miss me terribly and send me weekly enticements and bribes to come back into the fold--the CableOne cult--LOL!
Prayers to everyone on the east coast dealing with cleanup and damages. So glad Hurricane Irene wasn't as bad as they predicted her to be. Or as my Swedish relatives would say, "Could have been worse". Just grateful it wasn't. Hope everyone has a decent, calm week. :):)
"Love is the first ingredient in the relief of suffering."
Padre Pio


Serena Lewis said...

Yes, I too, pray for those affected by Hurricane Irene and relieved it wasn't as bad as first suspected. I have not forgotten the aftermath of Cyclone Yasi in North Queensland back in January. Massive destruction and flooding left in its was heart-wrenching. In case you don't know, cyclones are the same as hurricanes...just depends on which part of the world you live in as to what they are called.

Temperamental Karma...LOL

The card Iggy sent you is lovely! I like the shimmering edge of the flowers too.

I remember all the trouble you had with CableOne disconnecting your line. I wonder how many other people they play havoc with. Too funny about the cones....yep, they must think they're all important. lol

Enjoy your week, Rita ~ xo

Toriz said...

Karma's funny! :)

I'm glad the hurricane wasn't as bad as predicted too, and hope everyone is safe and well!

Iggy always sends such wonderful things... He's a great friend! :)

Our old phone and internet company keeps doing that. Guess what though? We're not buying it! Like I'm really going to go back to a company that's twice the cost of the one I'm now with and about as helpful as a bucket with holes in it!

DJan said...

Yes, Karma is a bit like a toddler who wants your attention, but it's so cute we can't help ourselves. Love the card, and I'm also glad for you that you don't need that cable company any more!

Dee Ready said...

Once again, Rita, your posting charms me. Within each of our lives there is a daily-ness, a routine that keeps us centered and close to the heart of the matter. You show that in each posting. Thank you.

And thank you, too, for reminding us that Irene could have been so much worse. Also thank you for helping us remember those people who have lived with her battering presence.

Furry Bottoms said...

Iggy is such a thoughtful guy. I am so glad I have gotten to know him a bit in the past year.

Karma is a crack up-- reminds me of when my cats would demand my attention! Their favorite? To sit right between me and the keyboard. And I thought cats were supposed to be so independent!!! Not always. I kinda like those that aren't too independent!

Intense Guy said...

Awww... Karma's being bratty huh... Maybe she needs to watch some "good" television? Instead of super-sexy Kiera Knightly, she should be watching Word-Girl, Curious George, Sesame Street, Electric Company, and my new favorite 1-2-3 Penguins!

I'm glad you like the card so much. I felt terribly remiss with my letter writing.

The orange cones have brainwashed the cable guy's union... they thing they somehow make is "safer" out there. The local Verizon guys do this when they park in a supermarket parking lot (sometimes even between the lines) and go in the store.

I shake my head at human mass-insanity.

AliceKay said...

AWESOME SUNRISE SHOTS! (sorry, i just had to do The sky was beautiful.

Karma is quite the little poser. LOL I love seeing pics of her, in any situation. Keep 'em coming. :)

The CableOne people must think they're pretty important. (they must pay those OCHAs big money to guard them so well, too)

I'm thankful the flooding that hit close by didn't get us. With a creek on each side of us, it could have been bad. We've been flooded several times in this town. My heart goes out to everyone who is still dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Irene. She claimed at least 40 lives, some of whom were children, and that alone is tragic. :(

Beautiful quote.

Rita said...

Serena--Yes, I knew Cyclones and Hurricanes are the same thing and have always wondered why they don't call them by one name. Anyways, I do remember the damage and flooding you guys had down there! Takes a long time to recover. New Orleans has never been the same since Katrina even years later. Japan is still in upheaval from the tsunami. Amazing the damage wind and water can do. We were lucky the force had dropped so much. :)
LOL! And when I'd have internet reception problems they'd always blame it on my modem and tell me to go buy a new one! Luckily Dagan knew better. ;)
Have a super week, lady!

Tori--I have met the best people online!! ;)
Glad you don't have to deal with your old company anymore, either! Feels great! :)

Djan--Yes, Karma is like a demanding toddler sometimes. *she says with the cat sleeping between her legs as she types on her laptop* ;)

Dee--My life has it's own particular routine and daily-ness, as we all have. I have found it to be an unexpected blessing to be housebound. You never know what gifts life will bestow on you. :):)

Nikki--Yes, Iggy has a shiny soul. :)
Sounds like Karma when I try to write at my desk...she tries to lay right across the paper! Yes, they're independent like small children...only until they want some loving and attention or the world looks scary--LOL!

Iggy--1-2-3 Penguins? Never heard of that one. But then, with Dagan being 36, I'm out of touch with the world of the little ones by many, many years--LOL!
You have a note making its way in the mail as we speak. ;)
Aha! The cones have brainwashed the cable guys into thinking they are safer if they mark their vehicles with sturdy plastic cones. Makes perfect sense to me now. The cones do need employment, just like too much of the rest of the country...and the cableguys do appear to be easily fooled--LOL!!! ;)
Thanks for the giggle, my friend!! :):)

Dee Ready said...

Thank you, Rita, for your comment on my Tuesday posting. I consider myself truly technologically challenged, so that I'm now scanning and inserting seems like a small miracle to me!


Rita said...

Dee--The hardest part for me was how the pics post backwards from what you expect--LOL! You are doing really great!
And harder than the technical stuff is opening up your heart and telling your life story! You've been amazing with that, too! :):)

Rita said...

AliceKay--I've been getting a lot of pretty sunrise shots with this time flipping. I hope you don't get sick of them...or of Karma--LOL! ;)
Those sneaky OCHAs!
I just keep thinking of how lucky everyone actually was that Irene didn't stay a four!! :)