Wednesday, August 03, 2011


Since I last spoke to you I have been attacking the files and my desk...finally! The mass of papers on the floor is the shredding pile. When Karma discovered that I was moving around too much and that she couldn't sleep on that tempting pile due to the paper raining down on her, she decided to sleep safely up on her chair. I think Miss Karma found sorting files as boring as I did--LOL!!
This is why I was so confused about my school loans. Two loans. Over the past seven years there were papers from ten different outfits! I have been handed over to this one and that one. Come to find out that I now think two of them I deal with are for the same single loan. Dang! I think they are out to deliberately befuddle me--LOL! I tossed almost everything except from the last year and that is how I found out--addresses are the same. Finally starting to make some sense!
I think I finally got the top drawer of the big file cabinet done on Monday night.
Then yesterday I worked on the desk file drawer...
...and added to the paper pile. Whenever I went to take a long break, Miss Karma pawed...
...and rolled about like the newly rich folks you see in movies rolling around in their money--LOL! Well, it is treasure in her eyes. ;)
I kept plugging away on the areas that were on my desktop and in the bottom drawer of the file cabinet.
The mess expanded on the table...
...and on the floor. This is what the floor still looks like this morning.
I got the one side of the bottom drawer in the file cabinet together...
...the drawer with all the small office supplies in my desk cleaned and organized...
...and had started on the--what would you call that wooden thing on the desk? Two drawers and four slots on top for files or whatever. I absolutely love it, but I can't remember what it was actually called when I bought it all those years ago. Desk organizer?
Anyways, my body started screaming at me last that was that. I'll have to wait a good while to get to the rest because it really hurt to get out of bed this morning and walking isn't much fun, either. I guess Dagan is going to have to help a lot with dinner tonight. ;)
Leah has an appointment to get her hair trimmed after work, so she'll be here a little later. I am hoping they can pick up the pile off the floor for me. I might have a box in the storage area, but I know I have one in the garage, for sure.
I'm glad they are coming over tonight. Otherwise I would just have to leave the pile on the floor for days and days--LOL! ;) I am soooo glad I got so much done, tho!! Makes me very, very happy. I am probably close to three quarters done with the file cabinet and the entire desk and hutch in three days--tada! True--ten years ago I would have had that all done in probably half a day, but I am delighted to have gotten this far this fast--even if I have to take a few days off to recover before I can dig into it again and finish. Been putting this off for years. I'd do the happy dance if I could. ;)
It has cooled down up here for quite a while, but still can't open the apartment up. Like this morning when I got up it was 61 degrees but 90% humidity. I know those of you who are melting in the 100 degree heat would love to take the 60-80s every day. I feel guilty telling you and, believe me, I'm not complaining. Summer passes very quickly up here in the first place. Won't be long and the kids will be back in school, the leaves will be falling, and our 6 months of winter will begin--LOL!
Be well and happy!! :):)
"The word 'impossible' is only in the mind and not in the heart."
Sri Chinmoy
[Occasionally in the body, I might add--LOL! I can't even write ROFL today. No rolling--even in my mind--LOLOL!!]


Furry Bottoms said...

but... but.... but.... what is Karma supposed to roll around in now?

Anonymous said...

Wow that looks fantastic!!!

Queenie Jeannie said...

WOW!! Bravo!!!! It looks fantastic and as an organizer-freak, I especially love it and appreciate the effort!!

I hope you can get the mess on the floor cleaned up, as I'm sure that it buggin' ya, even if not for Miss Karma, lol!

Enjoy your dinner!!!

laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

rita!! thanks for stopping by my place!! thought i would stop by you!! i love karma!! i used to have a goat with the same name! :) your karma-kitty looks so comfy on all that paperwork...maybe she can file it away for you when she's finished sleeping on it all!

desks are always such a hard task to's amazing what can collect ON and IN there!!

i'll be sure to stop back in again real soon!! :)

Intense Guy said...

imagine how much fun Karma would have if you:

a) cut all the paper to 2.61 inches by 6.14 inches so it was paper money sized...

b) shredded it into confetti...


Now you need to rest... :( don't like hearing you are hurting 'cause you might of over done things...

AliceKay said...

It looks like you've gotten a lot accomplished. Everything looks so neat and tidy. Except the floor, but that's to be expected. I'm sure Karma won't mind how long those papers lay on the floor. LOL

It's cooler here today but still on the humid side. We've had sprinkles and a little shower now and then, but what we need is a good soaking rain.

Take it easy and let your body recuperate. I'm sure Dagan will be a big help with dinner tonight. :)

Toriz said...

Good thing with being a cat is that you can sleep and the work still gets done. LOL!

I'd call it a desk organizer, personally. ;)

Sorry you're suffering so much from doing all the sorting. Glad you got so much of it done though! Just a little more now then all sorted! :)

I don't envy you that humidity! It's nice here, but low humidity (which is why I'm not complaining, but instead am lapping up the sunshine).

DJan said...

One of the problems with such a cool spring and early summer, when it reaches 80 degrees I feel TOO HOT! But I do have to say that your dedication to the whole organizing activity is impressive. I am MUCH better now, and I wish I could send my cute chiropractor over to visit you. Please let yourself get the rest you need, okay??

Rita said...

Nikki--LOL! I think Miss Karma does miss her pile of paper this morning--hehe! ;)

Angela--Thanks! :)

Jeannie--I'm an organizer, too! Yup, lots of putsy effort. Dagan got it all up off the floor for me, bless him! :)

Laura--Hi!! I've been putting off this particular project for several years, so this desk and file cleaning is loooong past due. Love to see you stop back any time. :)

Iggy--LOL! I never realized we have such odd sized money!
I'm out of commission for a few days, but I kind of expected that going in. (Big reason why I procrastinated for so long--LOL!) I'll be good--get back to my normal--and then wrack myself up again soon--ROFL! ;) Don't worry. I'll survive.

AliceKay--I am looking forward to having this all done and cleaned and organized--ahhh! Won't be long now...another week or so maybe. Things move slowly in my world--LOL!
Dagan was a big help and Leah was too after she got here. They are so good to me.
This morning we have rain...again. ;)

Tori--I'm sure to them it looks like we humans are just filled with ideas for mindless activity. I'm sure so much of what we do makes no sense to them--LOL! Enjoy your good walking weather with Kero!

Djan--OH, I agree! 80 is too hot! Like I say, I don't live way up here for nothing. ;)
LOL@sending me the cute chiropractor!! I promise I will be good. You, too!! :):)

Kathleen said...

I'm so envious! I always know where things are (important things) but organization is my weakest suit. TEACH ME!!!

BTW...I'm back, Rita...after computer crash,followed by modem conk out...I'm up and running again. Come visit!

Desiree said...

too cute her rolling around in the floor! and I so would have just left it, why my shred pile is still sitting over there om the lfoor next to the shredder and treadmill, oh well :D lol

it has been viciously evilly hot!!!!!!!!! I bought some sun shades for my car now that it sits in the hot sun all day and then tells me it is 110 when I get in it!

Toriz said...

Hey, some of it makes no sense to me, so is it any wonder they're confused? LOL!

Rita said...

Kathleen--I'm not sure if one can teach OCD--LOLOL! ;) Glad you're back! :)

Desi--If Dagan hadn't picked it all up for me that pile would still be there--for who knows how long! ;) I was only at the eyedoctor's for around half an hour and could barely touch my steering wheel or breathe in the car (no AC) and we don't have it as hot as you do! Hope your new job is going well. :)

Tori--LOL! ;)

Deanna said...

You have made amazing progress! Seeing that gives me some incentive to attack my own piles of messes!

Rita said...

Deanna--It does feel good to have finally made a lot of progress when I've been putting this off for so very long. ;)

Flat Creek Farm said...

I always enjoy your posts and quotes! What is it about cats and paper piles? My indoor cat loves tax time.. lol! Enjoyed catching up here today! -Tammy

Rita said...

Tammy--LOL! I can just picture your cat at tax time! Hope you had a nice weekend. :)

Serena Lewis said...

I sure have some catching up to've been a busy girl, Rita!

My filing cabinet sure needs a good clean out but it will be a massive job so I keep putting it off.

Yep, I'd call it a desk organiser too. You did a great job...everything looks so neat and organised.

I suffer debilitating pain if I overdo certain tasks too. Not fun at have my empathy, dear friend.

We're the opposite here....our winter passes very quickly, barely two months of it...the rest of the year is hot and hotter.

Have a great weekend,
Serena xo

Rita said...

Serena--We both pay for it if we overdo. ;)
I still haven't gotten back to finish the job, but soon now that I am done with the all F&G parts. :)
Have a great weekend!