Thursday, August 04, 2011


Rainy and dark this morning, but the clouds are dispersing and the sun is shining. I had to step back from the window to get this shot because of the glare.
Update on the herb garden...everything has made an appearance, but they haven't grown a lot. The soil is still really damp--almost wet--and I haven't had to water them for two weeks.
I moved the three little catnip sprouts in the planter up onto the metal chair. Karma hadn't noticed them yet and, since the planter was right in the spot where her cat grass was all summer, I figured I better move them before she did or they wouldn't have a chance. How any of these can grow in such soggy soil is a mystery to me, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. ;)
Oh, and for those of you who wondered about Karma spending so many hours out there in the heat...she has water and food under the metal chair way in the back of the porch (to try to keep the food from getting wet). These were small ceramic individual loaf pans I found at Hobby Lobby for a dollar each years ago--nice and heavy so she can't push them around.
Well, lots of help last night from Dagan and Leah. I snapped some pictures this morning--in no particular order. Leah moved my two modems for me from the right side corner to the left side in the corner so I could rearrange my desk. It was not a simple project. The phone cord for the internet wasn't long enough so Leah dug through my "junk box" in the closet to find additional cord and some kind of splitter thing to extend it. A cord was dropped...well, you know how these simple projects go sometimes--LOL!
So, since the desk computer is long gone, I can finally move my main stuff around to the hutch side of the desk where I have my lamps and can see better--tada! Little things like this are so exciting to me. Can't really explain why--hehe! ;)
Dagan made dinner for us--Boca burgers and broccoli--simple and fast. Leah made hers when she arrived later after her hair appointment. Dagan had stopped and picked up an empty box from my garage on his way in. We never thought all that paper could possible fit in this box! But Dagan worked on it most of the evening...stacking the paper in and taking out the staples...and it all fit!! Amazing! Now to shred it....whew! Little by little. Later. ;)
I didn't find the surprises until this morning that were in the cloth bag on the counter! My favorite treat!!! Two cans of my french vanilla coffee!! And...
...there was a sample bag of a new Evo diet food for Karma to try!!
Thanks, Leah!!!
I had Dagan carry the fern into the bathroom and soak it under the shower for me. It hung there all night. I got it back in its spot this morning. Looks happy, doesn't it? Needs some trimming, but that will get done when we eventually get to the rest of the potting. :)
Dagan and Leah went down to my storage area and brought back the ZipeMate...
...and a couple reams of computer paper for me that are now in the bottom of the file cabinet. That side will have bigger, awkward stuff and no files.
I discovered the ZipeMate's instruction manual in my files--that we had decided to give it away on freecycle a long time ago, but never got around to it. Was kind of buried away in the storage area--but now it is out and I can get around to posting it.
The ZipeMate I had purchased years ago...long before we bought our Cuttlebug. Didn't work that easily and was kind of a pain compared to the Cuttlebug machine. Probably why they disappeared years ago. I'm not sure I can even give it away, to be honest. Not sure anybody would want it. But, I'll post it and see what happens. Somebody may want it for free. It's like brand new. Only used less than a dozen times. Whatever. It will be leaving here one way or the other--LOL!
Karma seemed unhappy that her paper pile had vanished.
She just sat there for a while this morning...remembering the good old days. ;)
I am still using up some of my precious Darvocets--hehe! But am in less pain than I was yesterday. No bending or lifting for me for a few days. And I will watch the shoulder pain closely, too. I promise to be good. :):)
This afternoon I have my appointment at the eyedoctor to have that eye mapping test done. Sadly, that will do me in for the day. Good thing I have a couple of Netflix movies that have been sitting here waiting for me, eh? ;) Just wanted to let you know I'm doing okay and being good. Dagan and Leah were just sooooo helpful with everything I wanted done. Just happy today. Even if I haven't gotten into the last side in the file cabinet, the hutch, the cubbies, the big desk door, or the top of the hutch--my desk already is looking pretty snazzy and I can sit where I have wanted to since the desk computer died and went to computer heaven. Ahhhh!
Oh, and I had enough money left over this month after some essentials--(stamps and return address labels)--to order some paper goodies from a new (to me) company. Of course, I'll show you when it arrives. ;)
Not sure when I'll be back, but I'm seems Karma's already just sighed and forgotten about her glorious paper pile...I won't slip and fall on said paper makes me happy just to look at my green babies have died eye mapping will not cost me $ is good!! :):)
Raise your sails!!
"The winds of grace are always blowing, but you have to raise the sail."


Furry Bottoms said...

I think Karma needs her own box of crinkly paper to play in!

Toriz said...

Glad your herbs are still doing OK. Hope they grow well for you. :)

I figured you'd have stuff out there for her to eat and drink.

Sounds like you had a good evening with Dagan and Leah... Your dinner sounds yummy (I never did manage to find those burgers over here).

Hope you can get rid of the ZipeMate, and continue to clear out stuff.

Poor Karma with no paper pile! She'll soon forget about it when something new and interesting comes along for her to sleep on. LOL!

Glad you had some spare cash to get yourself something nice! :)

AliceKay said...

When I saw that first shot, the first thing that came to my mind was the song by the Dixie Chicks called "Wide Open Spaces". :)

Your desk looks great. Very organized and very neat. *looks at the mess around me* Of course, there has to be a "dropped cord" when you do projects like that. I think it's a law or something. LOL

Karma did look a bit ticked off in those pics. LOL

That was nice of Leah to leave you a few surprises to find later. She sounds like a treasure. Both of those kids sound like a treasure.

I hope your eye doctor visit went well today.

I love your optimism. You have such a wonderful outlook on life, no matter what. I can only hope that one day I will feel as you do. *hugs*

carol l mckenna said...

Thanks for your birthday wishes on my blog Share the Creative Journey ~ Love Karma and your life sounds wonderfully active and creative ~ in Fargo ~ namaste, Carol and ArtMuse Dog ^_^

Parsley said...

Oh now I want some International Vanilla Coffee!!! I think you should get Karma some more paper surprises. She looks a little sad. ;-)

DJan said...

It sounds like you are doing very well, happy and in the care of a couple of really fine people... Oh, and Karma will survive the loss of her paper. Hope the eye mapping thing went well. Had one last year myself.

Getting ready to head for the bed, even if it's a bit early. Need my beauty sleep! :-)

Pearl said...

Please, Miss North Dakota! No more storms!


Greetings from Mpls!


Intense Guy said...

Imagine a book full of things a cat would be nostalgic about?

"huge pile of dusty old paper on the floor... it was so glorious"

"chunk of wood to be used for a pillow - I loved putting my head on it"

"killing a mouse and bringing it to my special person's lap and dropping it, listening to her scream like a baby - just priceless"

"eating a dead moth, ingesting a bunch of old hair, chewing some grass and puking up a mess on the carpet - oh... I thought I was in heaven!"

Hmmm... one could write this out and set it to the tune that Edith and Archie Bunker sang in the begining of their TV show... "Those were the days!"


P.s., Leah is as sweet as her coffee surprise!

Rita said...

Nikki--LOL!! :)

Tori--With all the rain predicted I hope the plants don't drown! I'll get around to posting the ZipeMate when I am feeling a little more human--LOL! ;) I'll post pics when my paper stuff comes. :)

AliceKay--Ha! I don't know that song.
Yup--Murphy's Law, I think! Dagan and Leah are treasures, that's for sure. I do tend to be pretty optimistic, but I also don't have the daily grind stresses like I used to have, either. And, to me, health issues are nothing compared to the emotional and financial stuff. Especially the emotional stuff. And I've been lucky not to have had any big issues to deal with lately except for my annoying body--LOL! ;)

Carol--Hope you had a good one! My life has some creative in it, but active comes and goes--LOL!! ;)

Parsley--Funny how much one can love that french vanilla coffee! Ahhh!

Djan--LOL! Karma is always a little sad when her various new playthings (usually boxes and packing paper) disappear. Yup! I think she has already gotten over it. ;) So glad your back is better. :)

Pearl-Pearl-Pearl! Greetings! I don't know how you ran across me, but I went to check your blog and giggled and chuckled my way thru several of your last posts. I am Minnesota born and raised, myself--Mpls. You have a new follower, lady! And I hope you will come back and visit me again sometime. Oh--and I am blaming Montana, Canada, Oregon,'s not me, honest! ROFL!!

Iggy--LOLOLOL!!! This was priceless!! Those were the days!!! Now I have that song in my head with Edith's screechy voice, too. LOL!
Leah is truly a real sweetie! ;)

Deanna said...

Your little surprise of coffee is definitely tempting. What in the world are you going to do for fun once you are completely organized????

Hopefully you are in less pain today and are taking it easy like you said you will.


Anonymous said...

Girl I love your desk wow that is fancy while I was looking at it I was already thinking if it was mine how I would arrange things on it LOL Cute pictures of Karma I just love how cats just sit there like they are saying Im not gonna look at you, when you want to take a picture lol

Rita said...

Deanna--Ha! I do have a lot of craft stuff to organize after I get done with the desk. ;) Thanks-I have been being good.

Lynn--I got the desk and hutch on sale for less than $500 at Office Max about maybe ten years ago. It's pressboard, but it looks pretty good. Same with the file cabinet--on sale for $199. I have always loved my desk--lots of room to spread out. It got a LOT of use while I was in college!! :)

Serena Lewis said...

OH lovely your corner desk looks! I can definitely understand your excitement ~ :)

I'm sure you will enjoy every mouthful of the french vanilla coffee. Such a nice surprise from Leah.

I love these types of may recall that I have one myself tho not in a hanging basket. They love moisture and high humidity!

Do rest up...hope the pain eases for you soon.

What is 'eye mapping'?

Rita said...

Serena--I've already shifted some things around a little bit as I have been using the desk. It's not done, but most of the rest is just dusting and rechecking things, you know? Just nice to sit down and know that it is also clean inside--all those files--ahhh! ;)

As you know from when you lived in Montana, if you have the AC on in the summer and the heat in the winter there isn't a lot of humidity in the house. Makes it harder to keep ferns happy. If I recall, you have a great big one! :)

The eye mapping was new to me. They actually take a picture of the inside of your eyeballs! Strange looking--all the veins and such. They can tell a lot with these pictures. I guess it is something relatively new.

Have a good one, lady! :):)