Friday, December 23, 2011


Finally saw another flaming sunrise yesterday...
...that gradually...
...turned blue.
I was up and down a lot--interrupting Karma's perpetual naptime. She fell asleep sitting up and I took a picture...forgetting to take off the flash.
She was like--hey, what the heck are you doing now?
She decided to shift away from me...
...and turn her back. The ears say it all. ;)
But then when the dinger went off and I got up again...she can't not look to see what I'm up to.
Baking Christmas cookies for the first time in probably a decade.
This was a cookie I think we had every year when I was growing up. Plain as can be and sparkled with sugar coating. Always had spritz cookies, too--and I at least made them both every year when Dagan was little, too. We'd make an assembly line (big surprise, eh?)--I'd roll the dough into balls and Dagan would roll the balls in the sugar and place them on the baking sheet. Oh, and he also loved cutting out sugar cookies and decorating them with frostings and sprinkles when he was a little boy. Well, going to bring some over for our Christmas dinner next Wednesday. Been a long time since Mom made Dagan butterballs--LOL! I haven't lost the knack, I guess. They're yummy! And I didn't burn a one!
They say there are no mom told me she was making them for the first time in about ten years, too! Funny!
The day progressed...the sun peeked out from behind the clouds.
Still dry and brown here. I believe that is the Gallant below my window...the white car with the sunroof. I am totally lacking the car recognition gene. All the years I had cars before I moved up here--well, in each one I actually hung a small brightly colored stuffed parrot from my rear view mirror (named Ralph after a children's book of Dagan's) to help me find my car. God's truth. Ask anybody who's ever ridden with me. Poor Ralph was faded, tinged with brown from all the years I smoked (quit Dec 6, 1989), and had lost one eye--but he was a faithful companion with me on the road (along with my pewter guardian angel clip on my visor which is in the dead PitaPaseo in the garage right this moment). When I no longer had a car anymore Dagan begged me to finally throw Ralph out. I missed Ralph's one-eyed sway when Dagan let me borrow his old Paseo. Anyways, I think that's the Gallant down there with the sunroof. ;)
Okay...I saw this in an email and it made me think that, since I actually have a couple presents to open tomorrow night, maybe I could have at least put up a tree.
*sniggle sniggle*
(That's a combination of snicker and giggle.)
And here's a silly, sniggly video for you.

I hope you are all ready for Christmas. Those of you who will be on the road or in the safely. Hug your people. Tell them you love them. Smile! Sing!
You can probably tell by my silliness that I am filled with joy and holiday spirit!!
I LOVE Christmas!!
May yours be blessed and filled with much love and new memories to treasure! :):)
"Christmas makes me happy no matter what time of year it comes around."
Bryan White


Queenie Jeannie said...

Sounds like you are feeling better - yay!!! I am not doing cookies this year, but I AM making two pumpkin pies and an apple pie. That counts, right??

Your "tree" cracked me up, lol! You will have another present to open in the new year - *wink*!!!

Karma looks none too pleased with you. Yes, the ears do tell all!

I have to wrap a couple of presents for Thomas, and we need to drag The Bella's huge haul downstairs, but otherwise we are pretty much done. He picked up a few odds and ends we'd need for the big meal for me too. We have a huge 25 pound turkey to roast this year - for just the three of us! (What was I thinking???) Turkey soup made from leftovers for all!!!!

Have a very Merry Christmas!!!

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

Looks like we were up at about the same time this morning. Seems that one can accomplish quite a bit in those early-morning hours.

The picture of Karma looking at you after you used the flash is funny. Looks like **someone** wasn't too humored by having to wake up with the bright light. ;)

The sunrise pictures are amazing, Rita. Absolutely gorgeous!

DJan said...

Oh, I like the word "sniggle" because it's perfectly clear what you mean! And that car gene? You reminded me that my son was able to tell the make of a car before he was going to school. Amazing!

Karma's so expressive. And those cookies almost make me want to go off my no-wheat diet. Almost. I'm glad you're feeling better, Rita, and yes, a very Merry Christmas to you and K! :-)

Beth said...

Good Morning Dear Rita,

I am happy that you are feeling a bit better and able to make cookies!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!!


Toriz said...

Sounds like someone's feeling better; and very excited about Christmas too! :)

I love making cookies, but eating them is the best part! ;)

How cool that both you and your Mom made them for the first time in about 10 years this year!

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

That little hangin' tree just cracked me up!!! Heeehehe!

God bless ya sweetie and you have a wonderful Christmas filled with friends, family and fudge baby!!!



Carolyn Dube said...

It's been so gray here lately with rain that your sunrise is magical! Love your tree idea - I have several friends who don't put up trees - too much bother they say - so next year I think I'll give them a little one! Have a Merry Christmas!

Rita said...

Jeannie--Yes, pies count and the ears tell all! ;)
I'll be waiting for the mail lady! Whoohoo!!
That's a lot of turkey! I used to make turkey tetrazzini and turkey pot pies with leftovers. There are a ton of things you can make. Enjoy!! :):)

Ann--You maybe got up, I've been up--LOL! But, yes--we were up at the same time, you extra early bird! ;)
It was funny because she likes to keep an eye on me whenever I am doing anything, but she dozed off sitting up--and got a flash in the face--LOL!
Thanks re: the sunrise. :)

Djan--It just fit the bill perfectly. Sniggle. ;)
Yes! And some are born with an innate sense of direction, too. I was off dawdling someplace when that gene was handed out, too. ;)
No! Don't go off your no-wheat diet! Leah's been on a diet similar to that, too, lately. So she won't eat any of the butterballs, either.
Have a stupendous day!! :)

Beth--You inspired me to bake (along with a few other bloggers who have been busy in the kitchen). ;) You have a wonderful Christmas, too! :)

Tori--That's exactly why I seldom bake cookies. I eat them! LOL! I have a terrible sweet tooth. ;)
I thought it funny that my mom and I were both baking butterballs this year and had both already started after not making them for about a decade. I'm easily amused. :)

Nezzy--I know! When I saw that picture in an email I just cracked up, too! Next year I should hang an air freshener at least--ROFL!!
Here's a whole plateful of cookies, lady! You are always such a delight! Have a fabulous Christmas, y'all! ;)

Carolyn--Glad you liked the sunrise. :)
Hey! That would be such a funny little gift for the people who don't put up a tree--yes!! *sniggle* :):)

TexWisGirl said...

gorgeous skies! beautiful!

and laughed at that little 'pine tree'. :)

Furry Bottoms said...

That pine tree cracked me up!! I'm gonna need to remember that for something someday!!

I truly hope you have a nice holiday this weekend. Merry Christmas!

Intense Guy said...

Sounds like you are feeling much much better - and THAT is a Christmas present for me. :)

Karma is a nut. A big one.. like a cocoanut..

Here is my comment on the invisible ink below

There... :)


Unknown said...

Love the Christmas Tree! That's the spirit! lol Thanks for visiting and following my blog. I also followed yours and look forward to reading more. Donna

My Life. One Story at a Time.

Rubye Jack said...

It's been said before but I have to say it again - your Christmas tree is too funny!

And, the cookies look so good also. I haven't head those in years. Yum yum.

A Daft Scots Lass said...

Have a very merry Christmas

1artsychick said...

The sunrise is beautiful!
When I'm awake for a sunrise, it's never so dramatic. Our sunsets give off more color.

I'm missing baking this year, and the Christmas treats. Glad you felt like making butter balls, I'm sure it will bring back fond memories for Dagan too.

I love the tree!

For the past couple of years we decided not to have a tree, we have a floor lamp (from Ikea) that lights from bottom to top and is covered with paper (really it's cool) We strung colored lights inside and put presents around.

I haven't even wrapped gifts this year, they are under our light in the boxes they were delivered in.

Well we aren't wasting anything! An eco-friendly Christmas. : )
I was going to at least paint the boxes or put stickers on them...but haven't felt like moving that much. : (
Migraines this week have thrown me for a loop!

But the holiday doesn't wait, perhaps next year I'll be back in the swing of things!

Still feel the magic in the air, and through people like you.

all the best for your holiday!

Crazy Life of a Writing Mom said...

Those skies are gorgeous, oh and the way you describe those cookies--yum! :0)

Teresa Evangeline said...

Rita, I want to wish you and Karma a Very Merry Christmas. You are an inspiration. Thank You.

AliceKay said...

OMG...that video was hilarious. Terri and I sat here cracking up while watching it. LOL Thanks for the laugh. I needed it. :D

Beautiful sky shots, as always. So beautiful out there in big sky country. ;)

Karma looks a bit ticked. LOL

Butterballs? Never heard of them and I don't believe I've ever had them. Or if I did, I didn't know what I was eating. They look very yummy tho. :p

That picture from the email looks familiar. *winks* Cracked me up when I first saw it. LOL

Guess what? I finally got my tree decorated tonight! And the presents are all wrapped. :) If I didn't have to go to work tomorrow, I'd be all set.

Best wishes for a very Merry Christmas, Rita...and for Karma, too. *hugs*

♥ my diary♥ said...

nice post! thank you for sharing...happy holidays...blessings soraya

Rita said...

Theresa--I have no decorations. When I opened that email I thought I could have at the very least done that--LOL! ;)

Nikki--Silly tree for the lazy decorator. ;)
Thanks! You, too!

Iggy--Darn! My blacklight flashlight didn't work on my laptop screen. LOL! :):)

Donna McB--greetings! I hope you have a great Christmas, too! :)

Rubye--*giggles* Yes, pretty silly tree.
Those butterballs melt in your mouth! :)

Daft--Hello! You have a new follower! Merry Christmas!! :)

Wendy--I face east so I never see sunsets anymore. These fiery sunrises make up for it nicely. ;)
Your floor lamp tree sounds great! You should post a picture of that!!
Sorry about the migraines. I have been sore as hell, but my Christmas spirit is stronger, I guess--LOL! ;)
Best to you, too!!

Elisa--Thanks! They have a short ingredient list...soft crunch and melt. Yum!

Teresa--You have been my motivation to make getting to the library a goal for the coming year. I was half a block from one in Moorhead, but haven't been since I moved here in 2005. You have made me remember how very much I miss it. Thanks so much!! Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2012 to you, lady! :)

AliceKay--I'm glad you liked the silly video. I think a lot of people find them annoying but they give me the giggles if they are done well.
Butterballs are super plain but melt in your mouth...butter, brown sugar, vanilla, flour...we love'em!
Yes, that picture was from an email making the rounds. So cracked me up! ;)
Best to you and yours, too! :)

Soraya--Greetings! Blessings and may you have a glorious 2012!! :)

Jennibellie said...

My dog falls asleep with his head up, they're so funny! I've never heard of butterballs, I wanna try some now lol merry christmas hun and a happy new year :) x

Dee Ready said...

Dear Rita,

What a gift! That video of the cats and dogs and gerbils and all the other animals! I loved it.

The only way I've ever been able to find my car is because I always pick--I've had only four since I learned to drive in 1972--a color that stands out--fiery red, grass green, desert sand, sky blue. Well, maybe they don't stand out, but the dents and dings I end up inflicting on them do!

Congratulations on the cookies. They look yum-yum. Today I plan on baking some cookies also and some quick bread.


Rita said...

Jenny--They remind of of toddlers fighting sleep when they fall asleep that way. ;)
Maybe I should post the butterball recipe. I'll try to remember in my next post. :)
Merry Christmas!

Dee--I was giggling about so many of the things they did on that video. Loved the guinea pig!
Some people up here used to put colored balls or different things on the tip of the car antenna, but these days they don't have antennas that stay up all the time or they're built right into the windows!
Hope you got your baking done!
Merry Christmas to you and the kitties! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh what a CUTE video! I love all the animals....well except the ferrets. I don't like those things; they creep me out!!!!! Really, they are like long rats with fangs *shiver* I loved the doo-doo part hehe

The picture of the tree is hilarious! Funny idea. Love your sunset pictures! Beautiful!

Oh, and I wish I could suck the sugar off of the cookies and put them back. j/k

Rita said...

Donna--Oh, I like ferrets, but they have an odor to them I'm not crazy about. My de-scented skunk I had when I was a kid smelled better than the ferrets I've met. ;)
Yes, butterballs are a sweet cookie if you like sugary treats! :)