Thursday, December 08, 2011


The sun is quite indifferently rising without me these days--LOL! But I did get a blue sky, very cloudy picture yesterday.
My big stamp order arrived today! Lots of Christmas ball and winter stamps...and some others for international and fat domestic letters & bookcards, too.
I've been working on Christmas cards and so they were all ready by last night. Perfect timing--tada!
Oh, and do you remember the Circle Letter I joined? Well, it finally made it back to me for the second time! Such fun to read individual, handwritten letters from nine new ladies. Now I can work on my latest addition and send the big envelope on its way soon. :)
Dagan is out of town this week for work. Leah came over last night. We had dinner and hung out all evening. She had to work late on Monday, lost her shopping day, so she didn't have a chance to look for the hardware for the IKEA racks or the spring for my chair. Hopefully next week. It was so nice to be able to just sit around and chat and enjoy each other's company. Nice! Nice!
Karma thought I had lost both oars when I put her cat bed on "her" chair. I love to baffle her brain--LOL! The cat bed has never been anywhere but on the floor. She was actually afraid to go up there...silly girl. I had to pick her up and practically put her halfway in the bed--and you know how difficult it is to make a cat do anything they don't want to--good grief! But then she climbed in...looking a little askance but pleased.
Soon she was pawing the side of the bed (her pre-snooze activity)...and she tried to sleep.
Not out like a light, though, as you can see by the evil eye. Took her a couple of days to fully relax up there, but now she loves it! Probably even warmer still than the floor. ;)
I got thrown by another of the meditations a couple days ago...for a couple reasons.
One: You were supposed to imagine you were in your special favorite place or spot to be in the whole wide world. Where would that be? All that came to me was right here, right now, in my chair, in my apartment. I guess I don't have a favorite place in the wide world.
Do you have a favorite place?
Two: You were supposed to imagine you had this most treasured object that you love so dearly in your hands. What would that be? I was completely blank. My mind flitted over so many little treasures of mine, but none of them were special enough to be rated THE very one I loved so much I'd hate to part with, you know? It may seem like I am very attached to all my multitudinous "stuff" and they do bring me great joy, but when the fire alarm goes off...I grab Karma. ;)
Do you have a treasured object?
Anyways, I got so busy thinking about these things that it kind of took me completely out of the meditation--ROFL!! I must say, a few of these guided meditations have been inadvertently entertaining. ;)
We may dip below zero tonight. Too cold to snow. Spread the love.
Which partially jogged my memory. I don't remember the exact quote from a 60s poster and probably didn't look long enough on google:
Love is like manure. It needs to be spread around.
"Love doesn't make the world go 'round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile."
Franklin P. Jones


TexWisGirl said...

i'm glad your kitty has gotten used to her high rise living. she will be warmer there, i'm sure. :)

Beth said...

My favorite place is wherever family is. My most treasured object, my computer I guess.

Karma looks very happy in her new perching place for her bed.


Dee Ready said...

Dear Rita,
I'm so glad that we connected today. I hope to get your book in the mail tomorrow.

Karma and her cat bed remind me of every cat with whom I've ever lived. They have such a sense of place. Of the right order of things. And of course the right order is the order in which they first presented themselves. They hate change--unless it's the introduction of a luscious new treat to eat. And even that is met with much sniffing--just to be sure!

I'm glad your stamps came. Have a good evening.


Rita said...

Theresa--LOL! High rise living!! Love that! :):)

Beth--Family and the computer sound really good to me! :):)

Dee--Thank you so much!
I know! It's like the morning routine. Heaven forbid I change what I do after I get to the kitchen--LOL!
You have a great evening, too. :)

DJan said...

Cats are like the rest of us: they like things to stay the same, but of course they never do. I love that "evil eye" picture! :-)

Anonymous said...

Karma cracks me up! That is kinda what happens when I take Blues bed and wash it or like the time I got my large aquarium and it took the spot where blue's bed used to go. She just stands there looking at me like someone took here lollipop.

It is nice to have the time to catch up and really talk with someone. I bet Leah really enjoyed it too. I had to go to the hospital today to pick up some prescriptions and saw the area I used to work in and I really really miss it! I just wanted to charge in there and say okay, I'm back - put me to work! Sigh...... wish I could.

betty said...

I like what you did with Karma's bed, Rita! Keep them guessing I always say! She does look comfortable in it though! I remember two years ago we moved Koda's crate to put the Christmas tree up and it caused him to have stomach problems with stress colitis, LOL. Glad to see that Karma adjusted a bit better!

Good timing to get your cards done and then get your stamp order!


Queenie Jeannie said...

LOL! Karma looks like she's waiting to get yelled at for being on the chair, lol!!! So adorable!

How nice that you and Leah got an evening together! And how wonderful that you two have such a great relationship!!!!! I've had two MIL's and they were both nutz!

Stay warm!!!!!!

laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

thanks for the reminder Rita...get xmas stamps!

karma looks pretty comfy up there on her her bed...lOve that one picture where she has that ONE eye on you...thinking 'ok, where to next? if i go to sleep, will i magically wake up in my bed...on the table? on a shelf? in a cupboard? uh-oh, i better stay awake!'

cool cloudy sky picture too!

AliceKay said...

I worked on Christmas cards last night and got most of them done, except for close family and friends and a few that will go out next week.

I'm glad you and Leah had a nice evening together. :)

Love those pics of Karma...especially that last one. LOL

I've been pretty busy with lots of things going on around here. We also have snow and ice outside, and I have pictures, but no time to post them. I might get to that one of these days. Time for me to get to work now. Hope your Friday is a good one.

Loved the quote. (both of 'em) :)

Far Side of Fifty said...

I like the evil eye photo too! Of course Chance is my fav..I would grab him any day..and my camera second. Thank you always for your comments:)

Carolyn Dube said...

Whenever I am asked to think about the ONE place, thing, person, I find it so hard - I always have to rephrase it as the one right now. That helps some, but they are still hard for me.

Rita said...

Djan--How true! ;)

Donna--Yes, that mystified look! :)
Sometimes I deeply miss my old life, too.

Betty--Oh, poor Koda! I'm always changing things up a little for Karma because I don't want her to be bored, I guess. But she thought this was scary nuts at first--LOL! ;)

Jeannie--I am blessed to have such a wonderful DIL who is truly like the daughter I never had. :):)

Laura--So funny! Ever since I put Karma's bed up there I have had Magic Carpet Ride by Steppenwolf running through my head--ROFL!!

AliceKay--Things must be crazy over your way since you haven't been posting much. I hope all is well and settles down soon!! hugs

Connie--I grab my cell phone and camera and throw them in my bag after Karma's in her cat stroller. I should figure out a way to take my laptop, too. We have false fire alarms once or twice a year here and I always wish I had it when I am sitting in the garage waiting for the fire trucks to leave. ;)

Carolyn--I have a terrible time picking one anything, too. Even a favorite color or food or any of those common questions people ask. Variety is my middle name--LOL! ;)

Intense Guy said...

...leaving unanswered and unaddressed the "have you lost both oars", we shall move on to other commentable things...


Rita said...

Iggy--Afraid to address my oarless problem, are we? LOL! ;)

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

The picture of Karma peeking out of the cat bed - a.k.a. boat without oars ;) - is adorable. Such a cute kitty!

My favorite place is my home. I think that's where I feel most comfortable and relaxed. If I were traveling within the state, it would have to be Grand Marais - such a beautiful part of Minnesota. If I was able to pick any place to visit in the U.S., I'd go to Vermont or Oregon.

Most treasured object (aside from family and pets)? My computer - it has all my photographs from recent years...that or my scrapbooks - that have all the photographs prior to being able to upload them to a computer. When I see photographs, they bring back good memories...they bring me right back to that very moment in time.

Rita said...

Ann (or is it Anna?)--Home is always best to me, matter where it has been.

I absolutely had to visit Sven and Ole's Pizza the two times I made it up to Grand Marais and order their chicken and wild rice pizza!! Delicious!!

Since I started blogging and have met all these wonderful people, I think my laptop should probably rate higher--and would if it were smaller to grab as I raced out of the apartment--LOL! ;)

Desiree said...

I think it's rather fitting that your favourite place is right there in your home, at your desk, where you feel safe and connected. Definitely no problem in that at all! To have a favourite place anywhere else means we really need to be as intimate with that place as our own home. The old sayings about there being no place like home and East, West, home's best were voicing a fundamentally universal truth. Home is where our heart is and where we feel happiest.
Also, I think it's absolutely fitting that Karma is your number one special treasure! She's making herself everyone's treasure out here in Blog Land, too :)
Again, I love the pictures you've shared here! Please DO think about writing her story. You could even do it as a series of Children's books, using many of your wonderful pictures. I just know she'd be instantly embraced by all who meet her!!!

Rita said...

Desiree--Home is definitely where the heart is, yes!! :) Thanks so very much! Karma does have her own following in blogland--LOL! ;)

Toriz said...

I had trouble with that meditation too; I ended up by the seaside, though I think the fact I could hear the sea and wind roaring outside was more the reason for that than anything. And as for the object... I couldn't think of one clearly, because - like you - though I love my "things" they're just things, and though I wouldn't want to have to give them up (some of them have memories atatched that mean a lot, after all) I'd sooner give them all up and make sure Kero was safe than attempt to rescue any object I own. After all, the memories would be there even without the objects, right?

Rita said...

Tori--That's my trouble with guided meditations--my mind goes off because of something they say or what they ask you to visualize that I have trouble with or have no quick answer for--LOL! ;)