Monday, December 05, 2011


All weekend I worked on Christmas cards and letters. Karma's usually using my foot for a pillow, but she decided nearby was good enough and stuck to her cat bed.
The floor is cooler in the winter. ;)
I am still not done, but I have this stack ready for postage.
The little pine forest cards will be on their way as soon as my USPS stamp order arrives.
I did have a few stamps left, so a stack of cards and letters went into the post today.
The only snowflakes I saw briefly yesterday were like like tiny, jerky gnats being swooped up the side of the building. They flitted about erratically but became invisible upon the ground. Lasted only a few minutes, as if Mother Nature was pondering whether to snow or not and abruptly changed her mind.
To get in the holiday mood I put on It's a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Story while I wrote. Love them both! It's a Wonderful Life is my all-time favorite. Do you have a very favorite Christmas movie?
Today I am washing clothes and, hopefully, finishing the Christmas cards. It's 5 degrees and sunny. Supposed to stay cold and clear for a few days.
Stay warm...or cool, as the case may be...and have a fantastic week...and spread around a few of those free smiles!
"We will be known forever by the tracks we leave."
Dakota proverb


Intense Guy said...

I've gotten 3 holiday cards already! And I've only made a list of people to send some too - I feel time slipping away - but all I want to do is sleep like Karma...

laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

karma!! you almost look a little too big for your bed!! aaaaaaw...but you look so cozy & comfy!!

rita...what a great stack of handmade cards! how did you do the trees? are they each drawn on there or what??!! wow!! very nice.

FIVE degrees!! at least it's a SUNNY FIVE!

i love the quote! i'm going to save that one!! :)
>keep on smiling...and feel good...oh, and stay warm!<

Furry Bottoms said...

Wow, look at all those cards you've already made! I don't think I'll be able to send out many cards this year at all :(

TexWisGirl said...

it is cool (40) and damp here in Texas so cold (5 degrees!) sounds terrible! :)

Barbara B said...

You are well on your way to getting all the holiday duties done! I didn't send cards last year...don't know if I'll get to it this year. Hope you are staying warm.

Serena Lewis said...

You've been busy, Rita...that's quite a stack! I love It's a Wonderful Life with James Stewart! I don't think I've ever seen A Christmas Story.

Love that quote too ~

Serena xo

Rita said...

Iggy--I know what you mean! This cold weather makes me want to curl up in my chair with a blanket and not move. Karma's got the right idea--LOL!

Laura--If she curled up like a normal cat, she'd have lots of room. But she likes this bed because she can push up against the sides of it with her back, butt, and head. She's just strange that way.
The trees were a rubber stamp, actually. Easy peasy! We fell in love with that little row of uneven evergreens. Then we put a gold star on top of one tree in the forest. :)
Yes, lucky it is a sunny 5 degrees--LOL!
Have a great week!

Nikki--So many people don't send out Christmas cards any more. The stamps keep going up, but Leah and I keep making our cards every year. I hope you get to send out a few. They get even more special now that people aren't sending them all the time, you know? ;)

Theresa--I haven't been outside to know, but it usually isn't so bad if you don't have much wind. The snow (if we had any) crunches under your feet. You must remember well from your years in Wisconsin. ;)

Carolyn Dube said...

You handmade them all? Wow! I must admit I used shutterfly with a digital image I created. My cards are heading out soon too- it will feel good to get them out!

Beth said...

Good job on getting the Christmas cards mailed. Mine have dwindled down to a precious few which I will mail this week.

Karma looks so comfy in her bed! I am a bit envious too.


Gwen said...

I love the elegant simplicity of your cards, just beautiful!
My favourite film will possibly be White Christmas with Bing and co.
I must admit that I don't go a bundle on Christmas, but I do like the old films.

Anonymous said...

I read the quote at the bottom and thought... I don't have to worry much because I don't even leave the house most of the time LOL

I love your Christmas cards! The envelopes are so pretty! I love how prepared you are. You are so organized. Not only have you made your cards already but in the last post you mentioned your stamps are ordered and on the way. I usually run out of stamps and have to get more. I'll have to take some lessons from you and get organized!

Desiree said...

I love seeing these daily pics of Karma! I really do find myself looking forward to them :) Did Karma even get to lick up any of those fleeting snowflakes?
Your cards are looking very good. You seem to have a ton of people with whom you communicate and swap cards! I'm almost ashamed to admit I no longer send out a single card. Mine are all electronic and, yes, I know they aren't the same. Come to think of it, we hardly receive any real cards anymore either. The few we do get are from business associates.
I enjoy a good Christmas movie, but I seldom watch movies or TV and so I cannot recall ever having had a favourite. I'll try to make a point of watching at least one this year for you, OK?
I'm off to bed now. See you again, soon.

Rubye Jack said...

Your cards are so pretty Rita.
5 degrees is crazy. I really cannot even imagine that kind of cold.
I woke up to a beautiful snow this morning here in SE Oklahoma, with everything covered in about 3 inches of perfection. It's 2:20 pm now and it's mostly all mush.

Queenie Jeannie said...

What pretty cards!!! Great job! Today I got 11 done, (10 Christmas, 1 Sympathy). For me, that's amazingly fast crafting!!!! Hopefully I can keep this pace up because they should already be in the mail! Yikes!

Karma looks comfy!!! I hope you enjoyed your R&R break - I know my knee is singing a merry tune right now!

My favorite is "Elf", although Christmas Story is a near second!!!

AliceKay said...

I think Karma has the right idea...curl up in bed and keep warm.

Your Christmas cards are nice. You're way ahead of me. I haven't even started mine yet. I bought the stamps at the post office last week, tho.

It's windy and gloomy here today. I think it's getting cooler out there, too. Mid-50s...unseasonably warm for this time of year, but the colder weather is approaching. My friend who lives near Abilene, Texas, was getting snow this morning. (crazy weather)

Nice quote. :)

Rita said...

BarbaraB--Hello! Greetings! I will check out your blog. Don't know whether to say stay warm or cool--LOL! :)

Serena--You haven't seen A Christmas Story about the boy who wants the Red Rider BB Gun for Christmas? I hope you get a chance to see it and let me know if you thought it was funny and silly with some sweet thrown in. ;)
I think I'd watch Jimmy Stewart in anything. :):)

Carolyn--Yes, Leah (DIL) and I plan and work on our Christmas cards together every year now the past several years. [And when she met me she thought it was crazy and she'd never do such a thing--LOL! Got her hooked!]
Having prints made up of something original is still very much a handmade card, too, in my book. I did it one year. Much faster, too! Hummm...maybe next year? ;)

Beth--I do them in segmented piles. Some get signed, some get a short note, and a few get an actual handwritten letter because we are not in contact during the year...or I just feel like it--ROFL! I'm still working on the letters. My favorite time to have on Christmas movies or Christmas carols playing. :) Hope to have them all done before the stamps get here. ;)

Gwen--Thanks so much re: the cards.
White Christmas is a good one! I have a soft spot for a lot of old films, too. I hate when they colorize the old black and whites! :(

Donna--LOL! You're so silly!! :)
That top envelope you saw on the pile that just went off in the mail today...well, it's actually a vellum envelope and what you are seeing is the pretty card inside the envelope.
I was always organized. Then when you live alone and have no transportation and/or can't leave the house much...well, I got even MORE organized--LOL! Give me any reason, right? ;)

Desiree--You are not alone. Miss Karma has her own following--LOL! If I don't post a picture of her for a few days I get emails! There was nothing for her to lick. Big disappointment.
I am a lover of handwritten letters and handmade cards...well, even printed off mailed letters and store-bought cards, for that matter. Always have been. Write to around 20 people during the year...some occasionally and some often. Nowdays I am considered quite old-fashioned, I guess. ;)
Oh, yes! Please! Watch a Christmas movie this year. :):):) See you soon!

carol l mckenna said...

Loving Karma and your Xmas cards ~thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor) Happy CED

Christine said...

Very lovely Christmas cards.. and wonderful to watch Christmas movies while doing errands...My fav would have to be Miracle on 34th St.... all versions... they are each unique in their own way..
thank you for stopping by my blog.. always a pleasure.

Rita said...

Rubye--Oh, you got that warm snow! The thick fat flakes that melt sloppily away pretty quickly on those days that the temps are just cold enough to snow at night and just warm enough to melt it all away by midday. But the clean fresh sight of that white morning blanket--priceless. ;)

Jeannie--You never make two cards the same either, right? That's a lot for you! I've had too many scrambling early December years--LOL! That's why we went nice and simple this year, or I'd be struggling to finish 80 cards right now. ;)
My shoulders and back are what are doing me in right now with all the writing, but I am pretty close to being done. I might have to take a break today.
Elf was better than I expected. I have a hard time with him, to be honest. Some things I like okay and others I don't. Kind of like me and Adam Sandler or Jim Carry. When they get too sophomoric...that's not my kind of humor, I guess. But they are well-loved by millions!
Good luck with your Christmas cards, Lady!! :):)

AliceKay--At least you got the stamps! One step done. :)
Snowing in Texas and not in Fargo! What is the world coming to! Crazy weather, is right. Enjoy your heat wave! Have a good week!! :)

Toriz said...

Can I curl up with Karma? It's cold here, and I'm another one who thinks cold weather is perfect for curling up and not doing much of anything!

My favourite Christmas movie is "Santa Claus - The movie"... It's an old one that I've watched pretty much every year for as long as I can remember. I usually watch it on Christmas Eve though. I also really enjoy "One Magic Christmas" (another old one) and "Miracle On 34th Street" (both versions).

Rita said...

Carol L--Thanks! :)

Christine--Oh, I like Miracle on 34th Street, too! Especially the old version. And A Christmas Carol--several versions with Ebanezer--hehe! ;) A pleasure to see you, too! :)

Tori--I imagine Kero must want to cuddle right up next to you, too, when it's cold. Karma's either in her bed or snuggled up between my legs under the laptop--LOL!
I'm not even sure if I know One Magic Christmas. I'll have to look that one up. Santa Claus:The Movie is a newer movie to me--LOL! I just watched the old Grinch cartoon on TV, too, and a Charlie Brown Christmas. They're not movies, but they're classics.
Stay warm and give Karo a neck scratch for me. :)

Carol said...

Your cards are very nice!!! I 'm still working on mine...almost done :0) Your kitty looks so comfy my kitties are crawling all over me as I try to type.

DJan said...

In Colorado, we had lots of five-degree days, and even colder. I remember trying to start my car when it was minus 20... it didn't.

Your cards are perfect, just simply lovely. Karma really does conk out, doesn't she? :-)

Rita said...

Carol--Oh, nothing better than kitties crawling all over you as you type!! :):)
Sounds like we will both be done with cards soon!

Djan--Yes, if it gets cold enough cars sometimes won't start. My first car was Pacer and it started without fail. 70 below windchill sitting outside and she'd kick over. Some cars are touchy as all get out.
I think it's a cat thing. They can be so totally and completely relaxed from the tip of their nose to the last hair on their tail that I swear it can lower your blood pressure just looking at them. ;)

betty said...

Karma does look cute sleeping in her bed! You were industrious to get all the cards ready to be mailed! My sister used to like to watch the old Christmas movies like White Christmas and Holiday Inn when we were growing up and she would bake around Christmas. I like the animated cartoon of How the Grinch Stole Christmas, that is a favorite of mine!


Artoholic said...

Rita you are so good and SO productive you leave me well in the shade! I have all good intentions for my own cards - I bought the card stock yesterday, but as usual life gets in the way...

Karma has the right idea at this time of year!

Rita said...

Betty--My back and shoulders were too sore yesterday to work on Christmas letters, but today I'll be back at it. ;)
I used to bake a lot over the holidays but haven't done much for years. Living alone--that's just too many cookies--ROFL!!
I remember taking Dagan to downtown Dayton's in Minneapolis (where they'd do an entire floor for Christmas and Santa) when they had the Grinch theme one year. He's 37, so it makes me wonder when that cartoon came out. I'll have to google it--LOL! ;)

Cindy--Well, keep in mind...I also don't work and am home 24/7--LOL! My body is the only thing holding me back. ;)
It's been awfully cold here so far this winter. Karma does have the right idea. :):)

Dee Ready said...

Dear Rita,
I awoke today to a dusting of snow and immediately my heart leaped to delight. I so love snow. Much of that is because my brother snow blows for me and I'm retired and so I don't have to warm up the car and travel the highways to get to work.

I don't have a favorite movie, but I do have a favorite book on tape. It's "Winter Solstice" by Rosamund Pilcher. I listen to the 10 tapes throughout the month of December. It's become a Christmas tradition for me.

I wonder how Karma and the cats with whom I live would get along????


Rita said...

Dee--I know! I have always loved the snow, but I love it more now that I don't have to shovel or do the car things in my forced retirement--LOL!
Listening to books on tape sounds like a great tradition. :)
I have no idea how Karma would react to other cats. She's been an only cat all her life here with me. She'd probably initially be freaked out, but she's insatiably who knows? :):)
Hope you're having a great week.

giddy up said...

Rita, sounds like you have been busy! You just reminded me that I need to add Christmas cards to my list of to-do's. Your are beautiful!

Rita said...

Karen--Yup! Time to get the cards in the mail soon. Hope you're having a great week!! :):)

Jennibellie said...

Wow, Rita you've been one busy lady! Great job, and thank you for the pics of karma, I've missed not seeing her the past week lol x

Friko said...

I still have it all to do this year. Perhaps some of it just won't get done. It's better for me tis year to enjoy the season than to race around like a mad woman.

Cards are a lovely job, I usually listen to some ancient music and drink a glass of mulled wine while I am writing them.

Tracey FK said...

Your cards are just perfect and even your pile of post looks beautiful... amazing... mine is currently a mish mash all over the studio... need to take a leaf out of your book and get more organised...xx

Rita said...

Jenny--LOL! I never go too long without Karma pictures or I get emails--hehe!

Friko--Not as many people send Christmas cards anymore. I don't even decorate the past few years living alone. You can holiday spirit regardless. ;)

Tracey--Being disorganized and surrounded by chaos is supposed to be the sign of a true artist! ;)

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

Karma looks so comfy ~ I wish I could join her!!

I LOVE "It's A Wonderful Life"!! I don't think I'll ever get tired of it! Honeybunny's favorite is "Miracle on 34th St" and I've never seen it or "A Christmas Story" ~ I"m missing out I'm sure!

Hope the snow holds off for you a little while longer. I'm sure you'll have more than enough by and by ~ I'm sure a few more days of clear streets will come in handy for everyone trying to get their Christmas shopping done!

Aliene said...

Rita, I just got home from the hospital and saw your comment. I was in there for 3 days with A-Fib. Hopefully the doctor found a medication to slow my heart rate down. I am much better.

I an glad you let me know you got the circle letter. I have idea how many more before me. I am last before Kathleen.
I wanted to send Christmas cards
but may not get the circle letter in time. Would you happen to have a copy of the address? If so, would you e-mail to me here.
Thanks and have a good week. I have joined your blog and will be back more often. I have been having trouble for quite a few months but we think we found that the blood pressure med I was long caused a lot of the symptons.

Rita said...

Donna--You and I have the same favorite Christmas movie! I watch it every year. You really should see the other two movies. Really. ;)
For driving, streets are always better without snow or ice--true, true. We'll get snow soon enough, I suppose. But we better have some before Christmas or I will have a blue Christmas. ;)

Aliene--I sure hope you are remain much better! I had all kinds of extra symptoms for the meds I was on. When I weaned myself off the meds things improved. Crazy how they give you some medication and that gives you a side effect and they give you another medication for the side effect...etc, etc.
I emailed you my Circle Letter list that I made on the computer. I hope to have the letter in the mail in a couple days. :):)

Gwen said...

Hi Rita.
I was looking for your email address to say thak you for your lovely comments. But I can't find an email address for you. Anyway just to say it is really kind of you to comment on my blog and very encouraging.
Thanks, they are really welcome!

Rita said...

Love to hear from you! Thanks so much! :):)

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

Have you seen "White Christmas"? I can't even begin to tell you how many times that Sophia, Olivia, and I have watched that film. Sometimes when they see it at the library, they'll check it out - even if it is the middle of the summer.

I remember seeing the movie the first time on a black and white t.v. when I was a teenager. The costumes - even in black and white - were beautiful. I woke my sister from a sound sleep just so she could see the pretty costumes too. Not sure if she appreciated it, but I know it made such a good impression on it has my daughters.

Rita said...

Ann--Oh yes! But haven't seen it for years now. Love the songs...well, look who's in the movie! And I remember big windows and snow falling...and saving the resort. :)
But It's A Wonderful Life is still my all-time favorite. Love the message.
Hope you're having a good weekend. :)