Thursday, December 22, 2011


I took the cat bed off the chair for a couple days, but Karma seemed to miss it so much...
...and she sleeps soooo soundly in it up there (no fear of being stepped on)...that I put it back.
Speaking of spoiled... ;)
Dagan and Leah dropped off the cat foods from the healthy natural pet food store. Karma now has her healthier canned foods for her heaping tablespoon in the morning (a can lasts her about a week so she's stocked up)...
...and her favorite dry food in the whole world...Felidae (for senior and overweight cats but don't tell her).
I did another page spread today...well, during the night. Another method completely different and new to me...
...used Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pads (Tumbled Glass, Bundled Sage, and Scattered Straw)...
...directly smearing the ink pads right on to the watercolor paper, which was probably a little too absorbent for them but it worked. These made a nice background, I think.
I will definitely try some other colors together that I have.
They did blend well like they claim. I wonder if they picked up color from each other as I used them? I see people do these things all the time on youtube and they say it works and won't ruin the ink pads. Knowing me...I'll probably go back and try them each on a piece of scratch paper just to see if they're okay--LOL!
Move a chair...catch a cat. ;)
I signed up for another free online class in January through Wet Canvas. Essentials of Painting Skies from 1-3:30pm on Saturdays (Jan 14, 21, and 28). Some kind of live streaming class, I believe. You know how little I know about these things. I am hoping I can figure it out...and that, if I can't make the live class, there will be a recorded version. Sounded like they could only take so many people live because people could start checking in at 12:30pm to get a spot--and it sounded like when it was full it was full? So they must do a recording...well, you'd think, right? Or else why have too many people sign up in the first place?
In the description it said that these techniques would work for any medium...but watercolor is so different from acrylics and oils?? My favorite is watercolor, but I am curious about the others, too. Well--hey--at least it is free, right? If I can't figure any of this out I am not out anything but my time and effort--LOL!
Dagan and Leah left one of their cars here in the parking lot last night. They're going to go visit Dagan's dad over Christmas and I am going to go over and check on Sammy and Annie on Friday or Saturday for them. Dagan said they would probably be just fine but that I would be the cats' Christmas present--LOL! :):)
Then they said that maybe they could leave the Gallant for me and car pool to work together so that I could use their car to go to the Federal Housing appointment on the 3rd. But I don't want to put them out...and I think I should try the senior bus service.....
Well, we decided to talk about it next week. We are having our Christmas dinner next Wednesday on the 28th. They said I could just keep the car till then, drive over to their place, and then one of them can drive me home afterwards. Dagan wants ham with baked veggies, he said. Leah was smiling. Sounds good to me! I don't eat the ham, but I love potatoes and all kinds of veggies...and Leah said they still have some boca burgers in the freezer, too. Nice! I'll be looking forward to that.
Anyways, just a couple more days, folks! This year went so fast. Hard to believe 2011 is almost over. I hope everybody has plans for the holidays that you are looking forward to with great anticipation.
Be thankful, safe, and happy!! :):)
"Wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving."
Khalil Gibran


DJan said...

I always look forward to hearing what's going on in your world, Rita. Hope you can figure out that class, it sounds really interesting. And give Karma a nice petting for me, okay? I've grown quite attached to her! :-)

Beth said...

Good Morning Rita. I hope you were able to get some much needed rest.
I am glad you have a car to use for the next few days. I hope you can get out and get some fresh air.

I love the photos of Karma.


Anonymous said...

You are one busy woman! I have insomnia and I don't know if you have tired this but Melatonin is a natural way to get some sleep. I'm sure you know all about it but in case you don't... It's what is in milk when you warm it up that makes you sleepy. It just relaxes you. Anyway just a thought.

Rita said...

Djan--Awww! I'm glad you've grown fond of my crazy cat! ;)
The class sounds especially interesting to me since I have been letting my blog family in on my sky fetish this past year--ROFL!! Wouldn't it be cool to be able to paint a prairie sunrise of my own!? That's the plan--hehe! :)

Beth--I got about 4 hours yesterday. Hope to get more than that today.
I will be out and about a little bit anyways...over to Dagan and Leah's in West Fargo. That's something. :)
Glad you like to see what Karma's been up to, too. :):)

Melynda--Ahhh! Melatonin. I have tried it several times, several brands. Never did anything for me. Just like sleeping pills. I take the pills and am still awake 8-10 hours later. No effect. I've tried keeping track of what I eat, what I do, etc...nothing seems to make a lick of difference. I just have kind of accepted that I have lost control of my physical life--ROFL! Seriously, though...I have. ;)

TexWisGirl said...

that karma kitty is too cute (and a bit 'round'!)

Deanna said...

This year definitely went way too fast! That streaming live class sounds good. I believe they have to limit the number of participants probably because the servers providing the stream will slow down if too many are on it. Hopefully they will record it and post for all to see.

Karma is such a lucky kitty!

Furry Bottoms said...

I really love how Karma hangs out on that chair. Just chilling in her own way! :)

Toriz said...

This year went by too fast; but it was a reasonably good year, I think! :)

Glad Karma's all set, and has her bed on the chair back. :)

LOL @ you being Sammy and Annie's Christmas present; I'm sure they'll be pleased to see you!

I hope Dagan and Leah have a safe trip, and that you all enjoy your dinner when you have it.

In case I don't get on here again (since I'm only on here now while glitter glue is drying on the decoration I'm making)... Merry Christmas! :)

Rubye Jack said...

Karma is so very precious.
Good luck with the online class. It sounds like fun.

Intense Guy said...

Karma looks like she really likes being in the chair. I would if she'd like to be even high yet... say on top of a table or even a bookshelf or fridge? :)

Sounds like your wonderful "kids" are are going to make sure you have a set of wheels and get around one way or another... they are so thoughtful!

Serena Lewis said...

I don't understand how the live streaming classes work either so can't offer any advice unfortunately. Good luck with setting it all up though.

It sounds like Karma is all set for the holidays.

It's lovely that Dagan and Leah are leaving one of the cars for you to use while they're away and for your appointment. I'm sure their cats will love seeing you too.

Nice work with the Distress Inks!

It sure is hard to believe 2011 is almost over. Where did it go??? lol

I hope you have a safe and happy holiday season too, Rita.

Love and hugs,
Serena xo

Donna Jean said...

Oh Karma looks so sweet there I just want to snuggle with her. Chris bought me this super soft blanket that feels like a stuffed animal on one side and its blue plaid on the other side. Its the softest blanket in the world! When I pulled it out and sat in my spot blue came sneaking up to check it out. First she slides under the part that hands off the couch and then watching to see if I'm looking she'll pull a little off. If I move to put something on my side table she will take the opportunity to pull a little more and then before I know it she has it all.

That class sounds fun. My watercolor teacher has taught me how to make skies. I can't imagine how it would work with other mediums. I hope you get a spot live and can't wait to hear more about it.

I've been feeling so bad that I'm just going to keep resting.

Cat food sure comes in pretty packages. Dog food doesn't.

Rita said...

Theresa--Oh yes! Karma and I are both quite round! LOL!

Deanna--Oh, I suppose that's it. The server might crash. True. That's probably why. :)

Nikki--She was so freaked out by her bed being up there at first and now it is like the best spot on earth--LOL! ;)

Tori--Dagan had such a big smile when he told me I was Sammy and Annie's Christmas present. Really sweet!
Merry Christmas to you, too!! Even if yours is brown, too. ;)

Rubye--LOL! Karma's a big, old, giant ball of precious with an attitude. ;)
Merry Christmas, lady!! :)

Iggy--I wonder how much higher she'd be comfortable. I tried it on my bed and that was good, too...but then she can't keep an eye on me. She's not allowed on the tables and counters (not that she doesn't sneak up there when I'm sleeping) so I think the chair is as high as we will get. But she may dream she's on a mountain top for all we know. :)
I got your card with the invisible message!!! Aren't we silly!! I love it! :):)
Well, they are so thoughtful...but if PitaPaseo isn't repairable I should use the senior bus and not bother them all the time, you know. I'm still debating. But they are just so good to me. Chokes me up sometimes.

Serena--I've never tried a live streaming class so I will let everyone know how it goes, of course.
Sammy and Annie love the company. They do get a big lonely when Dagan and Leah are gone so I hang around over there for an hour or two.
I hope you have a great Christmas and that Reece and Sarina travel safely home, too, my friend. :):)

Donna--Blue knows a good snuggle blanket--hehe!
I know! Watercolors use such different techniques than acrylics or oils. Be interesting, anyways.
I hope you feel better soon. I hate the long bad spells, too.
Merry Christmas! :)

Dee Ready said...

Dear Rita,
Wow! To be the cats' Christmas gift!

I'm glad you found a class that interests you and that is free. I wasn't sure though--do you have to actually go to the class? Or is this all on-line. I'm confused!


Rita said...

Dee--Yes, I was Sammy and Annie's Christmas Eve gift today for a couple of hours...and even read them some of Dulcy's book. ;)
The class is online. Live streaming--kind of like watching a live youtube video. That is why I hope they record it for those of us who miss the live online class so that we can watch it later. :)

Trixie said...

Hi Karma! Dude and Booties say hi too! MEow! I hope you had a great xmas and got into lots of trouble!

Dear Rita, I want to thank yuo for always stopping by my blog. I finally was able to get back to yours and saw you had a place to follow and email sign up. I thought I WAS following but I guess not. I updated my Art a DAy site and I am going to be doing Goddess Circle all 2012 starting in January.

I sure would love it if you put As Days Go By

and Art a Day Keeps the Crazies Away

on your blogrolls. IF you don't I understand. I am going to add you to mine either way. Take care and have a good one!

Rita said...

Trisha--I was already following the Art a Day blog and I added the As Days Go By one now, too. But, I have to say I was totally confused by the new look on the Art A Day blog (I am easily confused, not very computer savvy, and haven't ever seen this format before) and couldn't find anything about the Goddess Circle. Maybe you hadn't posted about it yet. I'm hoping. ;) Best to you! :)