Monday, December 26, 2011


Karma is only mildly interested in kitchen activities, but yesterday proved to be more interesting than usual.
After I chatted with you I started making a cabbage, onion, carrot, and potato soup. Not too long ago Dagan sharpened all my knives while Leah was getting things ready for the dehydrator. Those knives have been dull for years and years so I was being ultra careful while I chopped veggies.
Warning: Stop right here if you have a weak stomach and skip to the end.
Well, have you ever had an accident happen so fast that you had no clue as to the actual logistics? As I was cleaning up, mind in three places at once (may have been a contribution), relieved I made it through the slicing and dicing (overconfidence may have been a contribution, too), somehow this wet knife...
...slipped out of my right hand under the faucet (dang slippery metal handle!) and landed on the back of the index finger of my left hand as I was swiping small pieces of veggies into the garbage disposal. Hit hard and bounced into the sink.
You know how when you do something like this there is no pain for a few seconds...or is that just knowledge too familiar to me because of all my minor accidents? LOL! Anyways, the bleeding started as I was quickly trying to put two knives (last items) into the dishwasher...shockingly large red dripping onto the white dishwasher door. Had to use my other hand to catch the blood as I went back to the sink.
I put my finger under the faucet, switched it from hot to cold, and pressed on the wound. I could see it was a good clean slice maybe an inch long that ran at a slight angle down the length of the center bone. I could bend my finger. The muscles were intact. So, as long as the bleeding stopped I'd be fine...barring infection, of course.
So, I kept it under the cold running water and pressed on the wound to keep it together until the bleeding subsided. Then I took a clean paper towel, folded it long and narrow, wrapped it around my finger to press the wound closed, and got a clean washcloth and an ice cube. I sat with my elbow up on a pillow on the arm of my lounge chair, hand in the air, with the ice cube on the top until the cold and wet soaked through to my finger.
It was throbbing and hurt like the dickens, of course, but the ice numbed it a little. I started sending the wound healing energy.
After about 20 minutes I unwound the paper towel to look. The bleeding was under control. I cut the paper towel wrapping in half so I had a clean half to rewrap...and to judge for new bleeding...and headed to the bathroom to dig around for supplies.
Unwrapped the finger and soaked the cut in hydrogen peroxide for a few minutes, gobbed the wound with aloe vera jelly, placed a sterile gauze pad on top, and wrapped it with a big knuckle bandage. (Notice that I own knuckle bandages and sterile gauze--LOL!) This is definitely the biggest cut I have dealt with at home, though.
I did spend quite a bit of time doing some energy work on the wound. When I started right after I got it wrapped in the paper towel with the ice cube...the pain went away. I have been in no pain unless I bump it or press against it. :):)
Anyways, the first things I thought of were that I was glad Dagan and Leah had left me their car if I did have to go to the hospital and that this puts me out of commission for art or crafts until this heals. ;) My brother and SIL will have to get old birthday cards from last year this coming January. Luckily I do have a few extras.
I have to chuckle. This seems like how this whole year has gone. One step forward and three steps back. Very slow to make progress on various projects. My goal list has very little checked off this year--LOL! Oh well. That's life. Sometimes you're in the game and sometimes you're on the sidelines. ;)
I didn't sleep long or well. I think I was afraid of the cut breaking open, but there's no sign of blood on the bandage this morning. It still looks exactly like these pictures I took yesterday.
I haven't worked up to removing the bandage yet this morning. Just woke up and decided to dive right in and tell you what a foolish thing I did. I hope if I keep doing the Healing Touch/Soul Comfort that it will heal nicely and quickly. :)
The soup was delicious! ;)
See you soon.
Warning...maybe even with a picture if it's not too gnarly! The description was probably worse than seeing the cut itself--LOL!
This quote today always gives me hope.
Happy Monday!! :):)
"Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal."
Thomas Moore


Beth said...

OUCH!! I am so sorry you hurt your hand. A cut is so painful. A couple of years ago the glass bathroom mirror fell off in my bathroom at my old home. what a mess. I called 911 and the paramedics came and helped me. Do take care of yourself.


DJan said...

Yikes! Good thing it wasn't worse, and thank heavens you had all the right tools. And you're right: that quote is perfect for both of us these days! :-)

Desiree said...

I am impressed with your wound wrapping ability! I can well believe how painful it must have been and am glad to know it's under control. I like the sound of your healing energy. Maybe describe what you do in a future post? I'm keen to know how effective it has been with this cut. The soup looked yummy. I love a good vegetable soup! Karma, you have already stolen my heart. I really don't have anymore left, yet that expression of yours taunts me so. What a beauty you are! I am sure you and Dulcy are in cahoots to overpower the world with your personalities!

TexWisGirl said...

had to skip over a bunch of this post. knives get me geeked out. yikes!

Anonymous said...

OMGOSH!!!!! Be careful!
um... waiter, there's a finger in my soup!

I can't believe you cleaved yourself on Christmas. You know, I have never heard of the healing energy thing. That is interesting. I am not squeamish when it comes to things like that (well, except my own blood) but every time something happens I turn it into a biology lesson LOL I ripped my big toe nail off one time and I have a picture of my nailbed.

Healing vibes from Alaska...

Deanna said...

I've always heard that dull knives are the most dangerous. Errrr, maybe not... I'm glad you are ok, but that sounds like one nasty cut. Get all the bad stuff out of the way as you ring in the new year!

Vicki Holdwick said...

Ooh! Ouch! Sorry about the cut, but the soup looks delicious!!


Rita said...

Beth--Yah! It was an ouch, for sure. I hate cuts! I'm glad you were okay with your disaster with the mirror! I'll watch it closely for infection. :)

Djan--Ha! A good quote for the both of us, for sure! ;) Oh, it could have been a lot worse, for sure!! I was very lucky. That knife was razor sharp!

Desiree--Once I spent the 15-20 minutes focusing on the healing energy while I had the ice cube on it...well, honestly, all that throbbing pain went away. It still hurts when I have to mess with it to change the bandages (I was delighted at how well it looked Monday) or bump it, of course, but it doesn't bother me right now. Mainly it is the keeping the bandages dry that is the problem and keeps you from being able to do a lot of things. I'll talk a little more about the energy work. I think everybody can do it. :)
Dulcy! That reminds me...I got distracted by the knife and forgot about reading the rest of the book! Got to get back to it. ;)

Theresa--That's why I had a warning. I know it freaks some people out. I'll warn you when I post a picture of the cut, too, so you can scroll past quickly. I'll have to post pictures because I am amazed at how great it is looking already! Sorry, Theresa. ;)

Donna--Finger in my soup! You're so bad!! LOL!
I guess I will have to talk about the energy work...and go back and find the links to where I have already written about it, too.
Thanks! Long distance healing is possible...and I will accept the charges from Alaska--hehe! I know--silly me! :)

Deanna--Well, for me it wasn't my good old dull knives--LOL! I'm blaming it on that metal handle being so slippery under the running water...but I wasn't paying close enough attention, obviously, too. ;)
Yes, start the new year out fresh!! :):)

Anonymous said...

I do things like this on a daily basis. I slammed my forehead into a wooden chair today on accident. I hit so hard I have a nice goose egg! Hope it heals up fast lady.

giddy up said...

Oh my Rita! Ouch! I am glad that you are doing okay. Be safe and have a Happy New Year!

Barbara B said...

So sorry you cut your finger. Owie! But you knew just what to do. The soup looks fantastic.

Serena Lewis said...

I was silly enough to try and catch a falling Stay-sharp knife once...pain and lots of blood followed so you have my sympathy. OUCH! At least the soup turned out great. :)

Healing vibes heading your way,

Love and hugs,
Serena xo

Jenny Woolf said...

Oh! horrible ! and things with hands are always hard because of course you only have one hand to deal with the problem.

Sounds like you did very well to deal with the injury so well, and I hope it now heals well. How frustrating that it will stop you progressing with things you want to do. I dwish you lots of luck in achieving more goals in 2012.

Queenie Jeannie said...

Oh my!!! I was always so afraid of this happening to me when I got my Pampered Chef knife set! Those babies are SHARP!!! I'm sorry this happened to you, but glad that it was something that you could deal with without having to go to the ER!

Your soup looked delicious!!! Now I'm wanting some, lol! If I bring the fresh bread, will you share???

Your package will go out tomorrow, Priority Mail. I'll send a tracking number after Thomas takes care of it! Hugs!

Rita said...

Vicki--You feel so stupid when things like this happen, but the soup is delicious! ;)

Melynda--Ouch! I hit my head and shins a lot, too! We should probably both slow dwn, eh? LOL! ;)

Karen--I'd better stay safe for a while--hehe! Happy new year to you, too! :)

BarbaraB--I hope I did everything well enough that I don't get infection. That is the part you hope you don't have to deal with. I've been pretty lucky as far as that goes. I'm going to go heat up a big bowl after I get done online here...yum! ;)

Serena--Oh, ouch-ouch-ouch!! Sounds like something I would do--LOL! Thank you for the healing energy, my friend!! I'll take all I can get!! :):) xoxo

Jenny--I know! Then you have to try to open things and bandage with one hand. Luckily it was my left hand and I am right handed. :):)
Well, I must have been meant to take a break, I guess. Time to contemplate the coming year and do more reading...and maybe have a shorter goal list for 2012--ROFL! ;)

Jeannie--I was seriously thinking I might have had to go to the ER for this one just because it was so deep and wouldn't stop bleeding. I think a lot of blood went down the drain--LOL! But it is doing amazingly well.
Sure would! Fresh bread and soup and good company--yummm!!
I'm excited!! Even though it will be a while before I can use the dies, I'm very good at planning when I am sidelined. I have had a lot of practice these past few years--ROFL! ;) Thanks!!!

AliceKay said...


(goes to the post above to read more...i noticed pics as i slid down to this post)

Anonymous said...

Oooh I see how you hurt your poor finger now, and seeing that big ole knife makes me cringe for sure, ouchies Im surprised you didnt need stitches. When we first moved here I was wiping down a wall in the kitchen and needless to say I didnt see this piece of metal on the wall that was there to hold the fridge when moving I guess anyways I ran my hand right down it and cut it good I couldnt freak out too much because my kids were with me also but I did have to drive myself to the doc for stitches LOL

Rita said...

AliceKay--Yup! A big ouch! ;)

Lynn--If I had gone in I'm sure they would have given me several stitches. It's doing well, though. I would have had a scar regardless. ;)
That sounds like a bad one you got, too. They happen so quickly, don't they?

Intense Guy said...

Ouch and wince...

I do hope it heals - it sounds like your first aid box needs some of that "glue stitches" stuff - I've heard its like airplane glue - you just "glue yourself" back together...

I'm glad the knife was sharp - a dull one would have caused more havoc!

Please keep a close eye on it though - :(

Rita said...

Iggy--Oh, that does sound weird...the gluing yourself together! But it might have been handy when I could see down to the bone--LOL! Puts a whole new meaning on "coming unglued"!
Yes, I'm actually glad it was newly sharpened. Cleaner cut. I will keep a close eye on it, I promise. :):)

Toriz said...

Ouch! So that's what you did.

Maybe you should just put the dishes right in the dishwasher and not wash them first. (Sorry... Couldn't resist, LOL!)

And, yes, I know... That's what happened when I sliced my finger when cutting the apple earlier in the year. "It's fine," I said. Then the pain started and I said, "actually..." and held out my now badly bleeding hand to Kelly. I think that's how come the apple was blood free; because of the few seconds between doing the cut and the pain and bleeding starting.

I think energy work is more difficult on yourself, so I['m glad it's working so well! :)

Rita said...

Tori--Yup! Sliced it the bone on the top. LOL--old dog...hard to change old habits. ;)
Yes, for a couple seconds you can't feel it. I was glad I was already done with putting the soup together--LOL!
It is harder to work on yourself. :):)