Thursday, December 29, 2011


Good Morning!
Since Monday night I have been sleeping like a baby! And sleeping at night! Heavenly!! Don't know why the sudden shift. Don't care. :):)
Yesterday Caroline was coming to clean in the afternoon so I had to pick up Miss Karma's mess. You'd think living alone I wouldn't be inundated with toy messes--LOL! She hated to part with her Christmas wrapping paper. I had to pull it out from under her.
After Caroline left I checked the mail and there was a box from Alaska! Donna sent me some Christmas surprises!!
A letter inside this matchbook shaped cover... Alaskan Angel pin (giggle)...
...and a little matchbook shaped...
...notepad that she made! Thanks so much, Donna!! What a sweet surprise!!
While I was opening the present from Donna I got a text from Dagan telling me he had to run to work (he has the week off, but if they need him for techie emergencies...). Before I could answer he texted again--forgot that I had the second car--LOL! So, I called him and said I'd be right over. He took off for work...but not before putting on a British show neither of us had ever heard of that he had gotten hooked on the night before (Netflix streaming) called Survivors.
I checked online today and the newer version we were watching was cancelled after two seasons, so I don't know if it will have any kind of an ending (but I'll still watch it) and is a remake of the 70s Survivors that lasted three seasons. One of those after-a-virus-kills-off-99%-of-the-world's-population themes. Endlessly fascinating to me. ;)
I snapped a couple pictures while Dagan was gone...their beautiful tree...
...and a poor shot of Sammy. Annie was nowhere to be seen for some time. Off snoozing in their bedroom most likely. Then promptly forgot I had the camera with me at all.
Dagan came back later. Leah had to work late. I watched Survivors (saw three episodes last night) while Dagan made us boca burgers, broccoli, and some leftover sweet potato fries and tator tots from a restaurant. Was very good, but our planned Christmas dinner never happened. Both Dagan and Leah were sick--especially Leah when she finally got home, poor thing--with coughs/colds. So we never really had Christmas and they want to try again next week.
We watched the show, but did go downstairs to check out a loveseat that their former roommate, Matt, didn't want anymore. I had spied it when I was there checking on the cats over Christmas and then asked about it...since my chair has been broken for a while and is killing my back. See how the foot doesn't go all the way down.
And the foot gets stuck up in the air and won't catch half the time. My old faithful chair's days are numbered, even if Leah could replace that one spring.
There is so much stuff downstairs at their place now since Leah's mom died...boxes and piles of stuff. They moved things out of the way so that we could see if the feet actually went up and if it was actually comfortable. It's an older brown loveseat where each side has a footrest. Dagan and I checked it out and both sides worked, it's more comfortable than my chair is right now, and I figured out how to lower the footrest. Believe it or not I am too short to get enough weight on this push-the-foot-down type model--but if I scoot way down so that my feet go over the end of the footrest it will go right down slick as a whistle for me--LOL! May look a little silly, but it will work. :)
Dagan and Leah will talk to their friends with trucks after they are feeling better. My living room will have a make-over of sorts. Things don't change here much so this is exciting. My old lounger will go to the trash and the glider rocker will go in the garage for now (Karma's chair). Karma will be just shocked, I know. But I think she will love being able to sit right next to me on the loveseat. She wouldn't have to sit between my legs anymore and get kicked out ever time I want to get up. We'll see how it goes, but I would think she'd like it once she gets used to it. She may love small changes like strange packaging and boxes, but big changes throw her--ROFL! Goodness, just putting her cat bed up on the chair was shocking to her. Just you wait, Miss Karma! ;)
I can hardly wait! My back and hips and knees have been suffering ever since the chair broke. Probably adding to why December has not been a good month, you think? LOL!
Then Leah and I went through cards (we had at her place to eventually go up on the etsy shop) because I cannot make my Christmas thank you cards right now because of the cut finger. So I now have some already made that I can just change into thank you cards with a rubber stamp--tada!
Anyways, Leah sent me home this triple-decker container with assorted cookies...
...and this special, healthy gel to put on my wound.
Leah was practically falling asleep standing up as Dagan and I backed out of the garage. He drove me home on icy roads. The rain had turned them quite slick. Here's what it looked like as the sun was coming up this morning.
It was about 18 degrees then.
Right now it is 21 degrees and they say it might snow this afternoon or evening...possibly an inch. But it won't amount to much because the temperature is fluctuating between rain and snow every day and, in all likelihood, it will just melt away. What a miserable, dreary, brown winter. How do people stand it who don't get snow? ;)
Well, time to start working on my 2012 goal list. My to-do guiding wish list for the coming year. I got much less checked off than usual in 2011. I usually get to maybe half of it. I think I may have only hit about a fourth this year...but that doesn't mean 2012 won't be better. It's just kind of a guide or reminder, anyways. And I did do new things that weren't on the list, too. I'm very loose and adaptable with my goal list. :)
My finger is doing great. I'm still trying to keep it dry, so I'm still a bit limited in what I can and can't do, but by the new year it might be good to go. I'm going to try the whole day without a bandage today and just wrap it when I go to sleep...and do some energy work on it...and put this good ointment on a few times. :)
Oh, and I agreed to borrow the Gallant for my appointment with federal housing on Tuesday. Then after that I can try out the senior bus for something fun with no going to the Moorhead Center Mall to snoop at K&Krafts. That was what Dagan and Leah suggested and it sounded like a good plan. :)
Oh again! I got a blogger award and will think of seven things and do that soon, too.
Right now...I am exhausted and sore. Funny how sometimes when I finally am finally able to sleep I am just extra I can't get enough. ;)
Very best to everyone!! The new year is upon us! Whoohoo!!
"Feeling grateful towards someone or something in your life actually attracts more of the things that you appreciate and value in your life."
Christiane Northrup


Deanna said...

Getting the love seat is pretty exciting. I have a feeling once Karma gets over the trauma of losing the glider, she is going to love it.

Hopefully you guys will get to celebrate the holidays soon! It sounds like you might be rolling Christmas and New Years all into one.

I hope you get caught up on your sleep now that you are sleeping nights. Wouldn't it be wonderful to know what changed so you could sleep again?

Take care of that finger!

TexWisGirl said...

glad your finger is doing good! keep it up! a new loveseat with footrests will be nice! i hope they can deliver it to you soon. karma will adapt. :)

your friends are very talented, as are you!

Beth said...

I am so glad your finger is getting better and you will soon be back in the artistic swing.

The new to you loveseat sounds great. Also good news that you have been getting caught up on your rest.


Toriz said...

Poor Karma having to give up her fun wrapping paper, LOL!

Sorry the Christmas dinner didn't work out. Sounds like you had a great time anyway though.

YAY about the seat; hope they can get it to you soon. I'm sure Karma will love being able to sit beside you... When she gets used to it!

Happy new year! :)

Toriz said...

Oh, and YAY for sleeping at night!

I['ve been doing that for over a week now.

Hope I haven't just jinxed it, LOL!

Friko said...

Lots going on at the moment, isn't there. I'm glad you're sleeping, but, like you said, a lot of sleep makes you even more tired.

Don't plan too much for 2012, perhaps we should try to accept whatever we're handed. Unless we can change it, of course.

Happy New Year, anyway.

Sally Wessely said...

I'm glad you are supported with good folks that send home wonderful cookies! Take care of yourself. I hope that sleep thing keeps on giving you relief.

Serena Lewis said...

Great news that you've been sleeping so well, Rita. Goodness, Karma has obviously been having a fabulous time with all the wrapping paper. lol

What a cute Alaskan angel that Donna sent you.

Dagan and Leah's Christmas tree is lovely! I haven't heard of Survivors either. It mustn't have done well ratings-wise for it to be cancelled after only two seasons. It sounds interesting though.

Please pass on my well wishes to Dagan and Leah...hope they're feeling much better now.

It's great that you will be getting the love seat. I too think Karma will love being able to lie right beside you.

Glad to hear your finger is still healing well.

I have been extremely tired myself of late but I think it has to do with the medications I'm on.

Yes, 2012 is almost here. I sure hope it's a good year for all of us.

Love and hugs,
Serena xo

Serena Lewis said...

Enjoy those cookies!

Carol C said...

I'm glad to hear you're sleeping---things are just better when we get some rest!! And such beautiful sunrises!!! Good luck on you 2012 plans.....can't wait to see what you come up with!

DJan said...

Wonderful uplifting post! I hope you get that new chair sooner rather than later, so your back can begin to recover. And I am so glad to hear that your finger is coming along swimmingly! :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow this post was loaded lady! Remodeled living room? How fun is that? I'm glad your borrowing the car and your finger is healing. How nice of Donna to send you such cute little presents! Ok this is getting as long as one of my rambling post! Sending you big hugs woman!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Soooo happy to hear that you are sleeping! My dang arm is still bothering me, and Thomas keeps pestering me to go in to have it looked at. What are they going to do for a sore muscle, or pinched nerve or whatever it is?? Nada! So what's the point? Getting older just stinks, but it beats the alternative, lol!

YAY on your new loveseat! I'm betting that Karma will love it...eventually!

No snow here either although they've said we might get some next week. No biggie to me either way, but I know Bella really wants some! I'm shocked you aren't just buried in it by now!!

I'm glad to hear your finger is feeling better! Happy New Year!

carol l mckenna said...

Quite the post ~ Love seat sounds ideal for both you and Karma ~ Funny how cats/children always love the packaging of something for a toy ~ Wondering who Dagan and Leah are? Son? Daughter? ~ Do hope your finger heals quickly ~ You are blessed with loving people around you ~ Stay warm and thanks for coming by my blogs ~ Enjoy the day ~ hugs and namaste, Carol

Intense Guy said...

Karma and Rita sitting in a treeeeeeeeee K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

:) (my sad attempt at humor about the loveseat)

Gosh, seems like Leah's been under the weather a bunch lately - I hope she gets ALL better and soonest. I wonder if there are any germs in the mom's old stuff?

Rita said...

Deanna--Yup! Pretty excited about the new loveseat. Yes--we're having such a late Christmas it will be combined with New Year's! It would be really great if I could make heads or tails out of my erratic sleeping patterns. ;) Thanks about my finger, too. :):)

Theresa--I hope they can find a way to get it over here pretty soon. (It's heavy!) I think Karma will love it once she gets over being scared of it...just like the cat bed in the chair--ROFL!! ;)

Beth--I slept so well for three nights--ahh! Not very long last night, but well, though. And I do hope I'll be back to arts and crafts fairly soon. You are always so kind. Thanks. :)

Tori--Karma does love her wrapping paper. I think she'll love sleeping next to me once she gets used to it. I hope you keep sleeping well and at night, too! Even if I didn't sleep very long last night it was at night. :)

Friko--I'm pretty loosey-goosey with my goal list. It is more just a list of things I'd like to do--mostly art and craft projects. I don't ever stress over it. If I did, I'd have more done on this year's--LOL! ;) My life forces me to be very adaptable, I guess. Only a minimum of control and I accept that. Life is still very good. :):)

Sally--Yes, my son and DIL are just the best! I don't know what I would do without them. They color my world with sunshine! :)

Serena--Isn't that funny--the angel with the big coat and furry hood. So cute!
Yes, the series is interesting but I am prepared to be left hanging. Bummer. I remember how I loved Carnivale (I think that was how you spell it) and didn't realize it was cancelled and I was left hanging. But it was so interesting that I didn't regret watching it, anyways. But I hate when they leave you hanging--like Heroes! Harumph!!
Take your meds and get lots of rest, sweet lady! I'll pass on your good wishes to the kids and enjoy my cookies--LOL! :) xoxo

CarolC--Yes. You don't realize how precious sleep is until it becomes elusive, that's for sure. I will post the 2012 list when I get it done. Best to you! :)

Djan--LOL! "Swimmingly"! I hope you are at the pool regularly doing your swimming thing, lady! I am very lucky the cut wasn't worse, that's for sure. And I think my back might be better when I get the loveseat. I am thinking positive. :)

Melynda--Been since I moved here in 2005 that there's been such a shift--ROFL!! ;) I am glad to borrow the car this time, yes...and that was so sweet of Donna! I have been blessed by meeting some great bloggers!! :):)

Jeannie--Well, if it doesn't go away I might agree with Thomas. Doesn't sound like just a joint or something...hummm. Take care of yourself!! You need both those arms to make your beautiful cards!
We have some snow (Fri). Not a lot. And it is turning to freezing rain. And it looks horrible out there for driving. Not a good snow. :( Take care of your arm!!

Carol--Dagan and Leah are my son and his wife...and my only family up here in Fargo. The rest of my family and friends are in Minneapolis where I grew up or scatter about the countryside. Stay warm and safe, too. :)

Iggy--Oh you are so silly!! ;) But there will definitely be some human/cat love on that seat, I think. When she's in the mood, at least--LOL!
I know! I don't think it's the germs...I think once everything was mostly over with with her mom's funeral and the selling of the house and all that...well, she's just kind of deflated and collapsed. Not totally...she keeps pushing herself. But her body keeps trying to tell her to slow down. I hope things settle down...and lift 2012. :):)
You are so thoughtful, my friend. Best to you, too, in 2012! Oh, and I loved the video of the geese floating by and the river. :)

AliceKay said...

Beautiful sunrise shot. You should send your photos to a company that makes calendars. They could make lots of beautiful sunrise calendars using your photos.

Cute gifts from your friend, Donna. That Alaskan Angel pin is sweet. :)

Dagan and Leah have a beautiful tree. I hope everyone is feeling better soon so you can have your Christmas dinner together.

The loveseat sounds nice. I'm sure Karma will get used to it quickly once she finds out she can sit right there next to you. Our loveseat has double recliners.

I'm glad you're sleeping better and I'm glad your finger is healing well. I'm also glad to hear you can use the Gallant to go to your federal housing appointment. Save the trial bus run for when you don't have to be at a certain place at a certain time. (you and i both know what i mean there) *hugs*

Rita said...

AliceKay--Well, at least you all get to see the sunrises on my blog.
Yes, wasn't the Alaskan Angel cute! :)
This will be the latest Christmas we have had. I don't think we've ever gone into January before. But it will still be very nice. :)
You have one of these double reclining loveseats, too. They do look nice to me.
Yes, I know! Dagan and Leah know how the stress effects me, too. So it was a good plan. I hate to be a bother, but they convinced me. :):)
Be warm and safe and well.

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm so glad you liked my little gift. It sure took a long time to get there even with priority! Santa sure was busy keeping those slackers at the post office busy. I love those angel pins. I bought one for a friend of mine and she had it hanging from her rear view mirror with the tag and everything LOL You will like that love seat. My love seat is like that. Our matching couch is like that too with the middle being the only seat that doesn't kick out but it is extra cushy. I know this is a weird thought but I wonder which side will become your "spot" LOL My "spot" is on the left of the couch so I have a direct view out the large living room window and I have an end table with drawers to my left. I'm always doing something creative from this spot :O) Tell Leah I'm praying for her to get better fast. I've been down for a while here. I suddenly started feeling extremely tired and crashed early yesterday. I slept through the whole night and all day (so nearly 24 hours!!) I woke up feeling like rubber again. I really hate that.

Rita said...

Donna--They must have been very busy with the mail before Christmas. They seem to still be delivering cards and boxes. The Alaskan Angel is cute!! If they had a Fargo one it would look quite similar--LOL! ;)
I would imagine my spot will probably be on the right side as my chair is now. Especially at first so Karma can get used to the change--LOL!
I hope Dagan and Leah get well soon. Leah especially sounds worse. I just talked to my aunt and she sounds just awful! So much going around right now.
For you--I hope you sleep less in 2012. ;) For me--I hope I sleep more. LOL!
Happy New Year!

Crazy Life of a Writing Mom said...

What a cool surprise from Donna. I LOVE that :0)

Rita said...

Elisa--And they were handmade...well, except for the Alaskan Angel--LOL! ;)

Toriz said...

My sleeping pattern slipped a few hours, but it's technically night I'm sleeping at, and I'm still sleeping, so I'm not complaining. ;)

Rita said...