Monday, April 02, 2012

Monday-8:30am: B

Sadly, that's what is foremost on my mind today. I thought a pretty picture of the tulips Ruby gave me might make this TMI post a little more bearable--LOL!
Feel free to skip this post.
I said you might learn more about me, but this may be a bit more than you ever wanted to know. ;)
Fibromyalgia didn't only bring me chronic pain and fatigue. Along with some other minor issues (dizziness, tinnitis, sleep issues, headaches, heart palpitations, numbness, tingling, concentration and memory issues) it brought my nemesis...IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).
To be blunt, you sometimes can have no warning at all. I went through a couple of years where that was often the case. (Turned out the combination of meds I was taking exacerbated the problem--duh!) After I weaned myself off my meds it's more rare that I have no warning, but I still only have maybe a minute or two to get to the bathroom. That's a big improvement, but you can see what kind of stress that creates when you are talking about leaving the "bathroom safety" of home. ;)
What I've been doing when I have appointments is not eat for a day to two days before I have to leave the apartment and also take anti-diarrhea pills for a couple days, too. And I am still running to the bathroom before I leave and need to know where they are located when I get there even after a day and a half of taking doses of the anti-diarrhea pills. Last time I did over two days. Two to three days of those pills will eventually create the desired cork effect, but then I really suffer afterwards...well, and during. I was in such pain for days after my trip to Moorhead Center Mall (when I tried out the Senior Bus) that I just really didn't want to do that to myself again. So this time...for the dentist this afternoon...I have done nothing. I even ate yesterday afternoon...and took no pills. I just figured if I make it--I make it. If I have to call and cancel--I will call and cancel. Yup! Bowels on the brain today--LOL!
Besides dozing off in class and being in so much pain I couldn't sit in the desks or on the art was the increasing IBS issues that was the straw that broke the camel's back and forced me out of college all those years ago (2004). I couldn't even make it out of the apartment anymore.
Anyways, maybe I will make it to the dentist today and maybe I won't. Odds are more in my favor because I have been on days for a while (even the IBS is better when I'm on days) and afternoons are usually when I feel the best when I'm on, we'll see how the day goes. Stress increases IBS. IBS causes stress. The dentist office (several horrible dental experiences) causes stress for me in the first place--LOL! But this is an issue even when I am going someplace fun! Like to the pet shop this Friday with Dagan or when Leah and I go craft shopping. *sigh*
It's always a crap shoot.
I shall leave you giggling! ;)
Have a calm unstressful day.
"If God sends you down a stony path, may God give you strong shoes."
Irish Blessing


betty said...

LOL, Rita, I had to laugh at your last lines here! So sorry about your IBS; I am sure it is very frustrating trying to manage it all and trying to find some "normal" when "normal" doesn't seem to work with it. I do like the flowers; very pretty!


Toriz said...

I have a similar issue further forward; kidney issues mean I don't get much warning if I have to pee. We'd be a right pair if we ever went anywhere together!

Hope you make it to the dentist.

Queenie Jeannie said...

What a PITA - literally!! I wish you well, even if it is going to the dentist! I need to go back too....and shame on me for being such a chicken! Hugs!

Intense Guy said...

Oy, "It's a crap shoot"


I think a real cork would be less painful that what you go through with the meds....

Beth said...

I have been there and done that. I hope your trip to the dentist is successful. I take an anti-anxiety pill before I go to the dentist.

Megan Adamson said...

My heart goes out to you Rita. You seem such a strong woman and IBS is literally a pain in the ass.
I have a friend who suffers from it, usually when she is really stressed out over something, and she can't be too far from a toilet either. She has two small children, and going shopping or out on trips is a real manoeuvre making sure that everything is in the right place and there is somewhere she can go to in a hurry.

Good luck with your dentist, I hate them too!

TexWisGirl said...

i appreciate your frankness - and your sense of humor, too. :)

Serena Lewis said...

You have my sympathies, must be SO difficult to work your outings around your bowels and then suffer for days afterwards. I'd be very stressed too. I tend to stress out over dentist's appointments as it is. I sure hop all goes well and, if you have to cancel the dentist appointment, then you have to cancel. Try not to fret over it.

Love and hugs,
Serena xoxo

Anonymous said...

My cousin has IBS after watching her suffer as a teen I can't even imagine how horrible this is for you. I'm hoping you made it to the dentist and all went well..

DJan said...

well, that's probably the ONLY "B" word that would be on my mind, too, in the same circumstances. I do hope you make it to the dentist and that there's no embarrassing episodes! I look forward to hearing about a successful day, no matter what else happens, Rita. Fingers crossed for you.

Janice said...

Well, that got my attention! Loved the tulips and your sense of humor. IBS is no picnic.

AliceKay said...

I know what you're going through. Maybe not to the full extent that you do, but I do know what it's like. I deal with it on a daily basis. I know where every bathroom is between here and "there"...wherever there might be at the time. It's a necessity. It's how we cope. Stress and IBS go hand in hand with us.

Your problem is aggravated by the fact that right now you're dependent on mass transit. I honestly don't know how you do it. I don't think I could.

I hope you made it to the dentist without too much difficulty today. *hugs*

Yep, it's just a crap shoot. *giggles while hitting the publish tab*

Jenny Woolf said...

You are always so cheerful it is hard to remember that you are dealing with all these bad issues. At least you know you are inspirational! Laughed at your last sentence...

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

Oh, Rita. What a strong woman you are to face such challenges head on! You have to put so much thought and preparation into going out. It certainly gives others (including me) a much better idea how difficult IBS can be for people like you who have it. I hope the dentist appointment wasn't as stressful as anticipated and everything went smoothly for you.

Hold my hand: a social worker's blog said...

Oh Rita... IBS is no fun, but I love how you share your situation with bits of humor.

I was wondering if the IBS escalated due to the stress of your dental appointment, but you wisely pointed out the possible association.

Hope your appointment went well, and looking forward to your "C" !

Thank you Rita for stopping by my blog. You're so sweet!


Deanna said...

I had to laugh at "it's always a crap shoot". LOL . Hope you made it to the dentist without any mishaps!