Friday, September 13, 2013


Good Morning!
The weather broke and we've had beautiful fall days with chilly nights again!!  In fact, it is sunny and 51 degrees right now--ahhh!  But I need to get down to business for the people who don't want to scroll down from my long lost Zendala and APR groups.  Been forever, eh?  
I finally did Erin's Zendala Dare over at The Bright Owl this week--tada!  For the special monthly challenge we were supposed to use only either the very tiny 005 pen or the 08 fatter one for the entire zendala.  I don't have an 08 right now, so I used the itty bitty 005.

 Took me two days!
Probably because I actually used half a dozen "official" tangles this time: arrowheads, up and across, zazzy, spinners, ragz, and fescu.  Not easy to fill in the black areas with such a tiny pen, I tell you.  The only thing I would change was I didn't really care for that center zazzy one.  Oh well.  Felt good to doodle after so long!
Oh, and I had no clue that people usually did zentangles using only one size pen?  I don't think I have ever done one without switching up sizes of microns.  Do you tangle with one size pen?
It did take me a lot longer than I thought to do the zendala but I wanted to participate in Jennifer's Artist's Playroom over at Just Add Water, Silly after so long, too--so--well, I am cheating.  This week was "flowers" and I had just been snooping through an old art journal and remembered this wild columbine sketch.  It's a flower, right?  And I really wanted to play.  My sketch--just not done this week.  I hope I am forgiven.
My plan for getting Karma to adapt to the new chair without the lumpy heating pads...
...involved letting her "claim" the various new cover pieces on the floor. 
She seemed more interested in the zippered plastic container it came in. 

I haven't worked up to trying to figure out which piece goes where and how.  I am glad they have stickers on the sections to tell you which are which. 
After a few hours Karma came back and decided to partially lay on it, so I left it all on the floor overnight. 
Finally!!  Beautiful reading on the porch weather again!  It's not easy taking pictures through the gently flapping screen--but what beautiful, perfect days we've had! 
As soon as I have to move, Karma commandeers the chair. 
They've got scaffolding all over that apartment building over there so they're finally working on the outside of the building again.  I wonder if they are finished up inside? 
Yesterday I removed the heating pads (which weren't on or heated, to those of you who wondered) and placed one piece of the chair cover up there.  Late in the day...Karma succumbed.  She didn't seem as happy as she was with the lumpy heating pads and she hasn't been up there as much, but I am leaving it there.  Too bad!    
Okay, the envelope punch...
I had seen online that when the We R Memories envelope punch board came out it had a few wrong measurements printed on I had waited several months to order one, right?  I knew that people had to contact the company to be sent a sticker with the correct measurements and I was hoping to avoid that...but was dying to get my hands on it, right--LOL!
It comes with a big sheet with pictorial directions (there are a lot of tutorials on youtube for people like me that do better with visual instructions)...
 ...and on the back side is a larger print version of the measurement chart.  I knew about that and, for those of us who don't have the best eyesight, I was thrilled they included larger print.  But I also saw there was a sticker of the chart, I assumed...oh no--I must have gotten one that was printed with the errors!  (What is it they say about assuming? lol!)
When I look at the big print measurement chart--it is written in centimeters!  Oh no!  (Confirming my assumption.)
I grab the board sticker that came with it...and that is in centimeters, too!  Oh no!  Did I get a board from Amazon that was destined for the UK or something? 
I was all bummed out.  Even spent some time online with a scratchpad and was using a cm-to-in converter...awk!  17.5 cm = 6.89 in?  20.6 cm = 8.11in??  How was this ever going to work for me?  And did I STILL have an envelope punch board with the wrong measurements or not? 
You'll laugh.
Later, when I was moving my tarnished new treasure--duh!--there on the actual punch board the chart IS in inches!  Whew!  But the print is--obviously--too small for me to read easily.
I didn't want to have to keep a magnifying glass with the punch board (hey-did I say my eyes are not the greatest) I went online and googled.  :)  I found a link to where you could print off an inches chart yourself to make your own sticker (the first people had to contact the company for one).  I printed that off and then enlarged it myself.  And I've never used "enlarge to fit page" before--worked like a charm!  (Always learning something new, I tell ya!)  So now I have a sheet that is easy for me to read.  But I still wonder why the main instruction sheet came with centimeters...and do I actually have the proper measurements?  (I have been a little less quick to assume lately--LOL!)  I guess I will have to start making envelopes to find out.  ;)
The good news is--I got ahold of Century Link and apparently the girl I talked to before must never have finished the request order.  So, this new guy I talked to told me that since I already have their land line phone that I needed to start the internet service when my phone bill was due--which would be the 25th of September.  That's why my request didn't go through--because I'm on a special program to get the cheaper rates.  Whether he was pulling my leg or not...I am now set up for the modem to arrive via UPS on the 25th, be connected by 5pm that day, and have 30 days from the 25th if I don't like it.  I only have it a year at a time because my special rate is reviewed and I reapply every year--like I do for the phone.  It's not really a contract, per say.  He sounded like he knew what he was talking about, assured me he has the service and watches Netflix streaming & games with no problem, and even gave me his name--Terry Wink, no lie!--so I am hopeful that things will go well this time.  Dagan and Leah said they'd come that Wednesday--so this Tuesday (our regular scheduled visit night) I will probably go over there and bring the car back (last I heard anyways).  Whew!  That was a long paragraph.
Oh, and I am supposed to have a new library volunteer named Amy coming Monday afternoon!  :)
Karma, the sun worshiper, is bathing in the beams.  I am heading out to the porch to read.  I still have 3 and 3/4 Cat Who books to read!  There's no way I am finishing them all by Monday.  But maybe I can finish one or two and have less to renew.  Whatever.  Seems like there are never enough hours in the day to do all the things I want to do.  A person could have much worse problems, right?  ;)
Happy Friday!  :):)
If I don't see you before, I'll see you Tuesday.  (I guess joining the Tuesday and Wednesday groups has at least helped me to blog more regularly, eh?)
"The purpose of life is a life of purpose."
Robert Byrne


Intense Guy said...

I always get waaaay impressed with your zendalas! They are so nifty!!

Karma is Kooky Kitty!

:) I hope you get the cover on the chair soon...

Far Side of Fifty said...

I have one of those envelope makers, I did use it one time, I found it a bit confusing too. Hope the new cover is accepted before too long..that Karma is something else:)

TexWisGirl said...

always love the zendalas!

glad karma likes the cover. :)

Janie Junebug said...

Love your zendala, but your paper towels? They are worthless, just absolutely worthless. They are the most worthless paper towels I've ever seen.


Amanda Trought said...

Rita, it is great to see you creating again, love the Zendala, I haven't doodled for a while, need to get back to it - very relaxing..that envelope maker looked quite a handful, looking forward to seeing how you get on. Blessings for the weekend.

Shelly said...

OK, I'm sure you know I had to chuckle at Miss Karma on the plastic cover! She is too funny! And as always, I love seeing your talent.

Victoria said...

Hello wonderful friend...awww..that sweet Karma always makes me smile. I love yorur art..always inspiring and magical..fabulous works..shine on! Always fantastic to see what you are up to.thanks so much for the kind visit! Wishing you a beautiful wkd!

Anne's tangle blog said...

Your zendala is beautiful and you have chosen tangles that go toghether very well. I normally use one pen, but I take a bigger one to fill large spaces.

Jenny Woolf said...

I'm so glad your weather has broken and is nice. You are always cheerful but I am sure it makes it even better to have great weather.

Terry Wink. What a great name! :)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I don't zendoodle, so wouldn't know if you used one or dozens of pens. Bit this one looks VERY complicated. It actually looked like a stencil, it is so precise.

Good luck with the new chair cover. It's a pretty color, at least.

Never heard of an envelope punch. Didn't exactly look like a punch to me, but I don't make cards, except at Christmas. Then, I take old magazine pages and sew them up the sides. Makes for an acceptable envelope for my needs (Grin).

Have a great weekend, dear.

Darla said...

I like your Columbine for APR. In my book it isn't "cheating" to submit something done previously, it is still submitting your own art.

Like the zendala too. Good to see you back at the art table.


Queenie Jeannie said...

I wish I had your sunshine!! We seem to have the same temps, but we've got rain and cloudy skies. Typical I suppose, but German weather is depressing!

Glad you like your envelope board! It's so easy to use!!!

Dee said...

Dear Rita, I find your attitude toward life and living so admirable. You have great gifts--art and writing but also an avid curiosity and great fortitude and tenacity and the ability to pursue new interests. So your days are full of adventure, despite the fact that you spend most of them at home with Karma. You are an inspiration to me. Thank you for being your indomitable self. Peace.

Anonymous said...

Cute shots of Karma!

Zue said...

Your mandala is so intricate and beautiful. Columbine is one of my garden favourites. Columba means dove and if you look at the petals they resemble doves feeding. You probably knew that:)
Will pop back later to read the rest of your post.
Sue xxx

Neesie said...

I'm confused Rita...I'm not sure if I'm early or late visiting but at least I'm here now ;D
Your zentangle is amazing. I have been told I do 'tangles but looking at yours and all the rules, I now know I just doodle. I do use one pen though.
It's good to have your days brusting at the seams with so much to keep you busy. I love that although I very often complain.
I hopefully will be able to play in APR soon. I actually spent some time sketching last night whilst my boys shouted and screamed at the tv. The football was on!

Lovely to see Karma enjoying the life of a pampered pussytat ^..^
Have a good day xoxo

AliceKay said...

Your zendala looks great. Do you ever have trouble with your eyes focusing properly when you're working on them? I'm thinking I would get dizzy trying to do something like that.

Karma is comical. Hope she's getting used to the chair covers by now.

Hope everything goes smoothly with the new internet setup once it's all set to go.

Loved the quote!