Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Yes, it's already T Stands For Tuesday where you can see what people have been drinking and doing here.  I've been mostly reading and writing letters.
No, I didn't make it in to see Dr. Topley yesterday. 
Warning: TMI: Skip down to Karma if hearing about bodily functions makes you cringe--LOL! 
One of the many gifts of fibromyalgia that I was blessed with is unpredictable, little-or-no-warning, stress-magnified IBS.  Being home alone, close to my porcelain throne, it's basically no problem.  But when I had appointments I used to take anti-diarrhea pills for a couple of days ahead of time so I could more likely be able to get there...but then was in such misery for days with cramps and such afterwards that I finally couldn't take doing that anymore.  Weaning myself off of all my various pills (even one for IBS) a few years ago helped with consistency, shall we say, but not with all the rest of it.  What I've been doing for the last couple years is fasting for usually 24-48 hours before the appointment and just crossing my fingers (leg crossing does not help in this case--LOL!) that I won't have to cancel at the last minute.  I'm usually in the bathroom many times before I leave the house because if I'm not going it feels like I have to.  If I get to the just feeling like it--I'm probably good to go.  Nobody wants to worry about not making it to the bathroom in a public place--that just adds to the stress, right?  So, it's not just the pain and exhaustion that keeps me housebound, ladies and gentlemen.
I had started fasting Wednesday night--and here I made it over to the clinic on Friday and was doing pretty well.  Was a better day.  Was even there early.  You know the rest...they'd told me the wrong day.  Well, I wasn't up to continuing to fast on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday to get to the appointment.  Especially since it was just a check-up, right?  The fasting and then eating usually throws my system off in the first place (an easy thing to do--I often have no clue what sets it off), but I gave it a shot.  I ate Friday night and Saturday--and then started fasting Saturday night again...but it obviously didn't work.  I've been all messed up and not doing well for a couple of days.  This is why I try to never schedule two appointments in one week.  (Also, since my whole body is worse in the mornings and it takes me several hours to thaw out, I always try to make afternoon appointments.)
I did discover, though, that I could cancel my appointment online and make a new appointment.  If I had checked online I would have seen that they told me the wrong day, I guess.  Now I know.  Well, I gave myself a long break.  October 4th.  I'll have money then, too, for co-payments.  
So, for now--I can relax!  And, since I have Dagan and Leah's car, I might even go over and visit Sammy and Annie after Caroline is done cleaning this afternoon.  Dagan and Leah's is one place I can get to by car in five minutes and they have three bathrooms.  :)  Be nice to get away from these four walls for a while.  Ariel's living with them (Leah's youngest sister), so I didn't have to go and check on the cats this time while they were away...but it's always been nice to go visit with them and take a book with or a letter I'm writing.  Just to be someplace different for a couple hours, you know?  No offense, Karma--ROFL!
Speaking of Miss Karma...and welcome back to those of you who skipped the TMI...she's been cracking me up.   
If I remove the heating pads, Karma will not go up on that chair...but put them back and up she goes.  What a goof!
And it's not because she won't sleep in an empty chair because she sleeps in my little rocker-recliner at night all the time.  She never goes up on it in the daytime when I'm awake, though--like she respects that it's my favorite chair, I guess.  Silly girl!
Oh, I can't leave today until my big package from Amazon arrives via UPS--and they usually come in the afternoon to early evening and it says that it is out for delivery.  Whoohoo!  I'll have some goodies to show you tomorrow.
That's it for now.  You got to find out what I've been doing up here in much greater detail than you ever expected or wanted--ROFL!  There's always a bright side.  I got a lot of reading done on my porcelain throne--LOL!  Happy Tuesday!!  :) :)
"True wisdom lies in gathering the precious things out of each day as it goes by."
E.S. Bouton


TexWisGirl said...

so sorry about the upset - and i know it is much worse than that. :)

karma is a finicky cat.

Intense Guy said...

Wouldn't it be cool to have some sort of "exchange program" for the diarrhea and constipation-prone?

I mean, I can (not) go for days...

Karma just likes a little self inflicted discomfort... the wood pillow... the lumpy mattress...

I wonder if she is religious...

For Christians, "Mortification of the flesh is the institutional expiatory act of a person or group's penance for atonement of sins and path to sanctity."

For Buddhist, self-denial is part of the spiritual journey (fasting is part of this...maybe she sees you doing that... and... well..)

Beth said...

I used to suffer from IBS until I was prescribed a med for my BP that had constipation as a side effect. It worked and the problem for me was solved.

Karma is so cute!

Janie Junebug said...

I laughed out loud at Intense Guy's comment, wondering if Karma is religious. I'm sure she is, but not necessarily because she enjoys discomfort. Things we think are uncomfortable are often cozy to cats.


Craftymoose Crafts said...

Happy T Tuesday--although I guess it is not that happy for you. You do seem to have a good attitude in dealing with this intestinal problem.

On another note--I love to read, mostly novels, and do so daily!

Zue said...

There is no solution for life is there? We just got to get on with it all,the best we can. You do remarkable well as far as I can see...with lots of planning...thank goodness you have a furry friend to keep you sane.

Darla said...

Oh goodness, you have made me feel a bit guilty about some letters I need to write. I used to be such a faithful correspondent but I am lax these days. I need to sit with my tea or coffee one morning and catch up.


Jenny Woolf said...

You deal so well with the inconveniences and restrictions of your condition, Rita. I am glad that Dagan and Leah live so near. Fasting can be really hard, I'm not surprised you can't do two appointments in one week.

Shelly said...

Bless your heart- that's a whole lot to have to go through just to get out of the house. I'm glad you moved it into Oct. to not have to fast so many days in a row.

Karma has very special needs, and that heating pad is part of them!

Marianne said...

I love this post. TMI and all. Especially the quote at the end.

Cazzy said...

Been there, done that, got the T shirt, not the fasting though, I haven't tried that. I would have had to do it all the time, and died when I was at work!
I have to go in for a colonoscopy soon, and then a small op which might sort out one or two things I have suffered for at least 10 years, I hope so, at least if they don't find something worse. I might have to have my back operated on to sort it all out, which is drastic and some folks say don't and others say do, so I don't know what to do for the best right now. Will wait for the lovely procedure which will involve fasting and laxatives!
Hi Karma,

Cazzy x

Far Side of Fifty said...

I have one or two letters to write, the other friend that I used to write to all the time died. I still miss her. Well..crap.. I figured that your tummy troubles kept you home. Glad to hear you rescheduled..yes always check online or by phone. Far Guy did the same thing but he was three months early for his appointment. Go figure:)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I don't often ask people to visit my blog to check out a specific post, but I think you should check out the Invisible Illness Week. Seems there are LOTS and LOTS of people in the same boat as yours. And yes, I read the part that included the porcelain throne.

Karma is looking in heaven. I hope that heat pad is turned off. It's hotter than blazes here!!

Halle said...

Oh Karma...such a silly kitty. Take care!
Happy Tuesday!

voodoo vixen said...

It all sounds like a living nightmare to me and you have my sympathy as I would hate to be forced indoors and worried about going out... though I do choose to stay indoors a great deal but that is the difference, choice. Karma is just like my cats, they love to hug wheatbags and its not even cold here!

Dianne said...

life can be so complicated...sounds like you have more than your share! hope you can get some relief and make your appointments. blessings to you...

Anonymous said...

Look at all of those pens...ahhhh!


AliceKay said...

I understand your situation with the IBS and the appointment scheduling. I have problems like that, too, but I have never fasted. I could never work if I had to do that. I wouldn't have the energy to work. I should've bought stock in Imodium-AD years ago when I first started having problems. I'd be rich on my purchases alone. LOL

I hope you have a nice visit with Sammy and Annie when you go to Dagan and Leah's. Cats are good company. The momma cat at the feed mill had another litter of kittens over the weekend. I found them yesterday...inside a box of a milk replacer that we stock for a variety of animals. She has 4 babies in that box...three white ones and one brownish-gray. Not sure if any are bobtails, but she usually has a couple that are. She's got a bob-tail herself. (i've posted pics of her and some of her kittens on my blog in the past)

Karma looks content laying there on that heating pad.

andi filante said...

Bleh! My sister has IBS and I have ulcerative colitis. We can all be the poop sisters. :P