Wednesday, September 04, 2013


Good Morning!
It's a wonderfully chilly 55 degrees this morning.  Even though it got into the 80s yesterday and I had to turn on the AC in the late afternoon, I could turn it off at night and sleep with the window open--ahhh!  They're talking 80s-90s in the daytime, but 60s at night for the next few days, so should be about the same for a bit.  :)
Anyways, it's WOYWW--What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday.  I wish I had time to look at all the over 150 creative spaces around the world every week, but I doubt I'll ever make it through them all once let alone every week--LOL!  Oh, and I wanted to say that I don't leave comments when people have word verification--sorry.  And I am only able to follow you if you have the "follow by email" option.  But thank you for leaving your WOYWW number, so I am able to find you!  (If I don't already follow you, of course.)
Okay--down to business.  ;)
I started another of the 21 Secrets workshops called "Doodle Your Way".  I gessoed the page spread, picked music instead of text, some printed paper, and some stamps I had colored long ago...arranged them...and then used gel medium to glue them down.  (I think I am still peeling gel medium off my fingers!)   
I learned that when you use a napkin (music) you need to separate the layers and take the backing off first--duh!  I had a heck of a time with a couple pieces until I figured that one out.  
Man, that napkin paper is thin! 
The blue circles (LOL!) are what I didn't use on the bathtub with the new flowers I put down (so I won't slip and kill myself in the shower).  Added a few other stickers--the butterfly and a couple real flower stickers. 
Too chilly to sprawl in the mornings for Karma.  I actually had to get long pants on, too.  Love the change of the seasons! 
Back to the workshop.
Next she used a ruler to divide everything up into smaller sections. 
Just have to stop and say, I do so love my new art desk area! 
I got that far on Monday.
Karma had a thrill.
We have baby swallows and one fledgling stopped to sit on our railing...calling for mom and dad to come feed it.  It pleaded for about ten minutes.  Mom and Dad would fly nearby but wouldn't land because of our floppy make-shift screen...and maybe they could see or sense the feline below--LOL!  So finally the hungry baby had to find another spot that was parent approved.   
Karma waited for it to come back for a long time.  She is endlessly fascinated by birds.  Adores them.  She is still looking for it this morning.
Meanwhile...I did some coloring with copic markers like she used.  Then I got it in my head to try these old rub-ons I had.  Went to rub the sketchy-looking "encourage" on to the page, right?  Lifted the sheet of rub-ons up and saw there were little pieces all over the place...and half the "o" from "hope" had parked itself right on those lines.  (I guess you need to cut them the rub-ons apart first.  Live and learn, eh?  I've only used rub-ons a few times.)
So, I decided to call it a happy accident and use up all the words that had pieces missing. 
Then I went in with a thin permanent pen and filled in the missing parts.  That's as far as I got.  Next is doodling...although I haven't left myself a ton of room--LOL!  Oh well.  Just having fun.  :)
Dagan and Leah came over last night.  Forgot to tell me that they are taking an actual vacation next week (visiting his stepbrother&wife&little one) and were leaving me a car while they are gone.  So I can drive myself to the doctor on Friday.  And I can go visit Sammy and Annie a couple times (their cats).  Leah's sister, Ariel, lives with them and will be taking care of the furbabies but I can still go keep the cats company...and get out of the apartment a little since they live so close.
Which means--Dagan isn't sure he can come and hook me up to the new internet before they leave Thursday night.  But I didn't disconnect my old Dagan says it will still work.  Apparently he can hook it up when they get back?  I have no clue how those things work, but I'll take his word for it.  The modem should arrive today because the new company was supposed to get me started on the 4th.  I'll let Dagan know if it arrives.  He'll let me know if he has time to do it today or not.
And why am I going to a doctor?  Well, I've been seeing my rheumatologist all these years (once or twice a year) and you may recall he started me on blood pressure medication a couple months ago.  But--truth--I haven't seen my regular doctor since before I moved to Fargo in 2005.  I figured I'd go when I got really sick...assumed I would...but being housebound I quit getting bad sick all the time like I used to.  Just not around other people and not as many germs I guess. 
Dr. Sleckman must have told on me--LOL!  (Sleckman knows full well I haven't seen Topley for years and years because I'm a pretty much an open book sort--and they have everything on computers now so Topley probably found out that way since I am still listed as his patient.)  Anyways, I got a call from Topley's office last week saying they wanted to see me so he could check my blood pressure.  I have an appointment on Friday.  Haven't seen him in about 9 years.
Not looking forward to it.  It's like when you bring an old car in for a minor repair...they always want to check a ton of other things and are bound and determined to find something else wrong...or at least try to--LOL!  I'll let you know.
   I haven't driven for--well, Dagan and Leah thought it must be a couple years since the Paseo was running.  They are thinking of just getting rid of the 21 year old, dead Paseo because it's always been kind of dangerous to drive when it's icy in the winter in the first place.  Said that maybe when I needed a ride to an appointment they might be able to carpool and leave me the Gallant for the day.  Nice!
So, I am off to call and cancel the senior bus for Friday.  Maybe will have to take the Gallant up and down the road tomorrow a bit to get used to driving again.  Like riding a bike, right?  ;)
Enough chattering...
Happy Wednesday!!  :)
"I personally believe that each of us was put here for a purpose - to build not to destroy.  If I can make people smile, then I have served my purpose for God."
Red Skelton


Unknown said...

I really love your art journal pages. Fabulous design. happy crafting #1

Anonymous said...

Love your artwork--& you are NOT an old car!!

TexWisGirl said...

jealous of your cool evenings/mornings! ugh!

good luck w/ the dr. appt and the driving, both!

Intense Guy said...

Ahhh... my kind of weather!!

I suddenly felt like a Karma Kat... I spent a while this weekend looking at some ducks.

I hope the doctor visit actually does you good and finds something that makes you want to do cartwheels and somersaults.


Cazzy said...

Hi Rita, I am catching up from two weeks ago, thanks for visiting me. The only way I could do it was to delete the 471 comment emails I had kept (why I keep asking myself, the comments are on the blog - easier to read on emails though), then go through each one that visited me in the past two weeks on WOYWW or T on Tuesday, and visit, comment then delete!
Karma and birds, well it is nature!
You have such a packed week, hope the docs visit isn't too bad!
Your page looks interesting, amazed how something that looked so random ended up neatly in the lines you drew, you must have planned that!

Cazzy x #66 in #222

Ali H said...

Love the way you put your page together, working up bit by bit - creating the sections is especially effective - must nick that idea !! I struggle with rub ons too - mine never seem to rub off & I get left with gaps ! Hope the driving goes well & you get on okay at the doc's ! Ali # 38

Janie Junebug said...

I love the way you used the music. Our cat Charlotte used to sit on a windowsill and watch bird TV. Wow! On the road again . . . be careful!


Unknown said...

You made me smile Rita - love your chatty post. I loved seeing your pages take shape - I have to say I wasn't convinced at the beginning but I love where you are at right now. Thanks for the inspiration. Happy WOYWW from Helen 70

Lynn McAuley said...

It was fun to see sheet music and red roses in your work today as they were a part of my project as well!!

Happy WOYWW!

Lynn #100

Katie Isabella said...

we are starting to get like weather in temperature. I wonder if we live within shoutin' distance.

What an entertaining blog you have Rite. A joy to read. And I see with Karma you are like my mommy...always scared if something is wrong. xox

Anonymous said...

I liked the little peek at the bird. Good luck driving. I hope you like to drive.

Deb said...

Hi Rita- I love your journals. How creative! I also love your quote from Red Skelton. He was such a neat entertainer. I remember watching his show when I was quite small with my mom and dad. So glad you have a nice, kind, caring doctor who is looking out for you. Enjoy your week. (A chilly 55 degrees in the morning sounds soooooo good right now).

Anonymous said...

Hope all goes well at the Doctor's. And your art work is just wonderful. Love that sheet music!

Shelly said...

55 degrees! We were fully 50 degrees hotter than that yesterday. Your art is terrific (as always) and it's good to see Miss Karma, even though she can't sprawl!

Hilary said...

You sure do have fun with those art projects. The music is a nice touch. Good luck with your appointment.

Zue said...

Napkins have three layers and we normally use the top one only, for art, as you found out!
They are very collectible!
Good luck with your medical appointment.
I have a love of chilly nights.....ours will come soon, fingers crossed!
Sue xxxx

Sherry Ellis said...

Love those music pages!
They're beautiful.

Hope your doctor's appointment goes well.

April said...

I really like your journal page. I really like the colors and great save on the rub ons. April #22

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

For some reason I thought I stopped by on Wednesday. I must be losing my mind.

I am in LOVE with that spread you created. I could have told you about the rub-ons, because I had the same problem when I first started. And I always warn people about the napkins. The more expensive (and decorative) ones have THREE layers, while cheaper ones have TWO.

Sorry I'm late getting here. Tell Karma that Bleubeard says hi. Happy WOYWW on Thursday from #2.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Love your artwork! Very clever.

Um, so you say Karma "adores" birds, huh? Our neighbor's cat used to adore them, too, but let's just say when he invited a bird over for lunch, it wan't as a companion. It was as the main course.

Good luck at the doctor's office.

Darla said...

Great journal pages. I like using napkins in mixed media. Sometimes they can almost be transparent. Hope the trip to the doc (I think that is TODAY) goes well.


Claire said...

Great post - wonderful pics and I love seeing your AJ pages come to life...
Sorry it's taken so long to visit - busy week!
Happy belated WOYWW, and thanks for dropping by :)

AliceKay said...

I really like your art journal spread. You are so creative. I wouldn't even know where to start something like that.

I love the pic of Karma looking up at the bird. I bet she was missing her new little friend after it flew away.

Red Skelton was a wise man and great entertainer. One of my favorites from way back when.