Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Not much different on my desk.
I've been busy with other things this past week...
...and only wrote all over the dream page spread. 
Couldn't think of anything else to do to it and got bored with it, to be honest. 
So, I am going to move on to the next workshop.  Have so many to get through, anyways, right?
Dagan and Leah came by last night.  I made bread so the whole place smelled like fresh, warm bread when they arrived--because I know they love it!  ;)  They got the chair cover on for me--tada! 
Yup!  I would have had a tough time doing it.
And since Karma had been lying on that one piece, I discovered that cat hair not only shows but it clings mightily to this stretchy fabric!  Mightily, indeed.  So it turns out I had to Karma-protect the chair with the throw, anyways--LOL!   
But now we can pull that off when any of us want to sit down and we won't be turned into fur-bunnies!  No lie!  It took a long time to get even most of the cat hair off that one piece with a lint roller and I could not get it all.  Finally had to pop it in the dryer for a while with my dryer balls to beat the hair out of it!  Never got rid of all of it.
Miss Karma, who gets brushed regularly, couldn't imagine why a bit of fur would be any problem at all.  The chair was just beginning to feel like home, for goodness sake!
I just wanted to show you what Karma does when I bring out the camera--well, usually--you know how moody cats can be.  A couple days ago when we had some sun...
See how she starts to stretch and twist... 
...and pose... 
...and pet herself on the carpet.
Here she was pawing the carpet slowly...dreamily.
Somebody in the hallway. 
Rubbing her head again.
Pretending she's asleep. 
Okay...are you done yet so I can really go to sleep? 
Karma is not camera shy.  
Oh, and before I wrap this up today...several people were surprised at how much the 300# watercolor sheets cost.  Well, I haven't actually been shopping for any for years, myself.  I think it ran somewhere around $9-10.00 regular price for a sheet about ten years ago, right?  So, I snooped around online at my favorite art stores (Dick Blick and Cheap Joe's--and even checked Jerry's Artarama, haven't shopped there for years) and they all pretty much have watercolor paper on sale right now.  Now, when you buy the sheets (22" X 30") they usually have a minimum purchase of 5 to 10 sheets because they are a pain to package and ship, I'm sure, and they don't want to do all that for one sheet of paper, right?
Anyways, I almost fell over, myself!  Arches is up to $16.46 a sheet for the 300# paper--ON SALE!  Cheap Joe's had Arches the cheapest at 5 for $54.49.  Fabriano, Lanaquarelle, Saunders-Waterford, and Strathmore were running from about $9-13 a sheet--on sale.  Even the Kilamanjaro I just bought at the special price of 5 for $25.00 has now gone back up to 5 for $37.89.  Wow!
So, I got an even better deal than I thought I did--LOL!  ;)  Double whoohoo!! 
We're talking the 300# paper, though--and the artist's quality.  The normal watercolor paper is 140# and the thinnest paper is 90# (which as you know, I hate because it buckles so much with watercolor, but I found out works pretty well for acrylics).  Those run anywhere from around $3.50-7.00 a sheet each depending on sales and brand.  Now you know why I never buy watercolor paper unless it's on sale...and why I wanted to try the even cheaper student grade paper for the art journals I made...and what a fantastic bargain the 5 for $25.00 was for 300#--no matter what brand.  ;)
On this dark, damp morning--have a good rest of the week!  Keep smiling!!  :)
"There is more difference in the quality of our pleasures than in the amount."
Ralph Waldo Emerson


Shelly said...

I love Miss Karma's poses- she knows what to do in front of a camera! That chair cover looks really nice, and Karma proofing it sounds like a win/win.

Darla said...

Such a tidy desk. I KNOW you have lots of new supplies so I'm guessing it won't stay tidy long. I like your new red chair cover. I like it almost as much as Karma does, LOL!


Unknown said...

Karma is such a camera hog. Happy crafting #1

Intense Guy said...

That chair cover looks great!! Or rather, it makes the chair look brand new and sparkling spiffy!

Cat hair is amazing. I think they should make glue from it... perhaps they do... Maybe even model airplane glue?

Karma likes her warn sunshine. I bet she hums John Denver's "Sunshine on My Shoulders" song sometimes.

TexWisGirl said...

well, i WAS going to say now nice the chair looked with its new cover, but then it turned into a ghost...


Anonymous said...

Where's the coffee cup?

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

So you don't want to sit in a chair coated with cat hair? Even when I don't THINK I'm sitting in cat hair around here, it always seems to find its way onto my clothes. Especially black ones. Nothing like getting "all dressed up", going out, and then realizing when someone is talking to you that part of your black skirt resembles Chewbacca.

Claire said...

such a gorgeous model, you have there :) and what's wrong with a few 1000 cat hairs?? *grin*
happy WOYWW and have a fun week :)
no. 39

Zue said...

Yes, I agree you got a bargain for some good quality paper!
Are you like me and don't know what to do with a clean new page of good quality paper, lest you spoil it? She is such a film star, such a Monroe cat:)

Janie Junebug said...

Ah, a dark morning. You need your miner's hat today.


Princess Judy Palmer said...

What's a little cat hair on the new slipcover and the bum if it makes Karma happy?! I'll bet the dream journal page is fun to look at and read. Dreams sure are weird and I like how you just accept everything in your dreams like it is normal. Poof, there you are on horseback.

andi filante said...

I love the one where Karma is on her side and her paws are she's meditating. :) She looks quite content!


Anonymous said...

You have very nice handwriting!

DJan said...

Nice Karma pictures. She looks quite content, doesn't she? :-)

April said...

Karma is adorable! So sweet and cuddly. I understand the cat hair - I have three and two of them like to sit in the middle of my table while I am creating.
April #115

Anonymous said...

What gorgeous shots of Karma!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm still dumbfounded at the cost of that paper. I bought 30 sheets of 90 lb watercolor paper in a tablet for $0.99 last year at Michael's. Yes, it was on sale, but still, it was that cheap. A couple of weeks or so ago, when Kathy was here, we were at Michael's and I bought a Strathmore 140 lb journal of 30 sheets that was around $4.00. It was half price of a little over $8.00. Now I know why I will never buy anything online.

Karma is a real poser. I can't get Bleubeard to sit for any reason. He sees the camera and he runs. Never had a camera shy animal before. Glad Karma isn't, cause she's a real sweetie.

Cazzy said...

Hi Rita, and sweet Miss Karma,

Thanks for visiting, there are a few young birds about, yesterday there was a collared dove sitting in the border in the middle of my courgette plant, the dogs were barking madly through the little dog proof fence we had to put up round the border, and Hubby thought the bird was dead. Anyway it looked like it had a head wound right on top of it's head, so I said we will take it to the vet, Hubby got a box, and moved the fence, I was getting in there to grab it with my hands and it flew off, so I hope it is alright. The cats would have got it for sure if it stayed put!

Cazzy x

Spyder said...

well lots going on over at yours this week and of course karma knows the best place, lookes like someone had a sun-attack, got hot and then moved! Happy Late WOYWW!
(((Lyn)) #54

AliceKay said...

The chair cover looks great.

Karma looks Karma. :)