Tuesday, December 03, 2013


This was a lovely morning shot from a few days ago.
Quick T Stands For Tuesday today. 
Been working on the Christmas card fronts...adding a little bit of decoration to them...liquid pearls first and then a little sparkle will be painted on. 
I was reading and reading since I last posted.  Amy (library lady) came on Sunday and took away 10 books--everything but Proust's Swann's Way.  But I suspected it was the type of book that might be on some college student's waiting list.  Yes, Amy emailed me yesterday to tell me that indeed it could not be renewed.  She'll stop by on Thursday evening to pick it up (due on Saturday so it won't be overdue or anything).  No way do I have time to read it before then--so no Proust for me right now--LOL!  Maybe I'll try again at some later date.  But I told her that, regardless, for now I need a library book break until after the holidays.  :)
Meanwhile--we woke up to snow yesterday!
First time we actually had some ground cover. 
We're supposed to have winter storm moving in today or tomorrow that might not finish up till Thursday.  Wind chills of 20-35 below.  The near blizzard conditions might go by to the north of us.  Time will tell.
  Me--I am washing bedding today and making bread.  Karma--she's trying to find the mysterious, invisible, chirping bird inside her brown crinkle bag.  
We are grateful to be safe and warm!  I will keep working on letters and finishing the Christmas cards...singing with Christmas music on Pandora.  :)  If the storm is bad here in Fargo I won't see Dagan and Leah tomorrow night and I wonder if Cashwise will be able to make it with my groceries tomorrow afternoon?  We'll see.  I'd rather everyone was safe.
Anyways, I'm off!  Caroline is coming this afternoon...things to do.  ;)  Have a very happy Tuesday!!  :):)
"Give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way."
Native American prayer


  1. beautiful morning shot! stay safe and warm!

  2. I'm impressed that you make your own Christmas cards! They're very pretty!

  3. Your cards are looking really smart! Very nice!
    And all that snow-lucky you!
    Thanks for your email ; my daughter is flying over for a quick little visit, so I don't think I should send her shopping.
    You have no idea what i am on about, probably :)
    Melatonin :), so I will get some online .

    Have a great week
    Sue xxx

  4. Anonymous12:02 PM

    Whoa...and I was complaining about the 30 degree weather with snow that we had. Brrrrr.

  5. Wow.. you're ambitious and of course, creative with all those cards. Looks like a lovely morning there. I go through periods where I devour books and then times when it takes me 6 weeks to get through one. Enjoy your day!

    And I like that Native American prayer.. simple, sweet and hopeful.

  6. Now that is a stack of Christmas cards!!
    Snow, always "looks" so pretty when it first settles, but I remember how dirty looking it can get too.
    Stay safe and warm and just enjoy the view.
    Happy T-day

  7. The cards are lovely, and the snow beautiful (even though I now it slows down everyday life).

  8. I never tire of seeing beautiful sunrise and sunsets ... nature can really take your breath away with its majesty!

    I admire you for undertaking making that many cards = WOWEE!

    This year it looks like I will be getting less done than usual as we'll be traveling a bit more...
    wondering WHERE 2013 has gone!

    Happy December T Day to you Rita

  9. The Christmas cards are already beautiful and I am sure will be cherished during the holidays and beyond. Happy T Day!

  10. My thoughts went to you and your dear Karma this morning, when I saw how much snow, ice, and high winds you are supposed to get today. It's headed our way, too, so I'm sure we'll get something later in the week. Hopefully not as much as you will get, though. Glad you two are safe and warm.

    Thanks for sharing T with us today, dear.

  11. I have never read any Proust. You are very brave. Proust always makes me think of the movie Little Miss Sunshine. If you haven't seen it, you should. It's so funny. Favorite Young Man told me a couple of years ago that he felt his education was incomplete because he'd never read any Nietche (I'm sure I spelled that wrong). So he got Nietche for his birthday that year. I don't know if he feels his education is now complete.


  12. Snow ! ugh.
    Your card fronts are gorgeous. Lots of work there. But what I liked most about your post is the Native American Prayer. I am going to have to write that one down in my journal

  13. Now that's a passel of Christmas cards. Very pretty ones too. Not really find of snow either. What caught my attention is your mention of grocery delivery. There are days I sure could use that service. Hope you and Karma stay warm and dry. Hugs from The Girls for Karma.

  14. Glad you can be cosy and warm in that awful looking weather. I am impressed at how organised you are with the cards! I hope you get to see your visitors before the storm kicks in.

  15. Wow! We are at 87 degrees today and I am in shorts and flip flops. I'm so glad you and Miss Karma can keep each other warm!

  16. It's really cold and windy here too, but nothing like your situation. I am glad you and Karma are warm and cozy, while it blows and snows outside. Love the cards, Rita. :-)

  17. Anonymous8:00 PM

    Your cards are beautiful! I simply adore them.
    Wow, you are in the path of that incoming storm? eek! we may get some of it here in middle TN but I'm hoping not. We usually get sleet and ice and that is NO fun.
    Be safe and Happy T day

  18. Beautiful morning shot. You capture so many beautiful morning shots, so keep 'em coming. :)

    I really like your Christmas cards. Simple yet elegant. Nice work.

    I heard on the news tonight that you were getting some snow and bitter cold weather was heading your way. Hope you stay safe and warm out there.

  19. I like looking at all those cards lined up. I haven't even created one card, maybe I won't send hand made cards at all this year. Hope you get your groceries but most of all stay warm and safe.


  20. Keep snug and cosy while the weather is raging. Doing pretty things indoors with music and a purring Karma can’t be bad, can it?

    Have a good week.

  21. Hi Elizabeth and Karma, I can't remember if I returned your visit on WOYWW 232, I still have the email there so maybe not. I am so sorry if I didn't! You asked how Sooty got a mouse, only he knows that, or maybe the cat does! Karma, any ideas?

    I think we are due some snow, it probably won't be much and might miss us altogether and stay North, brrr!

    I was looking at your new dies and stash, it all looks yummy. I bought a delicate snowflake ring by Joy Craft, it is gorgeous!

    Cazzy x #73 if you are playing WOYWW this week.

  22. The cards are looking great, home made cards are bloody great.

    All that snow it is hard for me to imagine looking out my window to snow covered roads and cars because it doesn't snow here.

    Karma as usual looks damn cute

  23. You are busy with those cards! Yes I see you got some of that beautiful snow..and soon it will be really cold too. Stay warm:)

  24. Hello!! It's been ages! Trying really hard to get back into the blogging/commenting thing again, lol!

    Hi Rita! Hi Karma!

    Brrrr! That is way too cold for me. I do not miss the midwestern winters!!! Your Christmas cards look wonderful!! Stay safe and warm!

  25. I have always loved your cards!


    It's all white here too - but not from snow - its pea soup thick fog!

  26. Gak! Snow! I'm hoping we can hold off as long as possible....



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