Friday, January 24, 2014


A Good Gray Morning To You!
It's 27 degrees and supposed to get up to 33 today--whoohoo!  :)
I am going to actually join up with Erin's Zendala Dare and Jennifer's Artist's Playroom today.  Not because I did much, but because I actually did something--LOL!  My creative mojo has been taking a backseat for a while.  ;)
So, I just doodled and did my thing... 
...on a very simple zendala inbetween working on cards. 
Well, doing prep-work for cards.  First step--I cut a whole package of 110 pound card stock in half.  These kind of projects keep me busy and out of trouble for days and days--hehe!
Woke up to another ground blizzard one morning since we last talked. 
After I finished cutting 250 sheets... 
...the next step was to score them... they are ready to be folded in half for card bases.  And I finally finished that step yesterday--TaDa!! 
Thursday morning was so cold (predicted down to -50 wind chill or more--I believe it) the entire porch door was frosted from top to bottom like a crystal curtain.  Very pretty! 
Dagan and Leah did make it over Wednesday night for Sacred Circle.  We wanted to make it a fairly quick evening because it was dreadfully cold out (down to 40 below windchill).  I was delighted they even came with the wind chill warnings and all.  :)  It was nice to just visit, have dinner, and hang out--with no list of things they need to help me with--LOL!  ;)  We had a wonderful time, but I totally forgot to take any pictures.  Duh! 
And for those of you who will ask...what has Miss Karma been up to?  Besides getting her beauty sleep, of course.
Her new favorite toy that drives her crazy (and I can't get pictures until she's exhausted, as below, because she actually can move fast, believe it or not) is the latest trash item.  
(The flash made her wink.) 
These four paper strips I tied together were from the wire shelves from the paper drying rack. 
They used them to tie the racks together in two bunches. 
It's some kind of super tough paper-ish stuff?  It doesn't shred like paper, but it does feel papery.  Karma can get her teeth into it... 
...and it's a big long stringy enticement that she will chase and leap into the air to catch...
...until she's totally exhausted and has to lie down to play.
But she expects me to keep the game up even when she's horizontal, of course--LOL!
Speaking of, Karma's already asked to go out a couple times--got spring fever again with the snow dripping off the roof.  The crystal curtain has melted off the porch door and Karma is full of beans today!  We have to appreciate it while it lasts because we're supposed to go right back into the deep freeze--LOL!  Crazy see-saw weather, eh?
Oh, and I watched Captain Phillips (Netflix, of course).  Talk about an edge-of-your-seat movie!  Made you feel like you were right there the whole time.  I actually felt such a surge of relief (with Captain Tom) at the end that I was surprised by tears!  I seldom cry at movies, truth be told.  Tom Hanks is such an excellent actor.  Whew!
Tomorrow I have The Butler coming--which I've heard is a really good movie, too.  Seems like there have been some better movies out lately.  :)
Anyways, Karma wants to go out again to patrol the drippy porch and keep watch for swallows (silly girl).  I feel like I might be forgetting something...oh well.  
Have a good one!!  :):)
"Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead."
Louisa May Alcott


  1. always enjoy your zendalas. and karma, too.

    27 degrees here in NE Tx currently, too. was 18 earlier, so i'm happy to have the sun.

  2. Goodness. It's downright "toasty" there. :) I think our high today was 22F but with the wind doing 25-30 mph its brutal out.

    250 sheets huh... now... did you count them all???

    And as always, I love your masterful zendalas!

  3. Captain Phillips is already out? I need to check that out. I saw the Butler but I am not going to divulge my opinion or feelings about it until you see it! Not going to influence you in any way. I want to see Gravity. When is THAT coming out?!

    Karma is always fun to see :)

  4. Ha! I've missed karma! Haven't visited your blog in awhile. And i watched Captain Phillips last night also, what a movie! Excellent acting!

  5. Anonymous9:30 PM

    Your Zendala made me want to color. I colored in my letters in my paper journal. Strange comment...

  6. Love the simplicity of the zendala. Love the idea of cutting and scoring all the paper at one time!! I do several at one time..but that is REALLY planning ahead!!
    Karma is a beautiful cat!!

  7. I like the dimension that you created in this with very simple strokes. Reminds me of a pinwheel.

  8. Well, your temps were about our temps today- hard to believe! And I love, love the pics of Miss Karma- she entertains herself so well!

  9. Stay warm & keep busy--that advice should work for Karma, anyway!!

  10. Stay warm & keep busy--that advice should work for Karma, anyway!!

  11. I do like your 'less is more' zendala.
    Keep warm and tangling!

  12. You did a good job with the zendala. And of course, I was impressed with all that paper you cut and scored. I foresee a few cards in your future.

    Isn't it odd that people with cats buy all those silly cat toys when all the cat wants is something like string. Good for Karma.

    Stay warm. It's cold here, too. I got my heat bill yesterday and it doubled from last month. And I've been freezing most days, too.

  13. I enjoyed Captain Phillips, too. Tom Hanks did some of his best work in the last ten minutes of that film. I also really enjoyed The Butler, I hope you do too! :-)

  14. Oh I have said it a hundred or more times that I am sick of winter, the cold, the snow and the ice. Waiting impatiently for spring.

    Stay well!!

  15. Very nice zendala.

    That's a lot of cutting and scoring. Bet it kept you busy for quite some time.

    Karma is very entertaining. I enjoy seeing pictures of her.

    I haven't seen those two movies yet but would like to. Waiting for them to get on HBO or Cinemax.

    I'm glad you had a nice time with Dagan and Leah. Be careful out there in those wind chills. We have some serious winds and windchills again tonight. I can hear the wind ripping outside. I don't plan on going anywhere, tho.

  16. Like the open feel of the mandala. Wow, you have enough card blanks ready to last you for some time. I should be so organized (I'm not!)


  17. So nice to see those little shots of Karma playing - one day you might post a movie? Windchill Fifty below really doesn't sound like my kind of weather. I hope it warms up soon! :)

  18. Anonymous11:25 PM

    Karma looks nice and warm! Hope the weather warms up a bit for you guys.

  19. You were really hit with the dangerously cold temperatures/windchills as well there! I agree with you: Tom Hanks is a great actor. You can't go wrong with any of the movies he's been in.


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