Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Yes, there's actually tea in this mug for T Stands For Tuesday today.
I filled my spoon strainer with my favorite fancy white tea--pai mu tan.  This mug was my favorite, daily coffee mug for umpteen years.  The one that Dagan and Leah always found forgotten in the microwave after I went to reheat it (multiple times all day long)--the reason they decided to buy me the thermal mugs (yes, I have two!).  The thermal mugs may not be pretty but they keep my coffee hot for hours!  ;)  Happy T-Day to everyone over at Elizabeth's!  (Oh, and if you have word verification that is why you haven't heard from me.)
 Yesterday we woke up to 40-55 below wind chill temps till noonish.  This morning--basically the same--40-50 below wind chill warnings till noonish.  Miss Karma and I are staying warm. 
I have been a bit more restless in bed lately, I guess (just leg, knee, and hip pain), because I keep waking up chilly--only to find I have wiggled and kicked around enough to knock the comforter off my little twin bed.  I do have this old bedspread and even grabbed that in the middle of the night a couple nights ago--it stays put!  But the fringe around the edge was looking pretty ratty and Caroline kept sucking it into the vacuum cleaner--LOL!--so I bought the comforter and the bedspread got stuck away in a closet.
The softer, more pliable bedspread is much warmer--but I hated that old fringe.  So...I decided to trim it all off!  Who cares, right?  
(I'm sure you can guess who's sleeping in the middle of this bedspread pile.) 
So what have I been doing?
Well, all this fringe...what to do with it?   
Chop it up into little pieces, of course.  I want to try recycling it by using it in handmade paper and the longer strings would tangle in the blender.  
I always seem to make more work for myself--LOL!  ;)
So, besides puttering about and chopping fringe...the only other extra thing I got done was to tear the larger test sheets in half with my wonderful huge, heavy tear bar/ruler.  (That was worth every penny for me with my bum arm, I tell you--just about giggle using it!) 
Now the sheets are not so unwieldy.
Today--Caroline was going to come clean but she hurt her back!  Poor thing!  Amy from the library was going to come but not all the books I mentioned were in yet (coming from other libraries), so she is coming on Thursday instead.  I do have somebody arranging to pick up the older art magazines and Dagan and Leah plan to be here tomorrow night (weather permitting).  There's a free webinar this afternoon (Create Mixed Media/Stencil Girl) that I could chop fringe while watching, I bet--LOL!  Other than that, things are quiet up here in Fargo.
So many people choose a word for the year.  Every time I read somebody's word--I think mine must be JOY this year.  That was the card I got on New Year's Eve and I think that is my word for the year.  It actually picked itself.  :)
Anyways, it's almost lunchtime already!  Got to get moving.  Seems like it's not long after lunch that it gets dark around here--LOL!  
Happy Tuesday!!
"In an age where there is much talk about 'being yourself,' I reserve to myself the right to forget about being myself, since in any case there is very little chance of my being anybody else."
Thomas Merton


  1. I got cold just reading about how cold it was there.....

  2. I've cut up old fabric (jean material) for my handmade paper before, but never fringe. You are right. The fringe will play murder with your blender.

    I also have two of those tea spoons. I love them and they hold just the right amount of tea.

    Thanks for joining on this very cold and blustery T(ea) day.

  3. I do love that quote at the end of your post!!

    Stay warm! It is 7 above now so it is warming up.

  4. We are sharing the same cold weather....boo cold air boo. Karma is one smart kitty. Gracie has been begging to go outside because it "looks beautiful" we indulge her and hold her in our arms outside for a bit. Then Esther in the snow....she instantly regrets her choice and we pick her up and bring her in. Goofy animal.
    Happy Tuesday

  5. Seems like so many of us have had the same similar brutally cold weather-good thing for our T days and warm chatter amongst friends-we can commiserate together! I love how you recycle things into your own paper-the papers must be beautiful. Happy T day!

  6. Had to giggle at Miss Karma in the middle of the blanket! And I too hate fringe, it does get in the way of the vacuum cleaner. I have like 3 heavy blankets on my bed, and of course, only one is for me. The rest is for Buddy to dig into and burrow into and nest into.

  7. joy is a great word. :)

  8. Sooooo.....cold!
    I was thinking about you the other daywhen I thought I might actually do some Coptic binding......it seems like a lot of effort, but it might be worth a go.
    You could use the fringeing for stuffing soft toys if you decide to make any for the baby!
    Sue xx

  9. Anonymous4:39 PM

    The fringe reminds me of one of those dog show dogs. I have a new blog. Just click on my pic, I think.

  10. Susie, Rita doesn't do the prove you're not a robot thing so you'll have to remove it if you want Rita. Of course, I know you long to please me, too, so you'll get rid of it.

  11. I can't remember if I told you I ordered a really nice stainless steel Keurig coffee mug for Willy Dunne Wooters. Supposedly it will keep his coffee hot, and it doesn't leak. He hasn't tried it yet. Knowing him, he won't like it. It's nigh unto impossible to give him a gift, even if it's a coffee mug. He doesn't like gifts.


  12. That is downright dangerous cold! I do hope it begins to moderate soon. And I also love the quote at the end of your post, Rita. :-)

  13. That's just plain COLD. I can't imagine temps that cold. Brrr....

    We're to get temps a tad below zero tonight with windchills in the -15 to -20 range. Our furnace runs pretty much constantly to keep up. I can't wait until spring.

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  14. and we think it's cold here in Virginia with single digits...brrr you are brave to weather those temps...
    Karma looks snug and cozy!

    It will be fun to see your fringe infused paper...making paper is so satisfying and fun...

    Hope you had a Happy T Day...
    stay warm Rita!

  15. Brrrrr! I too hate waking up cold as you never seem to warm up all day. Great recycling of that fringe rather than waste it.
    Hope you enjoyed your webinar.
    I have a thermal mug but only for coffee - tea is a no-no. Besides as I mainly drink herbals they do taste nice cold.

  16. Great idea to cut the fringe off. I don't like comforter at all for the reason that they will not stay on the bed. Nothing like a old fashioned bed spread. They are getting really hard to find, so I went to a quilted coverlet, fancy name for a quilt that covers the top of the bedding. I find these stay ON the bed and also keep me warm.

    Happy T-day
    the two of you need to stay warm and safe.

  17. Today was better for tempertures anyway! Glad to hear you survived the cold..it was brutal. Stay warm..Joy is a good word for the new year:)

  18. Anonymous8:35 AM

    Brrr - still cold where you are! Love that Merton quote.

  19. I've never seen a tea spoon strainer before. Will be interested to see how your paper turns out!


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