Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Good Morning!
It's 13 degrees and a very gray morning--dark enough you need the lights on inside. 
I see a weather alert for a storm watch for Weds/Thursday on my phone.  I should probably at least watch the weather report once in a while, eh?  I normally get my temps and forecasts online because I hate to watch the news.  But if we have a snow/sleet/ice storm coming in I might not see Dagan and Leah tomorrow night if travel is bad.  We'll see. 
The last of my (most spending in years) January packages arrived from my Amazon order.  Seems like almost everything came in separate packages this time from Amazon.  I found a set of pretty cheap clamps that I plan to use with the bookbinding...and Karma parked quickly on them like a hen on eggs.   
This funny little thing is called Fuzzy Fingers.  You slide a couple fingers in the backside here... 
...and use this to clean off your various screens...phones, laptop, tablet.  It really does work well--even if you might have to hide it from your cat (or dog)--LOL! 
The last of my new nail polishes arrived.  An OPI with actual opaque color called Java Mauvea (may even be a bit dark for me--lol!) and Mabelline Bold Gold (which I knew I could use in art or crafts--really shimmery).
I can't forget to show what I am drinking for T Stands For Tuesday--my mug filled with hot Sumatra black coffee next to my new clamps arranged like a black & orange snowflake--LOL!  
I've been doing things like laundry--the not very exciting, but necessary, stuff.  Today I'm finally making that 13 bean soup with the ham bone and some fresh bread.  Caroline will be here this afternoon.  Karma is snuggled with me on the chair purring loudly and gently touching my arm...because she wants me to pet her and not type.  I might do that for a while before I go chop onions.  ;)  
Have a super day!
"Love the moment, and the energy of that moment will spread beyond all boundaries."
Corita Kent  


  1. the gray skies are pretty. :)

  2. Hi back Karma! I see your weather is a bit grey like ours, seeping dank fog today.

  3. Nothing like warm homemade soup on a cold day! Hope the storm is not too bad this time. Stay snug and warm, and enjoy your tea!

  4. I love the "Fuzzy Fingers." I need one of those! Your soup sounds so good - just right for a grey wintry day!

  5. Homemade bread and homemade soup. what a combination!

    Your photos are so pretty today.

  6. Will only 13 beans fill you up?


    The clamp snowflake looks cute! What hatches from them, if Karma is to be a mom... doncha wanna know? :)

  7. MMMMMM! Love thirteen bean soup and fresh bread. Sounds heavenly for sure.

    Cool clamps, I bought some good ones years ago, much like Mr. O's but much smaller.
    I have seen those dust mits before, glad to hear they work well. Last Christmas I found some for your feet and gave them to my DILs (as a joke) the granddaughters LOVED them and had a ball cleaning my floor.

    Hope you are staying warm.
    Happy T-day

  8. Hee Hee Karma, you keep your mom on her toes now! :)

    I never ever wear nailpolish. OH sure, my toenails once a year.... but my fingernails, never. I always end up chipping them all off with my teeth, so I don't even bother. I don't even entertain. Although I know your nailpolish is intended for an art project... I am now tempted to gets some nail color on my fingernails. Ever since my blood clotting problems appeared, my nails have gone to the dumps. They have no problems bending the wrong way now. And they like to sport scratches horizontally which is weird. I have always had good fingernails, so I never thought of it. Now I need to. I think I'll go with dark cherry red!!! No.

  9. Wow, you bought some very interesting items! I think it's funny that Karma likes the clamps so much. :) Enjoy your delicious soup, and have a great T Day!

  10. Those Fuzzy Fingers look like fun.. at least as much fun as cleaning can be. ;)

  11. Karma does look a little like a hen with her chicks, doesn't she? Very gray skies, but it's not so bad when you're warm and safe fixing soup, right? :-)

  12. I have some clamps like that and I assure you, you will LOVE them. They are SO useful.

    Karma looks playful as usual, and I'm glad she is warm, too.

    Thanks for sharing T(ea) today with your coffee. You know coffee is my drink of choice, so I'm glad you shared yours. BTW, I'm having trouble staying logged onto blogger, and that is why I'm late getting here.

  13. I like the Bold Gold. I am currently wearing bronze, which is too pinkish to be bronze. It's more coppery. Anyway, it's one of the few colors I've tried and don't really like. It got up to about 80 this afternoon after raining very hard last night. It's supposed to turn chilly tonight and stay that way the rest of the week. I'm grateful for our "cold". Maybe it will cut back next summer's bugs. I can dream.


  14. those clamps look like they will be efficient...and what fun to make a design from them! so funny that your cat had to check them out too. Fun purchases all. and bean soup with bread sounds YUM!

  15. So hot here at the moment- Summer in Australia- I've been finding it very interesting to read about everyone's cold Winters in Blogland! :-)

  16. I love your pinky fingers cleaner thingy...I would make a great puppet! Happy very late T day!
    ((Lyn)) #13

  17. That fuzzy fingers cleaning pad looks so cute and handy, I was looking at one of them at the Norwex party I went to on the weekend.

  18. Dontcha just love Iggy's train of thought(s)? LOL

    I think I need some Fuzzy Fingers. Looks like it would work great on some things around my place.

    I like those clips. Cute idea making them into a "snowflake".

  19. Anonymous9:30 AM

    Awww -- bless our pets! Lovely sky shots.

  20. That is a cute pink hedgehog you have there! I am sure we could find a crafting use for that sometime - maybe even clean the puter! Haa Haa. I hope Karma doesn't get too attached to those clamps or perhaps that should be the other way round. Like the snowflake effect.
    Thanks for calling by. Keep warm and watch out for the nasty weather.

  21. Question for you Rita. Where do you get your mismatched socks?

    I hope Iggy never makes me soup with only 13 beans in it. I'd go hungry! LOL


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