Monday, January 06, 2014


The sun is blinding off the snow this morning.
No trip to federal housing.  
So cold the senior bus service was cancelled.  Right now it is 23 below and the wind chill is 47 below.  There are places up here that have almost 60 below wind chill.  Public schools, colleges, and many businesses are closed, too.  What a cold winter this year!
I left a message on my new worker's answering machine, but I haven't heard back yet.  They might not even be at work, either, for all I know.  I should probably call back and leave another message on the main switchboard.  Don't want to get in trouble with Uncle Sam, you know.  
Silly Karma wants to go out.  
I told her no.
Cats do not like to be told no.
She's been pouting and complaining by the door.
I tried to get shots of the crystals that are on the screen door from top to bottom... 
...but my camera can't catch the true glinting beauty! 
My whole porch door sparkles!! 
Soooo pretty!
Minnesota schools are closed statewide.  North Dakota is probably close to the same, just not officially.  There's debate on the weather channel up here as to why they panicked this time.  It was 25 below only a few days ago and kids went off to school.  They blame it on the media and all the focus on wind chill temps--but it's still only 23 below--LOL! 
Anyways, I am home and quite glad to be.  ;) 
Oh, I measured the little book.  It's 5 1/2 by 6 3/4 inches.  I have several sets of different chipboard covers that are all that same size to play with and one set that is very tiny.    
Karma has given up on the porch.  She'd be fine if she went out for a couple minutes (which is all she wants to be out in this cold anyways, goofy girl), but I just really don't want to be opening and shutting the door and chilling the living room.  It took long enough to warm it up to 68-70 in here yesterday.  
Well, stay safe and comfortable--whether you are dealing with the heat or the cold today.  :):)
“Nothing burns like the cold.” 
George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones 


  1. Given how cold it was - I'm glad you didn't venture out into it!!

    Krazy Karma would have been Frosty Karma had she gone out (I suspect the door might have been frozen stuck anyway... LOL!)

  2. Glad you didn't have to go out in this cold. I have called off work 2 days in a row with this crazy storm. Too much snow yesterday and too cold today. I really don't think they needed me too much. Not a whole lot of people out buying paint I'm sure :) So I'm back to reorganizing my art room.... I signed up for LifeBook this year and I figure I need to know where things are at for a change .
    Take care and stay warm.

  3. I'm very glad to hear you didn't venture out in this weather, Rita. I hear what you are saying about not wanting to mess with Uncle Sam, but this should be an easy pass, since nobody is going anywhere they don't have to go! :-)

  4. Brr...that's cold! I'm glad you didn't have to venture out into that cold today.

    Silly Karma.

    It's difficult getting good pics of screen doors or windows, even with ice crystals on them. The lens has a way of distorting the image we see with our eyes.

    It was 42 degrees here at 7:00 this morning. The rain we received last night melted most of the snow. The creeks that were frozen over two days ago are now running high and muddy...with lots of ice chunks along the banks. The wind is ripping outside tonight and the temp is dropping. It's 16 degrees with a windchill of -2. We're under a windchill warning until 7PM tomorrow night. Possible windchill of -20 to -30 tomorrow. I'm ready for about you?

  5. It is very cold and snowy here today too. Almost everything in town was closed up. Bring on spring!

  6. I am completely unable to wrap my mind around the phrase, "but it's still ONLY 23 below"!!

  7. It never got above 1 degree here today and the windchill was minus 25. The dogs wanted to go out numerous times but it was almost painful to open the door. It is just miserable.
    On a happier note, I got a couple blog posts out today while sitting by the fireplace!

  8. My mom grew up in Minnesota. She and her siblings walked to school. She said they always stopped inside a gas station on the way so they could thaw out their cheeks.


  9. I watched the weather channel this morning and saw the cold and wind chills. It was a MERE 14 below zero here this morning. So of course, our schools, businesses and the like were open today. I pity those in the north east without power.

    I agree that cats don't like to be told NO. Bleubeard climbs the walls, but luckily, he's content to just sit and snuggle under the blanket with me.

    Glad you are safe and warm. This has been a REAL winter.

  10. Good thing you stayed in. Certainly they understand about the weather. I wonder why they cannot do the meeting over the phone. Just wondering. Seems like it would be a solution, but probably too simple for the govt:(
    Stay warm

  11. Anonymous1:57 AM

    Brrrr - keep warm and safe!

  12. When I heard the weather reports I immediately thought of you Rita. I think you and Karma are in the best place...all cosy inside even if she doesn't think so ^..^
    I don't think I'll mention the weather here anymore because by your standards we are positively tropical.
    Stay safe and warm xoxo

  13. Yeah I have seen on the news about how cold it is and I am glad that I am here and not there, we are having a couple of nice coolish days still warm enough for shorts and t shirts but not stinking hot like it has been, although who knows it still might heat up. You stay warm and safe my friend.

  14. The frost does look pretty on the door. It took a long time to heat the house to 68 degrees. Still had pipes that froze in the basement and - if you can believe it - food inside the house by adjacent to an exterior wall.

    Sounds like ND was hit with even more brutal windchills than here.


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