Tuesday, April 15, 2014


It's been colder again up here.  Below freezing a lot.  It's 22 degrees right now (-6 C), but sunny with the typical clouds we've had for days.
So it may be chilly... 
...but they have been pretty days. 
Miss Karma has been keeping me company while I've been reading The Plan by Lyn-Genet Recitas and taking notes.  All you T-Tuesday folks might notice I have a thermos of plain water instead of my usual coffee thermos mug.  ;)
The Plan is a very different approach than the diet information I found online for cleanse, elimination, detox and the like.  It is supposed to work like an elimination diet to find out what you can and can't eat, but you follow this specific eating schedule for three weeks and weigh yourself every morning.  If you gain, you ate something reactive that added to the inflammation.  You have to drink half your weight in ounces of water every day and take some supplements.  But you're supposed to lose half a pound a day (when you're eating non-reactive foods, of course) until you get back to your natural weight you should be!  And it's supposed to help you get rid of the chronic inflammation--and, therefore, many health issues that are caused by that inflammation.
The difference is that after your initial detox type days you pretty quickly start adding foods to see what happens.  No foods are off limits to try because every person is different and what is bad for one person might not be bad for you.  For example, there are foods that 50% or 75% or 90% of people react to eating, but you might be in the safe percentage, you know?  So you find out what specific foods are the best just for you.  The initial diet days are based on 90% not being reactive to those foods.  Interesting!
I could add back my coffee and such fairly soon and test them.  The testing will take a long time because it's one at a time and it can take 24-72 hours for your body to react...but adding something new every three days doesn't sound so bad to me.  You wouldn't be hungry because you eat three meals and snacks!  (That's more than I eat now!)  I just need a digital scale.
There are things I hate in the food plan for those first few weeks (like pears and beets).  Maybe I can gag them down--LOL!  You're supposed to eat pretty much exactly what she tells you, I guess, for the safe, non-reactive foods those first few days, especially.  (There may be some strong "reactions" over here to those pears and beets, though--LOL!)  After a while you can start to make choice substitutions.  I can switch apples for the pears, thank goodness--but I don't know about the beets.  Whichever foods pass the test are added in, too.  
I am not done reading.  Just last night I found some recipes and eating plans online on their website to download for vegetarians and vegans that I haven't looked at yet (but we know that won't eliminate pears and beets--sigh).  
I'll have a lot of things to buy next month.  Might have to start in June because I won't have all the foods for the three weeks--but I didn't plan to start the even stricter elimination diet until June, anyways.  I am excited to try this.  I sure as heck will tell you if it works for me, without a doubt.  All the foods are safe and healthy, so they sure can't hurt a person.  Just not what I am used to eating, that's for sure.  They claim the cravings go away pretty quickly.  Hope so!  I can't even imagine being back to my natural, normal weight, for one thing!  Or not having IBS issues!  Or needing BP medication!  Makes it worth a try right there, eh?
So, you know what I'll be doing today--reading the book and taking notes--and making up the grocery list....which I can't check out to see if Cashwise has everything I will need because I've been bumped off again and can't get back on until Dagan and Leah come tomorrow night and clear my browser cache again.  (Yup!  Still happening after every third time I have been to my cart.  Sigh.)  I'm going to write down the instructions as to how to clear my browser cache this time so that I can do it myself. 
Anyways, that's what's happening up here.  When it was still warm and spring-like Karma was appreciating every moment of morning sunlight.
We were actually able to open the porch doors up all the way for a few days! 
 So spring really will arrive eventually...she's just such a tease--LOL!  ;)
I forgot to tell you that I reluctantly had to cancel my membership for Ink Drop over at Goulet Pens.  Only because I have so many samples (and I'm using them all the time) that I have an entire drawer full of them--ROFL!
When I have whittled down my stash I may sign up again.  But I have plenty to play with for a good long time, don't I?  Who knew a person could actually have too much ink!!??
Caroline comes this afternoon.  Dagan and Leah come over tomorrow night.  So I also need to cut and fold card stock for Leah's cards before Wednesday night.  
Oh, and Dagan and Leah went down to Minneapolis to IKEA this past weekend for a bunch of things.  We both wanted the same shoe bench and they were in stock this time.  So, if they remember to bring it, might be putting together a shoe bench for me!  Which means I am going to shift things around in the entryway--whoohoo!  I'd better take a before picture--hehe!  Not too often anything big gets moved around here.  ;)
Anyways, that's what's happening up here in Fargo.
Have a good one!!  :) :)
"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us."
J. R. R. Tolkien


  1. karma is too cute in the sunlight. hopefully it'll warm back up again. we even hit freezing here in texas last night.

    hope you can find the diet items that will work for you!

  2. beets? no coffee? hmmm... i'd be good with pears, though. i like pears.

    i'm glad karma is keeping a close eye on the sunshine. i thought spring was here, but last night we got bad thunderstorms and a frost warning!

  3. I've never been brave or disaplined enough to do one of those detox things. Good for you!

  4. Hello and Happy T Day! It is cold here again too, just had summer like weather this weekend and it's gone already, sigh.
    Good luck on your new food plan, not sure I could stick to it. I try to eat healthy daily. The same breakfast and almost same lunch for years now and just small portions of dinner and thankfully I'm not much of a sweet tooth girl so no worries there.
    I think you will do GREAT!!
    Have a good day and Happy early Easter!

  5. wow- good luck on the diet! sounds like a big challenge to me, but if it will cause less inflammation, that's a good thing. I am a Weight Watcher myself, so that's what I do and I like that I don't have to eliminate any one food group from my diet! healthy stuff is best, but why is it we always crave the sugar & fat!? hoping for Spring to come for real...:)

  6. I hope things work out for you on the diet! I detest beets but I really like pears. I will be very interested in how it works out for you!

  7. I hope the detox works for you. I LOVE beets and just planted a bunch of them in my garden. I'm lukewarm about pears, though. :-)

  8. I haven't eaten a beet in a long time - strange because I like them!

    I hope you find something that helps your health improve markedly!!

  9. Beets bleeeeeeeck. Karma? Yummmmy! I want to make my fingers into a claw and rub her belly!

  10. I wouldn't eat a beet for love nor money. They're such an unattractive food.


  11. Sounds like an interesting diet plan. I loosely stick to weight watchers which has enabled me to lose 17 pounds. A few went back on over the holidays, but I am trying to get back on track now.

    That is a serious supply of ink! Happy Tea/Coffee Day!

  12. Hi! Thanks for your comment.

    Great sky photos! Enjoy the sunny weather while it lasts.

    Wow, you really do have a lot of ink. I look forward to seeing how you'll use it all, making pretty things.

    Happy T Day!

  13. I wish you all the best with your healthy choices and plans. I have learned to drink LOTS of water and that alone has helped tremendously! You certainly are on a good path and I wish you well and success. Amazing how beautiful a sky can look in any season. Happy T day Rita!

  14. Let me get this straight. If I weighed 100 lbs, I have to drink 50 ounces of water a day?? Better keep a potty handy, then (grin).

    I'm like you. I don't like beets, but I love pears, especially fresh ones at Christmas.

    Too much ink? Yep, I can see why you'd be overloaded. Almost laughed because that really IS a lot of ink.

    Thanks for sharing your new diet, all that ink, and Karma's lovely face for T today.

  15. Wonderful Post! I might have to look into this "The Plan" thing. I know I have been doing some detoxes here and there. I noticed we share a similar interest. Goulet pens! I just ordered another pen and some ink samples from them recently. I am an avid writer (journaling) and growing into my hobby of photography! I would love to follow your blog! Come check me out over at my blog :) We might have something interesting to converse about one day!
    Have a blessed day!

  16. NO BEETS!!! Did you not read my beet post??? I had banana bread and cake for breakfast. That's bad, isn't it....


  17. HI kindred..yay..enjoy your new journey. ..wishing you many sparkles and the best of health and wellness to you..shine on! AW..isn't Karma so sweet relaxing... ! Great cloud shots too!!
    Love that quote!!
    Have a beautiful day!

  18. Sunny but chilly here too.

    I'm not big on pears and beets either. Try stewing the pears; they taste better (and they have enough of their own juice that as long as you keep them moving while they start to soften, you don't need to add anything when stewing them; you can if you're not on one of those detox diets, but don't have to). If you can have it, add a bit of cinnamon or something to the stewed pears; honey really works well, but I'm guessing if things people often have allergies to are out of the question then honey is probably one of the things you aren't allowed at first. I haven't figured out how to make beets taste better yet though, LOL!

  19. Great share today.
    Lovely blue Dakota skies, I do miss those blue skies with white clouds. We only get them here in the spring. When it gets hot
    (100'+) the sky washes out to a dull gray.

    Karma is looking handsome as ever.
    Have a great week and a good inky time with all that stash.

  20. That's nice of Dagan and Leah to pick up the shoe rack for you at IKEA. Sophia, Olivia, and I went there a few months ago. What a HUGE store. So many beautiful things to look at and touch. We could have spent hours there it was so interesting.

  21. I like beets and pears, but there are lots of things in your list that I would rather not touch. Good luck with The Plan.

  22. Gosh! I am worn out after reading your post. I do hope the diet/elimination works for your. It sounds very intense.
    Karma looks so cute. My Dobby has been enjoying the recent spring weather.
    Hugs. Nearly time for this week's Tuesday post! I will try to be earlier!

  23. I found it! Well found what you are doing with all this weird food!
    Good luck with it, I did the elimination diet from a book years ago, I remember you had to cut out everything except bottled water, pears, rice and lamb (I hate lamb), for a couple of weeks then introduce stuff and keep a diary of effects. The first time round I cracked when I cooked the roast for my family a few weeks in, ate the roast and a cup of tea - it was bliss but that made me so ill I had to take tablets before I ate every meal for years. So the second time I attempted it years later I knew I had to stick to it right to the end. There are so many things I can't eat. A few things I started eating again, two of them caused me really bad problems, and the others seem to be tolerated at the moment. Your food sounds a bit more interesting than I could have though not sure about the flaxseed stuff!
    Good luck with it all, bet Karma won't want to share any!
    Cazzy x


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