Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Good Morning!  
It's already Tuesday?
We've had some gorgeous days up here since we last spoke on Friday.
But my craft table looks the same.  Notice--for the T Stands for Tuesday crowd--this red thermal cup has seemed to become my tea cup these days.  I do love a pretty cup, but for daily use my practical side comes out...because I like my coffee and tea hot.  ;)
Miss Karma likes her sunbathing hot.  It's been warm enough to have the porch door cracked open...
...or wide open to the sun. 
Karma was so delighted she was rubbing and petting her head on the door frame--LOL! 
I snuck up on her... 

...so, of course, she quit. 
Paused to do some intense sun worshiping...but I didn't go away.
She threw me a look! 
 Okay!  Okay!
I left her to snooze in the sunlight...undisturbed.  ;)
What have I done since I saw you last?
Well, I had a kind of fish emergency.
As some of you may recall, I have just been waiting for my last fish to die in the ten gallon aquarium in my bedroom so I could tear it down and put it away in the garage...maybe forever.  It is getting difficult for me to haul buckets and tanks about anymore.  I cannot flush live fish...and just had a couple sleepless nights over snails, for goodness sakes.
Okay, after I finished blogging on Friday I noticed the light had burned out on the fish tank.  Well, I did not want to put more money into an aquarium that I want to store in the garage, right?  I am incapable of flushing, as previously noted...so I made a trip to the garage to bring in the 2-gallon bowl that I have normally used for a betta.  I rinsed all the dust out of it, partially filled it, and set it out overnight to aerate and become room temperature.  (Oh, and the heater died months ago, so room temp is what they are used to--LOL!) 
I had a mass of live plants floating on the top of the tank...grew so crazy well that they covered the surface till the planted parts below got no light and died...and the mass of floating plants made it dark on the bottom half of the tank, even with the light on.  I had only ever seen the two ottocinclus (smaller algae eaters) and one tetra who would sit in the front until it saw me coming.  So, I figured three fish.
Meanwhile, I got out the misting box or spray box again.  (Told you my art table had been calling to me--however briefly--LOL!)  
Miss Karma hung out by the box for some time.  Anything new, you know.  And, yes--she tried to lay inside of it but I shooed her out.  Which made the box even more intriguing, of course.  (I'm sure she laid in it during the night, but it would have been long dry by that time.)
No plan at all.  Just wanted to play with the Dylusions sprays--so I just grabbed bottle after bottle and misted about!  What fun! 
On Saturday I took the plants out of the ten gallon and sorted, pruned, and planted enough to fill the 2-gallon bowl.  There weren't as many as I thought.  Kind of like unwrapping an old philodendron...there were a lot of stems.  I hope they survive being torn apart and planted.
When it was time to catch fish (with a flashlight and net because I had no light) I discovered I was chasing two tetras!  For the life of me I can't remember the name of these, but they are bright and quite handsome.  
That was a far as my body would let me go on Saturday with the fish project.  But I did spray some more.  Since one of the 52Journal challenges (I am way behind again) is about a garden or flowers or something, I grabbed a crumpled paper towel to block and kind of sprayed in green ground and a blue sky...with doodling in mind.   
I also decided it was finally time to get rid of the two vases of old dried Mother's Day roses from several years past.  But I can't throw away dead things, either, apparently.  I took the flowers off the stems and am going to save them to add to paper pulp when I make paper this summer.  [Yes, that is a cat litter pan--LOL!  Never used.  I have two of them that were too small, but I didn't return them and saved them for crafts.  Amazing how handy a litter pan can be.] 
They'll only be flecks in the blender...but loved and appreciated flecks.  I will know. 
Sunday I went to siphon the water from the ten gallon...and heard a splash!  Yup--there was actually one more tetra!  It must have been hiding behind the slate rocks.  I'm shocked that out of the four or five I bought years ago that three are still alive! 
It was "the loner" who tricked me.  There had always been this one tetra who didn't like to school with the others all the time.  He must have been the one hanging by himself in the front of the tank...which he still manages to do quite often in the 2 gallon bowl--LOL!   
Anyways, I siphoned the water down as far as I could--hauling buckets--but the tank was way too heavy for me to move.  I had extra gravel in the bottom for the live plants--like maybe 3 inches.  So, I scooped out gravel...enough to fill this ice cream pail you see below.  Also cleaned the main part of the cover...
...and then finally carried the tank to the kitchen on my hip with my good arm.  Scary, but I made it!  There was still a lot of gravel in there, let me tell you!  Then I quickly picked off all the snails that were on the sides of the tank--well, all the ones large enough to pick up without crushing...and my body said it was done for the day.  Well, I still rescued snails the rest of the night...got all the bigger ones out and many smaller ones.
Turns out my body was, in fact, actually done for two days--LOL!  All I managed to do yesterday was scrub off the rocks you see in the sink...and rescue more snails. 
I feel so very badly for the snails!  They came in with the live plants and are such cute little things.  The adults are only about 1/8 of an inch...the babies are anywhere from a speck in size...and I have trouble saving anyone smaller than about a third of adult size.  And there were eggs all over the glass and gravel...and sometimes you try to save an itty-bitty one and crush it by accident!!  Or it drops back into the water and that dark gravel and is lost...but you know it is still there somewhere...alive...just struggling to survive.  Where there is life there is hope!
I can't walk past the tank without staring and searching for snails.  I saved another dozen or so little ones yesterday.  But today, I'll have to bite the bullet.  The plan is to scoop out the rest of the gravel and clean the tank--if my body is feeling cooperative.  I'll have to be satisfied that I saved as many snails as I could...after one last long search, of course.
The snails will haunt me for a while.
But everybody is looking good in the bowl.  I thought they'd go into shock with all the light they have now...especially the old and timid tetras...but they are doing well so far.  And when the fish finally die...do you think I will be able to kill the plants and the snails?  Doubtful.  But if the plants die, the snails probably wouldn't survive long.  So would I buy more plants just for the snails?  Dilemmas, eh?
Now you know why I am, obviously, not a fish flusher.  
But I am happy that the bowl inhabitants look content and nobody has jumped or crawled out or keeled over.  Nice!!  
Funny--this project would have taken me a few hours in the past but has already taken me five days...and I'm not done yet--LOL!  It is amazing to me how many projects can be broken down into small pieces and finished over time.  My body has taught me patience and perseverance I never thought I had.  And that's a very good thing.  :)
But that is why I am running so late today.  Took me longer to thaw out this morning.  LOL!  ;)  I am off to the garage to find another ice cream pail.  Oh, and I will wrap and tie the pails up with plastic bags before they go into the dumpster so the gravel doesn't get spilled all over in there.  I am not even cleaning the gravel this time since I know that would really put my body right over the brink (it's almost over now) and I am not sure I'll ever set the tank up again.  It might just have to go off with somebody on freecycle...if I can part with it.  I've never gone long without fish...since I was nine.  But I still have the bowls.  (I also have a one-gallon bowl in the garage.)  It might be time to get rid of my last aquarium!  
Anyways, that's what I've been doing since Friday folks!  Fretting over fish and snails. 
Hope you are having a good week.
Keep smiling!!  :):)
"Death is a natural part of life. Rejoice for those around you who transform into the Force."


  1. i'm hoping your 3 tetras, plants and snails will make it in the bowl for a while. :)

  2. Ooo! I bet those Tetras are enjoying their new smaller, less snailey, bowl now! I am not sure I would really fancy rescuing snails.
    Well done one clearing the jist of your tank. Maybe you could recycle it or freecycle it so someone else can enjoy it?

  3. You are too funny and sweet. I've flushed my share of fish. When I was a toddler I tried to flush our dog down when he bit me. I still remember doing it too. One of my first memories. Boy did I get in trouble for that one!

  4. What a great way to recycle. I really can't kill fish, either, at least not intentionally. I bought two tiny gold fish one spring and put them in a tub in my yard. At the end of summer, the tree shaded everything, including the grasses I had put in the tub. Months before, the fish no longer came to the surface to get their food, so at some point, I quit adding any to the water, which you could no longer see through. I was getting ready to wash out the tub when BOTH fish appeared in the bottom of the tub. Like you, I rescued them, brought them inside for the winter, and watched them grow. They lived another year, then a freak sudden hard freeze killed them. I was devastated, so I can truly relate to your not being able to flush.

    Thanks for sharing your fish tale AND lovely Karma today for T. And of course, Bleubeard is waving to Karma.

  5. Your new smaller tank/bowl looks so shiny clean and pretty. What a lot of hard work. I would have no trouble tossing out snails, fish maybe.


  6. I think you are pretty darn soft hearted. Some people actually EAT snails, ya know! Hope you recover soon from all your exertions in behalf of the snails. :-)

  7. the bowl looks very pretty! it'll be easier to clean, too, i imagine.

    i like your idea for the dried rose petals. it seems a shame to throw them out.

  8. Happy T-Day!
    I won't be able to flush any fish either. Wonder if these kinds of snails can survive in the backyard.
    We had a tank too and that is a lot of work to maintain. Yeah we have to be careful not to over exert ourselves. I have learned to do things in stages as well.

  9. I saw Karma's beautiful face with that look, and put the wrong two and two together when you said you had a fish emergency!. Good thing, eh?

  10. Phoebes and I have quite the record with killing fish without meaning to so we could have solved your fish problem in days probably... Mind you then I used to have to put them in the freezer as I wasn't allowed to flush them... Burial was apparently the only way but only burial if they were frozen... We haven't ventured back to fish for years after a very traumatic summer... We call. It the summer of the 14 fish... Don't think it was quite 14 but it was close lol... Hope you are taking it easy and enjoying the new smaller bowl... Chat son
    T xx

  11. I love the art idea in a journal. What kind of journal do you use, if you don't mind me asking? Im kind of a journal nut too LOL. Im with Karma, though. I would LOVE to be sunbathing right now. It has been rainy the past few days.

    Oh and the fish thing, I am right there with ya. The first time my mom ever flushed a fish (and it wasn't even mine!) I cried. Yes I seriously cried :( I can't flush fish either. I would rather go to the creek down the road and place them in there.

  12. That was quite the chore getting that tank dissasembled. Did you find the algae eater? You never mentioned it as moving to the bowl.

    I would get fish, but it is more work than I wish to do and what about if I take a vacation for a week? Just seems better to leave fish to someone else who will appreciate them more than I would.

  13. They all look very healthy and happy in their new home. I remember when I used to have fish some jumped out of the tank onto the floor. They obviously did not like living in the tank! lol

  14. I had a large fish tank all the while growing up, and I could never flush a live fish, either. Yours look happy and content in their new smaller home, and at least you will be able to see them easier.

    Love how Karma finds the warm, sunny spots!

    Hope you had a happy T Day.

  15. Your tetras must be enjoying their new little and lighted space as Karma is enjoying the sun. What a daunting and lengthy task in your tank clean up-wow. Growing up our family had a large fish tank-which included tetras, frogs, kissing garamies(sp?), angel fish and a handful of others I don't recall. My Mom used to get mad that my dad kept adding and buying yet she took more care of it all than anyone. Nice that you took some fun art breaks in between. Happy T day a day late:)

  16. I'm glad your fish made it safely in to the bowl, and that you were able to save a lot of snails... Sorry some of the snails can't be saved.

    Every time you mention flushing fish, it makes me shudder; fish aren't allowed to get flushed in my family, because I have fish flushing issues after an incident when I was really young (can't remember if I told you about it before).

  17. Soon Karma will smell like a banana from her spf-25+ sunscreen lotion.


    You are a kindhearted soul to "rescue" those fish. I hope they live a nice usual fish-length life (whatever that might be!) as well as the plants and snails. The bowl looks nice and cheery.

    You might want to check out

  18. Anonymous12:22 PM

    This reminds me of a friend who ordered tadpoles, or frog eggs or something trough the mail for her four year old. The eventual frog didn't last too long and the kid was depressed for days.

    Happy story, huh? :/

  19. Sounds like you've had quite the eventful and challenging week! a lot of work to save some fish and snails, and not everyone would have bothered...good for you! do take care and get rested up for the next episode. :) by the way, I always love your sky/cloud photos!

  20. I'm still laughing at the look Karma gave you, it's priceless. I love the colours you used with the sprays. What a to do with the fish but it look great now and they look really happy. I know where you're coming from with the snails, I used to do the same but now we only buy the mystery snails, they are really big and you can't miss them. We still have a fish tank and also a fish pond inside the house (I know, I'm nuts) as well as a big one outside. It's the cleaning that gets you though isn't it. Glad you were able to complete the task but take care and rest up. Have a great week.

  21. Karma is so funny and so nice looking, whenever I see a small fish tank I think of my daughter Kathy who tried to have a pet fish and it died within 24 hours so she got another on and it died so she gave up

  22. O you are a funny one!

    I can understand not wanting to kill the fish but snails? The snails in the garden have to be disposed off; I usually just throw them over the hedge but I know that they will come back.

    Hm, I’ve never had fish. Would I become mesmerised by them swimming round and round?

  23. I try not to kill whatever animal. All snails are welcome in my garden, I never kill one while neighbors buy the most horrible poison to get rid of them (or poison to kill plants that they don't want). My plants are doing well and so are the birds that can eat everything because there was no poison.
    The only things that were ever killed in my garden were a few frogs and birds, because Tedah ate them :-)

  24. I could never flush a live fish either. I have flushed a few dead ones though. Thankfully, Aaron is now over his 'fear' of wrapping dead fish in tissues and flushing them so I don't have to do it any more. Not that we get lots of dead fish but it does happen on occasion. Aaron loves tending to his fish.

    I get so upset when I accidentally crush a baby spider that I'm in the process of moving to a safer area. It plays on my mind so I understand how you feel about doing the same with baby snails. Btw, those look like Red Serpae Tetras.

    I've been so busy of late so please forgive my absence. I do have another snail letter under way to you.

    Have a wonderful week! xx

  25. Dear Rita, I so like that Yoda quotation. Thanks for including it with this posting. It surely does fit and might help you as you continue to think about the snails.

    I do so understand your respect for all life. I respect and appreciate and admire you for it.

    Please be gracious to your body though. I've discovered that as I've aged, overdoing everything takes much longer to recover from. I simply don't have the resilience I used to have. And so I have to ask only so much of this body! Peace.

  26. I'm loving those pictures of Karma! You know she'd probably eat those fish if you let her...

    And I used to have a cat named Yoda. :P


  27. You have such a kind, caring soul!!! I don't think I've ever had fish last very long, but I never gave them much thought....much less a sleepless night. (Bad, Jeannie!!!) Sounds like you must be feeling much better with all this activity going on. Don't push too hard though, OK??

  28. Oh Elizabeth! We once had a fishtank, I bought it for Hubby who I thought had always wanted one - turned out that was in the first house we lived in, he took no interest and I had to do it all! When some fish got sick I was told to take them out in a bag and bash them against the wall, I really couldn't do it. They were all well, breeding even then they all got sick one by one and died. So I sold it and bought something for me instead.
    Karma might like to eat the fish.
    Cazzy x


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