Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Good Morning!
I have often been up in the middle of the night and unable to get back to sleep...so have seen the birth of the sunrise a few times. 
But I slept well last night and it is T Stands For Tuesday already.  Being a born listmaker, my Bullet Journal and my little-handmade-red-leather fauxdori are being really put to the test with the move.  I am loving them both!!  Here on this two page spread in my Bullet is the detailed purging-everything-I-own list with which I have been keeping close company the past two weeks.  ;)  Didn't forget my red coffee thermos this time, either.  (Not that it was on purpose, mind you--just always there--LOL!)
On any sunny morning Karma is on the porch listening to the swallows chitter chattering... 
...and doesn't like to be disturbed. 
She's been unsettled by all the activity.  I have found her several times sleeping under the bed--her "safe place" when she's scared...or overly annoyed.  But some of the new items are still interesting to Miss Karma.  This new collapsible crate... 
...fits perfectly on the new folding cart--tada!! 
That cart is so cool!  And quiet!  (The old little green cart rattles to beat the band.)  And this one folds down flat--even the wheels fold up--all in one movement!  And the crate (bought separately) collapses down flat, too.  Saves room.  Love it!  Have been using this new cart to bring out bags to the dumpster several times already.
Got a new mattress pad with deeper sides to cover the taller new memory foam pad.  (Which I am SOOO glad I have because I may not be sleeping long but what sleep I am getting is deeper.)  That's it for packages this month.   
Since I am trying to use up as much of the stuff in the pantry and frig as I can before the move, I am spending bare minimum on food, too.  But I still want my reimbursement for that broken file tote from Office Max because they already charged me for the replacement and I never got a response to my email.  So, when UPS delivered the collapsible crate and mattress pad yesterday...well, I had an idea.  I just had the box ready for him, quickly even got it outside my door before he made it up here, and greeted him with a smile.  Printed in big letters on the top (with their new jumbo marker--lol!): 
"Arrived open on one end--product damaged--return to sender". 
This was a different UPS guy.  I was totally breaking the rules.  (I prefer to think of it as bending them.)  He seemed very skeptical, but he finally took it.  Said he didn't know if it might not just come back to me...but he carried it off with a resigned smile.  :)  Let's hope I never lay eyes on that box again, it goes directly to Office Max/Depot, they gladly reimburse me, and the problem is solved. 
  Meanwhile...all I have been doing is slowly cleaning and purging. 
Haven't seen McFamily...not even on a video chat.  We're all busy.   
Haven't been able to connect with my mom, but I am on the contact list now.  I did hear that, because of the bed sores, they have to move her around and then sometimes she can't reach the phone.  The infection is slowly lessening, but it is still there.  She has not regained any of her strength yet and is sleeping a lot.  Blaine and Renee seem to be connecting with her here and there.  I have just had atrocious timing, I guess, because I have talked with her only once in over a week.  But I can get information from the sibs or the nurse's station.  Told Blaine and Renee to tell Mom I love her and explain why she hasn't heard from me.  I know we'll talk more when she's feeling better.  :)
I am pretty exhausted myself.  Sometimes all that work and all the trips to the dumpster are not obvious to the naked eye.
But I know full well how much less is actually in all those drawers.  :):) 
The lady who was coming to pick up the cassettes and decks of cards...kind of disappeared on me.  Never heard back from her.  I did email her last night.  She may have just vanished--changed her mind.  That happens sometimes on freecycle, I know.  But, in all the years I have been giving things away, this would be the first time for me if she never comes for them.  Here's hoping she is just busy, too.
I have to ask.  Has anyone else seen any of this new Netflix Original series called Sense8?  I have watched four episodes now and still don't know the basic premise of how or why or what is actually happening.  (Ironically the fourth episode is titled "Whats Going On?"--ROFL!!)  I can be very patient with things unfolding slowly in stories and I do like science fiction, but good lord!!  I got bored waiting, to be honest.  Moved on to Orange Is The New Black--where I know what's going on.  ;)
Caroline comes to clean this afternoon.  I'm hoping she'd rather help me purge, baby, purge.  ;)
Not sure if I will get around to the ladies at Elizabeth's T-Day party today or not, but I shall try--on one of my numerous achey-body-breaks...if I can still move.  My home may be in chaos, but it feels sooooo good to be downsizing and cleaning and seeing stuff go out the door!!  I am visualizing us at the new place--thinking about where everything will go.  Now, if I could just talk to my mom and see McFamily (even if it's on my laptop screen) life would be perfect.  ;) ;)  And I am off to sort and clean and toss!!
Have a scintillating, productive week.  :):)
"A few fly bites cannot stop a spirited horse."
Mark Twain


  1. You know what? I think I would talk with the Chaplin at the hospital and see if he couldn't be there with a video chat with your Mom. They are usually really kind people:)

    1. Now there is a great idea! Someone would likely do this - if they only know.

  2. Hi, dear Rita! Hi, Kitty Kat Karma! I'm happy to know that your mother continues to make at least modest progress toward recovery even if you are having a heck of a time reaching her by phone. I hope Karma won't become too rattled by all the commotion and chaos of moving. I like that collapsible crate and the folding cart! I think Karma views the combination as a potential napping place.

    Happy Tuesday to you, dear friend Rita!

  3. laughing at your before and after shots. goofball. :) glad your mother is improving somewhat. hope it will continue.

  4. Glad your mom is doing better as well. Love the views out of your window.

  5. Hi Rita
    I feel so sad for your mum. There is no excuse for poor care. I do hope she will be ok.
    Was meaning to ask you.....will you miss those big skies when you move?
    Hope you can still see sunrise and sunset everyday. Those things make life special.

    Wishing you well, you and yours.
    Sue xx

    (Haven't had chance to read all of your post, so you may have addressed these points.)

  6. When do you actually move? Got a new address for us? :)

  7. Having just moved my daughter again...half to a storage unit and half home....I know how hard moving can be AND she had some what less than an apartment full.

    I hope your Mom continue to improve and you are able to talk to her soon.

    Happy T day.

  8. Anonymous3:24 PM

    love the clouds and cupboard

  9. Love the before and after of the dresser! Made me chuckle! Sometimes I feel like that when I've been cleaning at home...doesn't look that much different on the surface...makes everyone wonder if you've actually done anything or not.
    happy t day

  10. What wonderful big skies you have! Hope your mum improves and you get in touch with her, and that the move goes well. Happy T-Day!

  11. You are busy busy! I'm sure Karma is comforted just by seeing you despite all the upheaval with moving. I'm actually cleaning things out myself now as our son hasn't been able to secure a job and needs to move back home for awhile. My art room will be his temporary space so it will definitely be a compromise. I do hope you can talk with someone where your Mom is so that they can arrange for a chat-I wouldn't see why not. Wish I could help. Take care and happy T day!

  12. That cart is perfect!

    I'm glad you're mom is improving :)

  13. Purge baby purge! LOL Glad to hear your mom is doing at least a little better. Sometimes it's baby steps.

  14. So glad to catch up with you for your weekly read and mug at T time. I apologize because I have had internet problems all day. I thought it was fixed earlier this evening, then it went down again.

    I hope they get your mom back on track soon. Seems she should get better care than that. I worry about the state of our health care, now that things seem to be changing.

    I hope the delivery guy was able to return the tote and you won't have to see it ever again. What a shame.

    So glad Karma is doing well, even if she's a bit confused. I know the move will take its tole on her, but she'll adjust, I'm sure.

    Thanks for joining us for T this Tuesday and for sharing your week with us, too.

  15. I haven't heard of Sense8. We've watched the first two episodes of Orange/Black. I organized and cleaned my office supplies shelves again. It seems so difficult to keep them in order. Very frustrating.


  16. wowzer....sounds like you're awfully busy! Love your sunrise photo and nifty cart...hope your mom is feeling better soon, and that your move goes smoothly! good luck!

  17. I'm glad to hear your mom is at least a little better. It's so hard to have someone you love out of reach. I like Far Side's idea: get ahold of a chaplain or someone to help you video chat with your mom. It would help everybody! Remember to take care of yourself, too, Rita, with all that's going on. :-)

  18. Anonymous12:25 PM

    Your before and after is hilarious. I thought I wasn't getting something.

  19. You have been busy!!! It's been a very busy week here too. The granddaughters are here this week and yesterday was so crazy busy that I forgot all about "T'' day. Post today but have only been able to visit a couple of blogs as we have been busy again today. It's been fun but this old grandma is wearing out. Tomorrow is their last day so I can hopefully rest up on Friday. Take care of yourself and I'm still praying for your Mom and family!

  20. Sorting through things and moving stuff around is a lot of work both physically and emotionally I find. I am trying to clear out stuff around here and oh my it is no small feat.
    Keep up your good work Rita.
    Glad to hear your mom is improving and hope you get to connect with her soon. I'm sure she knows you're thinking about her.
    Hugs to you and Karma ... wishing you a Happy T Day on Thursday


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