Monday, February 21, 2011


Dark day today with a little snow. Sounds like Minneapolis got over a foot of snow yesterday! Missed us up here. We were only expecting an inch. I think we've passed that already, but we won't get a lot.

Was really windy yesterday. I heard sounds I haven't normally heard outside. I hope all the pieces of the roof are still there.
Speaking of the wind! Do you remember last June when I found a receipt mysteriously blown under my screen and lying out on my porch? Scroll down and check out the comments!! :):)
I've been finding a lot of different free talks and videos online on all kinds of spiritual subjects. I've signed up for ten days of information about tapping--and another one about the Kabbalah. I know nothing about either of them. Should be interesting.
Funny--I've been thinking that Debbie Ford's class was more "subconscious" cleanse than consciousness cleanse--ROFL! ;)
Well, Miss Karma...
...and I are just hanging out quietly today. And awake during the day--whoohoo! ;)
Have a good one!!
"There is no remedy for love but to love more."
Henry David Thoreau


  1. I just want to give Karma a good scritch scritch!

  2. We were supposed to get 6 to 8 inches of snow last night. When we got up this morning, we found out we got dumped on. Terri measured 11 1/2 inches of snow already on the ground before we left for work. (i hitched a ride with him in his truck this morning)

    I cleaned off my car after he brought me home. (i have pics)

    I love that quote. Nice one.

  3. Wow, winter is not over yet, is it? I'm sure you are tired of it, but we got hardly any snow here this year and I'm sad. I was hoping for more before we move home to the rain of Oregon. :( You have me really curious what "tapping" is by the way...

  4. Nikki--I'll give her a good one from you! ;)

    AliceKay--Wow! You did get dumped on! It only looks like we got about an inch or so. It quit snowing this afternoon. Now you guys will be shoveling out again. Stay warm! :)

    Kat--Far from over. Up here spring isn't till April or May, really. I'm curious, too. You take your fingers and tap on parts of your body, focusing on what you want to release, and it is supposed to help you release tensions and old issues? Even supposed to help with things like PTS and illnesses, I have heard. We'll see. I'll have a better idea after ten days--LOL! :)

  5. I toyed around with tapping once. I knew right away it wasn't something that I'd keep up with, but I've definitely heard a lot of good about it.

  6. Just as well you like snow, isn't it? ;)

    Kelly was just admiring Miss Karma... I think she has another fan! ;) (He loves cats)

  7. Your kitty Karma looks so comfortable. We have been getting snow flurries all week. Not really sticking on the ground but the mountains have been getting quite a bit. Can't wait for spring...

  8. Tatty--Honestly, they are having two online talks in an evening (I listen to the recordings later) and the first two were all about you and money, so I didn't even listen to them. I guess I wonder why did they start out with that topic? To try and get people to buy the CDs? Greed is a good draw, I suppose--hehe! Anyways, tomorrow's are about healing pain, so I will listen to those. ;)

    Tori--Sure is! You betcha! ;)
    I'm glad Kelly got to see Karma. Tell Kelly hi from Karma and me! :):)

    Karen--Karma deeply believes in comfort. ;)
    You'll probably greet spring before we do over here. :)

  9. I hope the roof is still okay after you hearing those noises. How funny that the owner of the note found your post about it online? Amazing!

    I don't know much about tapping or the Kabbalah either. Be sure to let us know what you think.

    I LOVE that picture of Miss Karma!

    Have a lovely day, Rita...I'm just about ready to go off to bed for the night ~ :)

  10. Serena--Must look so alien for you to see our winter when you are sweating in 95 degree heat down there!

    Yes--he googled himself and found me talking about him--ROFL!!! So funny!

    Karma almost looks like a muffin top in the bed there--LOL!

    Have a great weekend, Lady!! :):)

  11. Anonymous9:41 PM

    Looking at that snow makes me feel cold LOL You sure do have your share of it. Stay warm :o)

  12. Lynn--We don't have much snow right now at all. Minneapolis got 17 inches last Sunday. Now that's a bit of snow--hehe! ;)

  13. I think Karma has a very Klean Konsciousness...


    I wonder what the mystery noise off the roof was... Maybe one of the roofers was froze stuck up there and just snapped off like an icicle fallin'...

  14. LOL @ the receipt being found by its owner...

    That's kind of freaky!

  15. Iggy--True. I don't think Karma has any guilt or shame and never questions herself or her life decisions--ROFL!!!

    You are so funny! Snap--there goes a frozen roofer! LOL!!

    I know!! That was so strange to hear from the mysterious receipt man. Was very nice in a reality bending sort of way. ;)


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