Monday, April 18, 2011


There was a hint of blue sky this morning...
...but it quickly shifted...
...over to a dark grey sky. Again. I haven't seen any snowflakes yet. Maybe it will miss us or stay warm enough to rain. Who knows?
I couldn't resist showing you some close-ups of the kalimba.
It amazes me how those beautiful sounds can come from...
...these thin metal tines held down onto a piece of wood. :)
And here's the super strong magnets on the bottom side of the box.
I have had a few people ask how Karma likes it. I have the kalimba right next to my chair and pick it up randomly to play for a few minutes. When Karma is up on the chair with me she immediately starts purring and rubs her head on the bottom of the box. Apparently she likes it, too. ;)
Since it has been so cold up here again, Karma is back to snoozing where it is warmer... her cat bed--which I stuck under the end table.
Believe it or not the roofers were here pounding away overhead on Sunday morning!? I figured either they didn't know what day it was, finally decided they might want to get paid (the lady in the office told me they weren't getting paid until the job was finished), or there was a leak here on my end of the building. Not here, thank goodness. It was really strange to hear hammering on a Sunday, tho.
And on Saturday I got a knock on the door from a couple of Indian ladies I could barely understand wanting to give me Jesus fliers. That wasn't what I expected, either. LOL!
After the marathon printing day that went till 2am...the printer has decided not to work again. Also found that funny. ;)
BTW--I watched Burlesque and Hereafter and enjoyed both of them. Neither of them were like top of my list awesome, but they were both good. (I'd watch anything with Cher or Matt Damon--LOL!)
Tomorrow Caroline comes in the afternoon and Dagan and Leah come after work. Instead of doing Sacred Circle, Dagan's going to hook up the brand-new, fancy-schmancy printer and Leah is going to cut my hair. Going to be a busy day. I can hardly wait to show them all my new musical toy!! Maybe they'll want to try it? :)
Today--just washing clothes and puttering about.
A great week ahead, right? :)
"When we are no longer able to change a situation...We are challenged to change ourselves."
Viktor Frankl


Parsley said...

My grandparents had one of those instruments. Oh how I wish I had it! It's long gone. :-((

Intense Guy said...

Karma likes the Kalimba tunes... That puts a nice smile on my face.


Hope you are up for a busy day - haircutting and (whispers softly) replacing the ol' printer.

RIP G55...disassemble...time.

Rita said...

Parsley--That's so cool! Too bad it wasn't kept. They have a lot of different kinds and different price ranges. Most of them have one single layer of tines. The ones with a hole right in the wood, you can use your thumb for a waa-waa effect. Hard to describe. You'd have to peek at some of Mark's videos. :)

Iggy--Yes, Miss Karma approves of the music--LOL!
Poor G55. I can't even talk about it. At least she rallied before the end. ;)

Joy De Vivre Design said...

I bet Karma has had about enough of the cold weather as you have! I can't believe it is still so cold there. It is already getting full blown into summer here. We have to live it up now though because by the time June comes you feel like your face is going to melt off everytime you open the door! LOL!

I have been meaning to watch Burlesque. Thanks for reminding me!

Have a great week!

AliceKay said...

I hope you aren't seeing snow flakes, but I know that's a possibility. We had peeks of sun between the rain showers the past couple of days. A thunderstorm hit around 1:30 this morning and it's lighty raining out there right now. Supposed to get more storms and rain as the day goes on.

I hope you have a nice time with Dagan and Leah tonight. I bet they will love the sound of the kalimba as much as you do. I'm glad Karma is enjoying it, too. :)

Lis said...

I think your clouds headed my way ... Spring will come one day, right?

I am so excited to learn the name - kalimba - of that wonderful instrument! I chant at a friend's temple and she has one ...

and i don't think you will be just puttering this week ... seems like music is in the forecast!

xo Lis

(coming over from CED)

Anonymous said...

I want to watch hereafter but I havent gotten around to it yet. I like that little music thing that just looks so fun to play with. Karma is cute on her pillow of course :o) I hope you are having a good week.

Rita said...

Heather--We're nowhere near full-blown summer at the moment--hehe! I can't imagine a girl's goal in life is to be a burlesque dancer (the singer part I could see), but if you get past that (LOL!) it was a pretty good movie. ;)

AliceKay--Been mostly rain so far. Or if it snowed during the night it melted away already. :)
Had a wonderful time with D&L. They were impressed with the kalimba sound and both played with it a little. :)

Lis--Welcome!! I'm going to go check out your blog, too. They also call them thumb pianos, I guess, and a few other names. You know how pretty they sound then. Nice! Thanks for stopping by!! :)

Lynn--I love Matt Damon's acting so I had to watch it. Was different in the storyline. Felt so much more personal than I expected. I hope you enjoy it, too. :)

Toriz said...

Something like that happened with us with our workmen... They suddenly started showing up on Sundays. Kind of annoying actually, but they soon finished up after that... Fingers crossed it works the same for you!

I'm glad both you and Karma like the Kalimba thingy.

Rita said...

Tori--I sure hope you are right. I did hear them up there again this week. I hope they are done and gone soon. We're getting the cold rain right now to test for leaks, I guess. Still turning to sleet/snow during the night. Spring not up here yet. :)

Anonymous said...

What beautiful sky pictures! The sky feels so big - and the viewer so small! I too have been taking a lot of photos lately and hope to get around to posting them eventually!

Rita said...

Anna--Hi! I think that's why I love the sky. Reminds of how very small and mortal we are. ;) Love to see your photos. :)