Thursday, March 31, 2011


Just a quick video. :)

Almost April in Fargo--LOL! :):)
"Life is the flower for which love is the honey."
Victor Hugo


  1. You have had so much snow this year! Is it like this every year?

    Did you see my message to you on FB? It looks like someone gave you a bad link to that video you put on because it was something that I don't think you expected.

    I'm going to start blogging again soon. :) Have a great day!

  2. Oh goodess. More terrible wintry weather...

    I bet the flowers bloom 3 times as bright and vividly as they do here - since they know they "got to get it done" in the one week you have of Spring....

  3. Barb! So glad to see you, lady! Some years are worse than others for a longer winter--on either the fall or spring end--but we do have longer winters up here. We have been known to have the occasional April snowstorm. I don't think people plant in their gardens till mid-May, as I recall.

    Yes--I saw your message! I never posted or sent any sex video and have not seen the video. I couldn't see it on my own account, actually. At least I couldn't find it anywhere? Somebody hacked my facebook account and sent it out/posted it or whatever they did like it was from me!! AWK!! All they tell you to do is go in and change your facebook password, so I did that. If you ever see anything like that again please let me know!! Thanks, Barb!!

    I will be thrilled to see you blogging again! I want to see pictures of your puppy, too. I hope life has been treating you well. :):)

  4. Iggy--Yup! I think Phil is frozen under the snow someplace--hehe!

    Everything up here has to rise and shine and get it done when opportunity presents itself for those few months. People always joke about how we have six months of winter up here--and often we do, that's for sure.

    We were just in the low 40s and melting away and there were people in the parking lot with shorts on and no jackets. They must be greatly disappointed today, those folks up here so anxious to get a jump on spring. ;) I have lots of patience.

  5. And it's coming my way tonight and tomorrow. :(

    Phil is gonna get strangled if I ever see him. I think everyone is tired of the winter weather.

  6. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Wow when does it stop snowing in Fargo? LOL I still say it is pretty though, I sure hope April brings you warmer days and some sunshine!! I loved watching the video and seeing the lights in the distance :o)

  7. It's so pretty though!!! I know you've gotta be so tired of it by now but for me it's pretty, and it represents the idea of a snow day - getting to stay home and do anything I want - while drinking hot chocolate ;-)

  8. AliceKay--We'll get to spring. I know you are anxious for it to arrive. ;)

    Lynn--Seems to me we've even had snow in May, but I'm not positive. I'd have to goggle it, I guess--hehe! Let's just say April is no surprise. ;)

    Donna--I think it is very pretty, too. I actually love all weather under 70 degrees--hehe! I have never minded winter so I guess I'd never have any desire to be a snowbird. (That's what we call the people from up here that go live in Florida or Arizona for the winter.) I hate the heat! ;)

  9. Jaws has started this thing where it wont show me the buttons on videos in blogs and on most sites (not sure why) and Kelly is napping right now. Will try and remember to get him to press play for me to watch this later.

  10. Snow, snow, go away! I think Spring finally came here to stay. I hope, hope, hope! If so, I'll try to send it your way. Hope you are having a great weekend.


  11. Tori--You do get to hear me narrate and chat all the time, don't you? LOL!!

    Deanna--Now it has switched to rain! The snow is melting. You must have sent some spring up this way. ;)


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