Friday, July 27, 2012


When I saw the theme for this week's challenge at the Artist's Play Room--well, I chuckled with delight! 
I have been fascinated by and collecting these precious items ever since we could use pens in school and I got my first pen pal (from Italy!) at around 9 or 10 years old.  Whoohoo!
Then the week got away from me...again.  (I am still four days behind reading blogs--LOL!) So I cheated and grabbed an old sketch of me holding my red Lamy pen I drew for the EDM yahoo group weekly challenge list about five years ago.  
Danny Gregory wrote the book Everyday Matters about just drawing anything and everything around you that you see every day.  (Another attempt at my becoming a loose woman--lol!)  The group has weekly challenges that have been going on for about six years now, I think.  I only got up to number 44--got off track and forgot all about it, to be honest.  Sketching has been a real struggle for me, too.
Recently Danny Gregory has started going through the challenges from the beginning on his blog--but almost daily, I believe.  EDM says you don't have to start from the beginning, can join whenever you find them, skip whatever you don't want to do, and that the challenges are just suggestions and all of that.  But OCD me wanted to start from the beginning, of course.  I had to skip the challenges that were to be done outside of my apartment, but there aren't many of those.  Anyways, I was proud of this drawing of my hand because--even though I did a pencil sketch first--the ink drawing is more sketchy and loose!  :)
So...did somebody say ink, pens, and paper????  Those of you who already know all about my writing fetish can skip the rest of this post--LOL!  But maybe some of you who recently met me might want to see how crazy I really am?
My most recent purchase was this wood cabinet...that still has room for expansion!
Bottled inks! 
And there are a few more that are too tall over in the desk hutch.  The smaller row--those are for my Rapidograph pens.  The front one on the right that looks yellowish is actually invisible ink.
Back to the cabinet...and the fountain pens.  The drawer on the left--those are the pens filled with inks where I own the bottled ink.  The fountain pens in the drawer on the right are filled with samples from Goulet Pens I'm in their Ink Drop club.  
This left hand drawer holds calligraphy pens (some are missing because I've been using them with my mixed media art journaling) and the invisible ink pen & special lights.  On the right are the few scented ink sample filled pens. 
Left--empty Preppy fountain pens.  [You can buy them for 3-4 dollars each and that's why I have so many of them.  Perfect for the ink samples.]  Right--flex pens and my set of Rapidographs. 
Then in the larger drawers I have my nibs, plain dip pen nib holders, bottles with eyedroppers, small dipping glasses, and a huge stack of hand-cut blotting paper (for my beautiful wooden blotter you'll see at the end).  
All my refill cartridges, converters, and in the box are pen parts, syringes, silicone grease, rubber rings, and assorted fountain pen paraphernalia.  That leaves one large drawer empty and waiting, too.
In my triple dresser there's a small drawer where I keep all my ink samples from the Ink Drop club.  I should have been more organized and kept all the cards that come with them each month and taken notes...ah, hindsight.  I just have bags by color...greens, blues, reds, etc.  And don't know why I have saved a bunch of empties on the left? 
Besides fountain pens...I have cups of pens all over!  Left--Sharpie thin pens (don't bleed through), black microns, LePens, and Staedtler Triplus Fineliners.  Right--Hi-Tec Cs and Sliccis.  Behind the two front cups over on the turntable is a cup of colored microns.  
You'll note I also have scissors and small rulers in my pen cups all over the apartment.  Of these four cups the one in the far back closest to the kitchen is the one open to the public (meaning Dagan and Leah or anybody can grab a pen or pencil from there without asking-lol!), the one on the left in the front is an assortment of gel pens, and the one on the right front are disposable calligraphy pens.  Hard to see but there's one right in the middle of all of these that has highlighters, Sharpies, and a big black marker.
This is my cup I keep next to the couch with an assortment of pens and markers I use frequently--and a back scratcher--LOL! 
There are also more pens in these labeled plastic containers in one of the art & craft bookcases. 
Then--the good dip pens.  
Besides the plain handles in the cabinet--the fancier, prettier ones are up here on top of the desk hutch.  The two turkey feathers are from Dagan and Leah (they have turkeys along the river behind their place).  I plan to make an attempt to cut my own quill pen one day.  If it works, fine.  If not, I just like the feathers.  ;)
My very, very favorite dip pen that I bought in a little shop in Minneapolis around 1996-7. 
The heavy weight of the brass nib holder makes the pen balance just perfectly in my hand.  I love-love-love this pen!
I'm sure she didn't mean paper for making cards...but I have plenty of that, too.
To me, card making is synonymous with letter writing.  I rarely ever send a letter that isn't tucked inside a handmade card or at least inside a handmade envelope.  Now you can see why my triple dresser cannot be moved without removing the drawers.  Paper is heavy!
Writing paper and store-bought card stock. 
More card stock--mostly cut and folded by me and Leah--and card parts. 
Journals and notebooks. 
Envelopes and the odd box of boughten cards. 
Envelopes and small legal pads (which I used to tuck letters for many years). 
In the bookcase under the card stock I have a box of parchment paper and on top of that sits... of the new boxes... 
...filled with letter writing papers I have cut for tucking into cards.  If I cut a 8 1/2 X 11 inch paper in half it is the perfect size for an American A-2 greeting card envelope (also called an announcement or invitation envelope).  Although, European paper is longer (see low center of stack) and needs a different size envelope/card. 
I also have a black metal rack over on the desk that holds more letter writing paper and odd sized European tablets (except for that one shelf of computer paper). 
This plastic file box (that Leah didn't like) holds my handmade cards and envelopes. 
Ahhhh!  Ink, pens, and paper.  :):):) 
I forgot my cup of pens and pad of paper I keep by the bed and a few other spots...but you can readily see that I am more than well supplied for all my letter writing...and card making.  Too bad you couldn't pop by right now for a cup of coffee or tea and some card making...oh, but I have to start painting shelf boards...... Well, maybe another day.  ;)
Hope you enjoyed the writing tour!  :)
"Today is your day.
your mountain is waiting,
so get on your way."
Dr. Seuss


Beth said...

I would say you are very well supplied indeed!

Dee said...

Dear Karma, that sketch of your hand holding the pen is so lifelike. You seem ready to begin your art as I can feel your thumb and finger grasp the pen.

Thanks for a review of your supplies, which are many and varied. And you have been diligent about finding the right containers in which to store them. So much wonderful art coming from your apartment. Peace.

Janie Junebug said...

Oi! You are so gorgeously organized. If you saw my kitchen, you might think you had died and gone to Heaven because I'm so organized. I actually put on Facebook that organizing is one of my favorite things to do. My closet is to die for.


Jennifer McLean said...

Holy cow, I'm so envious of your collection. I would so love to riffle through all your ink paper and pens, you must have so much fun with them!
Thanks for your submission this week, I like your hand with pen drawing, well done!

Toriz said...

Are you sure you have enough pens and things? ;)

Teresa Evangeline said...

You crazy, loose woman, you. As obsessions go, this is a pretty cool one. It's one of those things that I know I have to temper. I could get Very carried away with notebooks alone. I do covet your wooden cabinet.

TexWisGirl said...

oh my gosh - you should never have to order another pen, ink or paper thing AGAIN! :)

DJan said...

OH, Rita. I kept looking at picture after picture and hoping you would decide, without prompting, to simply hit the "mark all as read" about the blogs you are not reading. You are getting a lot accomplished, so give yourself a break! :-)

Neesie said...

So you have enough pen and paper then Rita???
I had to laugh because your ramblings reminded me of my nattering! ;D
I actually started reading this post at breakfast and now its nearly dark (LOL)
Love all the photos and your sketch is fantastic.
I like the sound of Danny Gregory's challenges but like you I'd have to start at the beginning too.
Thanks for popping over to my place ~ Have a wonderful weekend.
Neesie (APR) #11

Serena Lewis said...

OH MY GOSH!!! I know I have seen most of your ink and pen supplies before and I always feel the same when I do...ENVIOUS!!! lol Mind you, in saying that, I have some Speedball India ink and some dip pens with assorted nibs and they terrify me. I think I understand how to use them and, I'm sure, once I get over my fear of using them, there will be no holding me back. I still pore over the note-card booklet you sent me showing assorted pens. Very handy!

I love your EDM sketch!! Alas, I missed out on the APR challenge this week. I had good intentions but left it until the last minute and, while that's nothing new, my lower back refused to cooperate yesterday. Yep, I've been dealing with bad back pain for the past few days. I had a bad night last night too and it's still grumbling away while I'm typing this comment. Just can't sit for too long or focus on much because of the pain. Heat packs and pain-killers are in high demand.

Have a lovely weekend!

Love and hugs,
Serena xo

Gloria j Zucaro said...

Holy Moley! I thought I had a lot of stuff! But your prized possessions are so organized. I am inspired to get my "stuff" in good order so I can find it!

Far Side of Fifty said...

I think you may have enough supplies...LOL..I think you might be a paper and pen hoarder..:) I have jars like that at work and at home complete with scissors and the one on my desk has the back scratcher..:)

Dave said...

That hand sketch was very well done Rita. Wish I could sketch as good as that. My, you sure have a supply of pens and paper! - Dave

TwinkleToes2day said...

OMGiddy Aunt, I have nEVer seen so much Ink, Pens & paper outside of a supply shop before!! I am in shock and awe and a state of deep emerald green jealousy....*deep sigh*
Your drawing btw is brilliant, gorgeous colour of pen, and the hand is so very lifelike!
Thank you for your kind comment on my Flickr :0)

laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

oh boy. i am in love with that cabinet!!!!

i thought i had an obsession with pens...but you got me beat rita! :)

i can go into the art store...get lost...and never be seen again...

i think you really have to be organized with so much supplies...otherwise you'd spend too much time hunting for what you want, right?!! :)

karma...milo says meowmeowmeow!

Cindy Lane said...

Well, you can never have too many pens or paper....You are a girl after my own calligraphic heart Rita!

I'll be more than happy to come over to your place and help catalogue all your stash!

We had our monthly Calligraphers" Guild meeting today, and you can imagine the writing accoutrements that 2 dozen calligraphers can weild during a Rotunda Workshop! I was given a lovely gift of an english brass nib that could be considered a bit rude....I'll post a photo tomorrow.

Karen Smithey said...


I love love love your new cabinet with the shallow drawers!

I think that inside I am very organized like you, but--when I am working I make quite a mess.

I am always trying to figure out the best way to store and organize things--I want it easily accessible AND pretty, if possible! I haven't perfected most of my Storage ideas!

Marianne (Mare) Baker Ball said...

You could open up a shop with all your supplies! They're so nicely organized too! Looks like you're prepared for ANY assignment. :-)

VonnyK said...

Oh my goodness, I would love to spend a few days just looking at all of that. I love fountain pens but don't have any of my own. That cabinet is just perfect to hold everything. I keep looking back at all those pens, just superb. I have to agree with you on the feather pen, it is so beautiful and the blotter, wow. I can't believe how much stuff you have. More importantly, you keep it all so neat!!
With all that excitement I almost forgot, your hand drawing is fantastic, really well done.
Have a great day.

Gourdess said...

What a lovely cabinet to hold all those goodies! Your hand is beautiful and totally counts. :) Warmly, Tracy (APR #10)

Cowgirl Red said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the tour! What a treat to see all your art tools. Have a great week Rita! Terah

AliceKay said...

I liked Tori's comment. LOL

Tracey FK said...

That is simply ink and pen perfection... Phantom's little OCD heart was fluttering at the wonderfulness of it... I am telling her to look at what a great job you have done drawing the hand and she is just telling me to scroll down to see all the nicely lined up things again... she then opened my pen draw and raised her eye brows and walked out muttering... so if I come in and find she has reorganised my system I will be blaming you... I know exactly which ones are which.... great getting a peek...thanks for the tour...xx

Darla said...

It was a lot of fun looking through your supplies. I like pens but sure don't have as many as you do.

Your sketch for APR is perfect. I was unable to get to the challenge last week but hopefully this week I can get back on track.


carol l mckenna said...

Looks like you won! You have all the 'toys' ~ but where is Karma ~~ thanks, namaste, (A Creative Harbor)